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  1. What is up with the commentators love of Hurst..... James Hurst!?
  2. What really annoys me on most of the plays is the fact that when we bring pressure we usually back of and allow the easy completion underneath for 5-10 yards! If we trusted our pass rushers and our scheme we would be pressing receivers, tightends and backs at the LOS and challenge all underneath throws.
  3. Time for the defense to show it is the real deal!
  4. I don’t there’s any question that Mosley is a well-liked person within the organisation and I believe he is a central figure from a leadership standpoint. I think I remember Harbaugh mentioning Mosley (together with Suggs and Weddle) when talking about a defensive group of leaders which he consults with, so no doubt in my mind that he is a leader. The question then is, how much is that leadership worth? He’s currently not playing as a top 5 ILB but probably in that 5-10 range. Call me old school but I would prioritise defense and stability and pay him app. the same as McKinney and Kendric
  5. Great win and nothing better than a quite Heinz Field stadium. While this forum is quick to point out the incompetence of coaches and coordinators - I believe we have to give major credit to both of our coordinators for this win. The defense once again adjusted af halftime and shut out the Steelers in the 2nd half! The offense was consistent and innovative - both terms we’ve normally not associated with MM.
  6. Smart move to wait until Steeler-week before we’re unleashing Hayden Hurst!
  7. Given that Harbaugh revealed in pre season that Bozeman is not ready to start and the fact that Lewis has looked less than impressive at LG, the signing of Grasu could potentially mean that we’re considering moving Skura to LG to replace Lewis.
  8. Great blitz called by Martindale on that 3rd down - and ANOTHER great play by Young. That rook is playing lights out at the moment. Very impressed.
  9. So do the Vikings! Any news on whether or not Vedvik is even ready to play yet?
  10. Two dropped passes by Crabtree- why is he not wearing gloves?
  11. Great defense and the offense looks to be moving the ball as soon as we’re not making personal mistakes. I like how the defense looks. Lots of movement and disguised blitzes. Bills should be shut out today!!
  12. Janarion Grant made the roster, right?
  13. I agree - Grant looks like the most electric returner of the two. Both are having problems hanging on to the ball, so we could still potentially bring in a veteran. Looked like Kai Nacua had another strong game. He is always in position and around the ball on both pass- and run plays. I guess we need at least 1 injury (or suspension) in the secondary for him to make it. Simply too many talented (and higher drafted) players ahead of him.
  14. Really impressed with LJ’s passing and especially his chemistry with Hurst looks extremely impressing.
  15. Not sure how he’s been playing lately but I remember him as tremendous coverage linebacker covering TE and RB’s. If he’s still playing at that level I would pay a fairly high amount of $ for him.
  16. Ozzie always tries to fill the obvious gaps on the roster with ‘average’ free agents in order to stay true to the board on draft day and select BPA. I certainly don’t think this move rules out a 1st round WR.
  17. I’m in no way trying to blame Perriman’s deficiencies on the coaching staff but he is clearly not a player who we (at the moment) can rely on to read coverages, run the right routes and win contested catches - but should the coaching staff have been more role-specific with his playing time? As Ted Ginn, his physical skill set is undeniable - why not tailor his snaps to 90% go routes, post routes etc..? It the same story with players like Tony Jefferson and Tyus Bowser - their skill set is amazing but due to ‘our system’ they are not put in optimal position to succeed.
  18. Considering the impact Alex Mack had on the falcons O-line, I could actually get behind draft Ragnow in the 1st. If we trade down - great!
  19. “Besides 3-4 bad plays our defense played really well” I guaerentee Pees will say this during one of his press conferences this week!
  20. Alex Collins and the o-line a really playing well today - we might be able to make some noise in the playoffs after all.... Moreover, cant wait to see a 1-2 combo of Collins and Dixon behind a healthy o-line next year!
  21. Given that we most probably fire MM after the season and thus need a new OC, I think the most likely scenario is that we promote “Wink” Martindale to DC and more or less keep the defensive system intact.
  22. But that is to be expected of a 20 million QB, right? I truly enjoyed the significant improvement in offensive play calling by MM. It’s still a too simple offense, but proper play calling and January-Joe can make it look decent. Defensively, I also think we should give Pees credit this year. We currently have the best D in the entire league and people on this board is still hating on Pees. He’s not the perfect DC but the players are executing and after all put in a position to succeed. With a decent offense, this defense is good enough to play a significant role in playoffs!
  23. Yup - and Smith instantly knew that it was serious. Too bad all of his leg injuries constantly derail his great seasons.
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