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  1. People can say what they want but i always hated the tank controls on the original resident evil games
  2. I tried but i really hate in n out especially their fries
  3. Drowning mostly. For some reason i would sometimes have a dream about being sucked into a whirlpool
  4. Still amazed at how many guys that are disappointing were drafted ahead of kittle
  5. Statistically Buckner has been great for us since his rookie year
  6. Not a day goes by where I'm nit thankful for violence jack
  7. If it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college
  8. Getting a young pro bowler so I'm happy
  9. Have to for my job. I get all of them free anyways
  10. Our dbs coach really failed to get these guys ready but you can see the potential in some of these guys. No one should be safe to start though
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