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    Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week 1 pick: Seattle Seahawks I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  2. 2019 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Keepers/Discussion)

    KingOfTheNorth Keepers: 1. Saquon Barkley 2. Keenan Allen 3. Marquez Valdes-Scantling 4. Allen Robinson 5. Golden Tate 6. Courtland Sutton 7. Christian Kirk 8. D'Onta Foreman 9. Derek Carr 10. Malcolm Brown
  3. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    That show never stops being funny.
  4. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    While I understand he wasn't the defensive coordinator, he was the Head Coach. Seems like if he wanted Randall to play safety, then he could have made that happen. I think its fair to say TT, MM and Capers all terribly misused and probably created the issues with Randall. He never hid the fact that he felt like they were playing him out of position. I have never liked the trade. Although, I do understand the logic of wanting to acquire a young talented QB. The issue here is they misjudged both Randall and Kizers talent in complete opposite ways.
  5. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    While humorous, it still makes your statement false. But I am sure your intention was never to be correct, but to just sound edgy and get your "Likes".
  6. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    As someone who wanted MM gone/wasn't coaching Rodgers well enough and didn't want Randall traded, I can say this is a false assumption. You also seem to be glossing over how terribly misused Randall was under MM.
  7. Packers Training Camp 2019

    I am not sure Nkemdiche cares enough about football to live up to his talent. IIRC he has shown up to camp out of shape every year. Add in his off field issues and I don't see how he would bring anything positive to a football team at this time. He should take a year off and get his priorities straight. With that said, a focused and determined Nkemdiche would be a great addition to this DL.
  8. Packers release Mike Daniels

    I don't think either team was doing anything shady. But I am not sure the exact details of Foster's release. I know Daniels had his season end early last year because of injury. It was my understanding that because of this, the Packers needed to wait until he passed a physical to release him. Otherwise with a failed physical his remaining contract would become fully guaranteed upon release. This was my understanding based on the discussions happening on the Packer forum. I am not sure if Foster also fell into this criteria.
  9. Packers release Mike Daniels

    The opposite if I am understanding correctly. If he didn't pass his physical, the Packers would have to pay him all of his remaining salary if released. Since he passed the physical he could be released without having to payout the full remaining contract. If he failed his physical, I would assume the Packers wouldn't have released him.
  10. Madden 20

    It's 10 hours from when the game is first launched (When you start up the game each time after it will let you know how much time you have used). It also gives full access to the game. At least this has all been the case in years prior. I wouldn't put it past EA to mess with it though.
  11. Mike Daniels released

    If I had to put money on It I would guess he goes to the Colts with KC as a wild card. I don't see Mike fitting in on a Cleveland team that is full of young kids that wouldn't mesh with Mike's old school personality. Wish him nothing but the best though. I always enjoyed watching him play in the Green and Gold.
  12. Madden 20

    It's crazy how excited I get about a new edition of Madden if for nothing else then updated official rosters. Franchise mode and Fantasy Drafts are typically my go to. Should be interesting how the X Factor abilities impact the Fantasy Draft. Amazing how much time I will spend drafting a team to only play a few games with them and then starting fresh.
  13. Most Satisfying Villain Deaths? ***Spoilers***

    I always thought the LOTR movies did a great job with this. Lurtz in Fellowship, Saruman in Two Towers, and Denethor in ROTK. These have always been some of my favorite villain deaths.
  14. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    I really think the reason you dislike and judge Rodgers so much is because you both have the same personality. And maybe you do have leadership experience. I honestly have no idea who you really are. Whether I am on a forum or in the office I am the same person. I don't change myself based on my audience. I guess I assumed you were the same way.
  15. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    WOW.....That's what you got from this discussion? Even if Rodgers does change, that in no way shape or form takes blame off of him. A coach and player relationship is like all relationships. A 2 way street.