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  1. The hype train around Araiza is already running - and probably with some merit given his godly numbers punting. I expect he will be drafted quite early. 

    I agree that Koch is done, but are we willing to invest a 2/3rd round pick on a punter? We’ve had quite good success with specialist lately.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

    we need Marlon Mack, but it's so ridiculous because literally all we need is a half-year rental.

    The trade makes sense for a lot of reasons other than the fact that we probably can’t afford Mack long term as the 3rd RB. 
    Colts would get bigger compensation than what they stand to get as the compensatory pick, Mack could increase his value significantly in a RB friendly scheme and we would (short term) fill a need.
    The question is how much of our long-term resources (draft picks) are worth compared to the short-term need. Given our current and future cap situation, we need (cheap) draft picks on the roster)

    I wonder if we could get more value for Ty’son Williams (with 3 years under contract) than it would take to trade for Mack (6 month rental)? Could be worth it.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, diamondbull424 said:

    😂 these announcers stay trying to play Lamar.

    ”Hollywood was open” yeah sure thing buddy I saw the highlight and he definitely was NOT open. He had two dudes shadowing him in zone.

    EDIT: Probably why half these announcers were failed QBs because they would’ve thrown that ball and it would’ve been picked.

    Agreed. And is it my or are they going in commercials on any given opportunity? No replays, no player focus, no nothing - only play by play and then commercials.

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  4. 1 hour ago, drd23 said:

    Pretty sure he's missed a day during the week each of the last 3 weeks with "illness" but played the game.  Not sure what the significance of that is though

    Combining the fact that he looks less explosive running the ball this year compared to last and that he is missing practice each week, I think it’s fair to assume that Lamar has an undisclosed injury (maybe back) that is hindering him physically at the moment.

  5. Loved his physical presence his first few years in the league, but I’m interested in seeing how much of that is left. Without looking too much into his latest film, he appears similar to McPhee in playing style and demeanour.

    Will be difficult for Ferguson to make the team now. McPhee, Bowser, Houston, Oweh and Hayes appears to be ahead of him.

  6. 28 minutes ago, baltimoreRebel said:

    Neither would I. Big learning curve. We've seen guys eat sh*t the first couple years and turn into quality starters along the OL. 

    If we end up drafting a C/LG and/or moving Bozeman to C, I would also consider Makari as an option as RT. 

    Played LT in college and has performed well in all positions on the line throughout last year.

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  7. So what is the intel on Quinn Meinerz -  he looked super powerful on the film above where he even managed to pancake a DT in a 1-1 drill. I know the scouting community are raving about him at the senior bowl, but difficult to properly evaluate him.

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