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  1. 2019 prospects and outlook

    We need N’Keal Harry or DK Metcalf. Adding them to a healthy Q, Robby & Burnett plus Herndon AND hopefully Bell, that’s a super big offense upgrade.
  2. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    I can care less. Romo knows talent and been consistent about Darnold’s development since before we drafted him.
  3. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I’m hoping we don’t end up with DeVante Parker because of ties to Adam Gase.
  4. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    Tony Romo talked me off the ledge.
  5. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    AB being 31 at WR is probably equal to Bell being 27 at RB. So the age thing is overrated here.
  6. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I’d trade back, acquire a 2nd rd pick at the very least (that way we have a pick in every round), then offer up the 1st rd pick (somewhere in the teens). Offer the 1st straight up, or offer the 2nd + Darron Lee or Leo on the tag
  7. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Amari Cooper got 2 1st round picks. Sounds more like wishful thinking if you don’t think a team like the Packers or 49ers won’t offer 2nd rd or even 1st rd picks.
  8. A Brown or L Bell?

    The problem with not even taking a look at AB is....there’s not many great WR options available and we NEED a #1 in the worst way. Quincy and Robby would both benefit from a true number 1. Who else can we get? Do we just trade back and nab a WR in round 1? Does this draft have a number 1 WR?
  9. A Brown or L Bell?

    I mean, Jamal is on social media recruiting AB. So Jamal sees dog in AB.
  10. A Brown or L Bell?

    Unless we move back in the draft and acquire an additional high pick, I’m not trading our number 3 pick for AB. Cooper got 2 1sts, so I think a team would make an offer with a 1st. Maybe the Packers or 49ers. Best offer for AB that includes a 1st I would do is a 2019 3rd rd pick, Crowell, Darron Lee & a conditional 1st in 2020 based on games played and in-season milestones.
  11. He didn't want to stay here if you heard what he said before the trade. He obviously was irritated and felt held back. Teddy B being traded without seeing the field is not realistic. He has no value right now. He'll slowly build it up the more leaks of positive reports, camps, preseason play and if he starts regular season. That's when we can get value. Otherwise, he's getting us the same thing Hack got us.
  12. Offseason news/rumours

    Chris Johnson in support of protests. Said he'll personally pay for any fines from his players. I like this guy waaaaaay more than Woody.
  13. Offseason news/rumours

    I'd like for Teddy to start, solely to get his trade value up if anything. Would love to at least get a 4th for him.
  14. It's official. Conditional 2019 7th round pick. End of an era.