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  1. Where do you get these "bust potential" assessments? Are they all just opinion based, or do you have any statistics that show EQ has less "bust potential"? I have seen you reference it multiple times and have yet to see how you determine this.
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    While this data is awesome, I feel like there is so much missing from it. How did all the other teams that followed this QB Pay scale model fair? What about the other positions and their pay percentage? What if the RBs on those teams had less that 5% of salary cap? Would we then say it takes QBs to be under 13% and RBs to be under 5%? I feel like this data is too incomplete to make any absolute declaration.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    So let me get this straight.... Janis is a better prospect and more athletic than DK Metcalf? And the team that has Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs at WR, have no idea what to look for in WRs?
  4. Green Bay Big Board #8 Overall

    Dillard. Best OT on my board.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    If they are so easy to see, then why do they get picked?
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I understand that , and I am not saying it's easy. And to even further along the point, it's the General Managers job to make sure his Head Coach is doing his job and giving him the resources he needs to do it well. Which means backing him up if he needs to discipline a player for insubordination. If TT and even Murphy didn't give MM that backing, then they failed MM as much as MM failed Rodgers.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Your arrogance is bordering on Aaron Rodgers level if you think you can 100% declare someone is a bust before they even play a game in the NFL.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    One would argue it's a coaches job to make sure his players aren't idiots on the field.
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    This logic works for every position though. A bad pick, no matter the position, will not help us improve. You automatically chalking up the pick as a bust, just because he is on defense, is a really bad take.
  10. Why would they only say it after I turn around? Or are you saying they turn around and say it? Seems like you have some predetermined opinions on Packer fans, and are now creating a story to prove it.
  11. Where are you getting your information? I haven't talked to one Packer fan that didn't give Cook tons of credit for that catch. I have never met a Packer fan that didn't give credit to Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Donald Driver and Davante Adams for their play. Ask a Packer fan how they feel about Clay Matthews forced fumble in the SB, or Nick Collins pick six in the SB. You are grossly mischaracterizing Packer fans for what reason? Your ignorance on this subject is amazing.
  12. rcon14 Mock 4.0

    Great Job! My favorite mock so far. Oliver and CGJ will help make this Defense a powerhouse. If we actually pick Oliver, I would love to see a live camera shot of Pettine as he finds out.
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    WOW, a lot of interesting information in that article. Some of it doesn't make any sense to me based on the type of person MM seemed to be. The massage comment really doesn't make any sense when compared to the Rob Demovsky story. I am happy though that Murphy seems to have taken a stand to fix it. It should have happened years ago by the sound of it.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    He comes off as a very arrogant and bitter man to me. Now, I am not saying that he shouldn't be bitter. The situation wasn't handled the best it sounds like, and McCarthy should be able to process it and deal with it and go through the stages of grief like anyone else. But the fact he says he didn't see it coming and disagreed with Murphy comments on why a change needed to be made, shows how out of touch with reality he was. He claims accountability was never the issue, yet his former assistants and players have stated differently. Right there shows you he lost his locker room. And I think that's where the complacency comment comes into play. I don't think Murphy was ever trying to speak negatively about MM's work ethic. But he was trying to say MM stopped delegating as much. He tried to do too much and because of this I think some of his assistants became complacent with letting MM handle things that a HC typically doesn't. I think this had a trickle down effect on the players. The finer details were being missed because of MM's controlling nature. I think this is also why you see MM's assistant failing to get HC jobs (Philbin excluded). MM was just trying to do too much. I also will admit that this is just my assumption based on what I have seen and read. I could be wrong and maybe Murphy really did get the reasons wrong. But I don't think MM helped disprove what Murphy was saying. I think he just showed Murphy was correct and if anything, he should have made the move at the end or the prior season. I will always respect and admire MM for bringing a championship to Green Bay. I appreciate his time here and wish him the best. I hope he uses his time off to self scout and correct his mistakes.
  15. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock