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  1. 2019 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Keepers/Discussion)

    I will listen to offers for anyone but Barkley on my roster. Well, I guess I would listen to Barkley offers but unless it completely blows me away, it's not happening. I did find your offer @JBURGE interesting. But I cant bring myself to trade Barkley to the reigning champ, haha.
  2. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I can go along with Grey Wind. I don't agree with Shaggy Dog though. At least IMO, I don't see a writer foreshadowing that a characters story is pointless, in the first book. I am not saying you are wrong, just that I don't see how a writer would want to do that so early in a story. . I have never heard the Direwolves foreshadowing the fates of the Starks theory, and was interested in how it would apply to Rickon and Robb. Thank you for information instead of just saying "It doesn't matter" like the original poster.
  3. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Yes, you are the one who said the Wolves foreshadowed the Stark's fate. Robb and Rickon both show this to be false.
  4. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Oh really? And how did the Direwolves foreshadow that fate? That's what your were saying in your post, correct?
  5. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    What about Robb and RIckon?
  6. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    This is very true and I think goes back to the bad writing. They spent a ridiculous amount of time hyping up the NK and Cercei as the main antagonists. If the end goal of these characters was to always have them die quickly in the end, one could make an argument that all that screen time would have been better served in setting up Dany as the ultimate antagonist. Her heal turn was epic but almost fell flat because they left so much to interpretation. The crazy disparity of people understanding the heel turn just proves that D&D failed to tell her story.
  7. 1) Immediately transition to FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) for waivers: YES or NO 2) Immediately transition to a Live Draft format for 2019 Rookie/Unclaimed Vet Draft: YES or NO 3) Migrate league hosting site from FleaFlicker to Sleeper (if other preference please indicate) before the start of the 2019 NFL Season: YES or NO (First time using FleaFlicker and not impressed but it could be worse. 4a) Remove the Kicker Position for 2019: YES or NO 4b) If you chose to remove the Kicker Position: Option X: Remove the K position, and drop from 11 weekly starters to 10 weekly starters (rosters of 20 will be maintained) YES or NO Option Y: Remove the K position, and replace with a fourth FLEX (RB/WR/TE) that will be replaced by a WR3 after the 2020 season YES or NO 5) Increase the number of keepers from 10 to 11 for the 2020 NFL Season (a NO vote will indicate you prefer to remain at 10 keepers): YES or NO 6a) Potential Live Draft Dates (Please Indicate YES or NO for each date) June 16th (Sunday) YES or NO June 26th (Wednesday) YES or NO July 21st (Sunday) YES or NO July 30th (Monday) YES or NO August 13th (Tuesday) YES or NO August 18th (Sunday) YES or NO 6b) Please list any known date conflicts: Known Conflicts: July 8th-14th
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Jaylon Smith is an immediate one I can remember. But he seems like the exception, not the rule.
  9. Where do you get these "bust potential" assessments? Are they all just opinion based, or do you have any statistics that show EQ has less "bust potential"? I have seen you reference it multiple times and have yet to see how you determine this.
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    While this data is awesome, I feel like there is so much missing from it. How did all the other teams that followed this QB Pay scale model fair? What about the other positions and their pay percentage? What if the RBs on those teams had less that 5% of salary cap? Would we then say it takes QBs to be under 13% and RBs to be under 5%? I feel like this data is too incomplete to make any absolute declaration.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    So let me get this straight.... Janis is a better prospect and more athletic than DK Metcalf? And the team that has Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs at WR, have no idea what to look for in WRs?
  12. Green Bay Big Board #8 Overall

    Dillard. Best OT on my board.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    If they are so easy to see, then why do they get picked?
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I understand that , and I am not saying it's easy. And to even further along the point, it's the General Managers job to make sure his Head Coach is doing his job and giving him the resources he needs to do it well. Which means backing him up if he needs to discipline a player for insubordination. If TT and even Murphy didn't give MM that backing, then they failed MM as much as MM failed Rodgers.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Your arrogance is bordering on Aaron Rodgers level if you think you can 100% declare someone is a bust before they even play a game in the NFL.