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  1. Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week 2 Pick: San Francisco 49ers
  2. Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week 1 pick: Buffalo Bills I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  3. The image of a kicker saying this is fantastic.
  4. While I agree with all of that, which is why Clay would be left off my list. I will say Clay is the Packer all time leader in Sacks, was a DPOTY (From PFWA), and had a fantastic SB performance. Clay is a Packer Legend, at least in my book.
  5. I find it odd that Woodson and White are getting so many mentions but not CM3. I would include Clay before Woodson and White. Honestly though, all three would fall short for me. Lombardi, Starr, and Favre seem like locks to me. Then I can see an argument for the 4th spot between Lambeau, Hutson, and Rodgers.
  6. You mean the one season he was on Tampa's practice squad and then released? He immediately went to Philly, played and started for them. Not sure Harris falls in line with the point your trying to make. Josh Jackson has more than exceeded this timeline.
  7. 1) Should we implement 0.5 PPR? Sounds good. 2) Superflex? (I'm open to this and I have 2 ideas of how this could be implemented fairly--- 1 being a rather rapid transition and another being a slower, more methodical transition). I want to hear the ideas/opinions from other owners before I present my two approaches (I want to avoid pushing my own concepts as commish before others have a say). My overall idea (and hope) with a transition with superflex would be an attempt to increase parity (I want to push all teams toward the middle, and do my best to reconfigure the league to establish more balance). It could also help keep the league fresh. Superflex sounds good to me and I am good with a rapid approach. 3) Should we kill defense? Yes! 4) Do we change FAAB #? (I will be upfront here and say that I think we could use another year at our current FAAB # to see if it's appropriate or not). I think most/any issues owners encountered were tied to the initial transition. I say keep the current for 1 more year. 5) Number of keepers? (Increase to 11 to reduce draft or stay the same, and when/how?---this will likely be tied to what type of decision we make with regard to superflex. Increase to 11. 6) How we calculate draft position (in 2021 and beyond, as the current league year is already set). Lottery process sounds good to me for non playoff teams. Playoff teams are set by results of playoff. 7) How we draft (rookie/un-claimed vet) in 2020 (I'm thinking of Round 1 & 2 slow draft, followed by Round 3 as a fast/live draft), but I want to hear everyone's input here. I am completely open on this. I like what Cadmus is thinking. 8) I'm also looking to add a co-commish, and @chucknorris101 volunteered. I think that's something that at the very least deserves discussion among owners, and potentially a league vote (So PLEASE let me know how you feel). Sounds Good Please add any other league business/ideas that I didn't address above.
  8. Absolutely, but does that mean Wentz doesn't need some more help?
  9. All this does is make me seriously question how PFF comes up with these ratings. Not saying your wrong by any stretch, but I don't think using PFF ratings are going to prove anything. For example look at how Philly is number 1. Yet it is pretty apparent to all that they need to inject some serious talent at the WR position. I agree with you that the Offense has plenty of quality players. That doesn't mean a specific position group of the offense isn't lacking in talent.
  10. I remember reading articles how his Leadership style was rubbing some players the wrong way in his final Packer years. So it wasn't just you that took note of how he carried himself in the locker room and to media. I remember in the beginning he was regarded as an old school leader and it was a refreshing change. I think as time passed some of the younger players didn't like his style and started tuning him out. Not sure that "Bravado" he consistently expressed was reaching the younger players. Just to be clear I always like Daniels and his no nonsense demeanor, but I can understand why it began to get old in the locker room.
  11. I'm back for next year as well. I am for PPR as well. Also would like to either get rid of Defense or re-work the scoring.
  12. I think you make really good points and don't disagree that Murphy had all the required qualifications to make the decision. My reservations about him came more to the point that it didn't seem like it was clearly relayed to Gute that this was happening when he accepted the job. At least if I am remembering correctly I thought Gute even publicly stated that he didn't know the coaching hire wouldn't be part of his duties. I also will refer to how the entire situation unfolded and how the introductory press conference went. While I wasn't criticizing Murphy or his decisions, I was definitely worried if the structure would work. With the way the TT/MM era ended, I think people had every reason to feel reserved about how the power structure would be corrected. I think that is the real reason there was so much initial push back on the process. I now wonder if Murphy would have done this earlier, would MM still be the HC?
  13. You were not the only one that was concerned about Murphy and his control. A lot of people were skeptical of Murphy and even more about getting a new coach. All the concerns were valid and not without reason. People can claim they were optimistic but no one could have known the turn around would be this drastic. Murphy faded out of the limelight, Gute went FA hunting, and LaFleur proved many wrong with his ability to lead a large group of individuals. The Packers are one game out from the Super Bowl with a new Coach, overbearing Team President, role reduced GM, and an overpriced/underperforming/obstinate QB. Seems like a reason to celebrate, not to call out people for being skeptical at the beginning.
  14. JJ Watt. Aaron Donald would probably be my first choice but I wanted to go with someone you didn't already pick.
  15. MM to Dallas is a pretty good match IMO. Will be interesting to see how he works with Dak & Co.
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