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  1. NFL News & Notes

    Not sure where you get friends, from the word Boss. Unless you are currently their boss and trying to get a hold of them to see if they are still interested in being employed by you? Then, your post has a point. If not, you are just being obtuse.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    Pretty alarming that Brown has all this time to Tweet, but can't call his Boss back. I wish he was on the Cowboys, and he wasn't calling Jerry back.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    While, I admit that I don't follow Cleveland that much. I am not impressed by their offseason. I think Kitchens needs more time before he is HC ready, and they made a mistake marrying themselves to him based on a half season of work. Everyone kept saying they were the best organization with a head coaching vacancy. Yet, because they refused to hire anyone who didn't want to commit to Kitchens, they were left with pretty much only Kitchens. It may all work out, Kitchens could be ready. But for all that promise, they are taking a lot of what seems like unnecessary risks.
  4. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    I was referring to your comment I quoted. I wasn't disputing your stats of companies offering it, just that they don't offer it to all of their employees. I can't imagine kids working at fast food joints are getting Paid Bereavement leave. Of course, its been a while since I had that type of job, so maybe times have changed. Back then you were given leave, but it was not paid.
  5. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    You forgot the word "PAID". While most if not all businesses offer a form of Bereavement leave, far less offer "PAID" Bereavement leave to their low level employees.
  6. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    If he is getting help, and accepting that help, he is worth a look. But based on the numerous incident reports and family history of Hunt, I don't see him as a fit for GB. Chances are, in a small town like GB, he would get into even more trouble.
  7. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    "On September 1, 2018, following Mack's holdout through the entire preseason, the Raiders traded him, a 2020 second-round pick, and a conditional 5th round draft pick in 2020 (condition unknown) to the Chicago Bears for 2019 (24th overall, TBD) and 2020 first-round picks, as well as future sixth and third round selections. Shortly after the trade, Mack signed a six-year deal worth $141 million featuring $90 million guaranteed, becoming the highest-paid defender in NFL history. " I included the full trade for your reference.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    Redskins and Raiders would be nice just to watch the drama. Giants would be my pick just based on wanting to see more of Barkley. Lions would also be fun with Patricia showing up late to meetings. I guess all I can say is I don't want the 49ers.
  9. 2019 Free Agent Safeties

    Landon Collins...... GIMME GIMME GIMME! He is my favorite on the list followed closely by ET and Honey badger. Pipe dreams for sure, but it would be nice for the Packers to finally replace Collins. ET or Honey Badger could fill that role very well. ET is destined for Dallas I think, with he 49ers being a darkhorse. No way around it though, this position needs to be upgraded this offseason.
  10. With the 12th pick in the 2019 NFL draft............

    It's lazy to not analyze a player because they are at Alabama. I am not saying that's what your doing, but that's what my point was. If after analyzing the player you determine their not worth top 15, I cant blame you. But if you don't even look at Alabama players who are projected top 15 because of the past drafts with Alabama. You could be missing a legit prospect for no reason. It's lazy scouting in my book.
  11. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    He is an interesting candidate. I haven't heard of the Packers requesting an interview, but I have heard that he's a name to watch for. Did some great things with the WR's in Tampa and made Fitzmagic possible. At minimum would be a great OC hire.
  12. With the 12th pick in the 2019 NFL draft............

    Every player is different. To write off a player because they came from Alabama is lazy. Do your research, analyze a player, assign the grade, and stick to your board. I don't care what school the player comes from if they can play.
  13. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    I fixed this for you. Since you didn't give one fact that proved what you said. Just your opinions based on your knowledge of a few football related issues.
  14. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    The more info that comes out about Gase, the more I believe his best position is OC. Or maybe a HC position where he doesn't have full 53 responsibilities will bring out the better coach in him. I just think going from one HC where accountability was an issue, to another one where he has shown those same issues, is a bad idea. I would love Gase as an OC, just not sold on him as a HC. The absolute dream for me would be to hire Saban, and he bring in Gase as his OC. I know Saban isn't leaving the college game but it doesn't change that his coaching style would be a perfect fit for this team, IMO.
  15. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    I agree, and am somewhat high on Gase as well. He did very well as an OC. But his main criticism in Miami has been his inability to get the most out of his playmakers. It reminds me of what people were saying about MM and Aaron Jones. If you trust what Landry said about Gase, it should give you some concern about him being an effective HC. I am just not sure If Landry is speaking truth, or out of bias.