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  1. Yeah, at this point I see Adams being traded by the draft. This is crazy
  2. Dustin Keller was cool too. Shame his career got shortened.
  3. Not sure if satisfied is their feeling. Maybe it’s just not the end of the world if we don’t draft one at 11...
  4. He is. McShay is tight with JD but Daniel Jeremiah is as well and he thinks Jets take Lamb.
  5. “Chasing superstar or high upside WR often leaves US in disappointment”. We haven’t drafted a WR in round 1 in almost 2 decades. Santana Moss. Wasn’t disappointed with him at all. Was more disappointed that we gave him away because Chad Pennington couldn’t throw deep balls.
  6. Same. It’s a “deep WR class” but that doesn’t equate to mid tier WRs having the same ceiling as those top 3 elite tier guys imo. Tbh, it’s a “deep class” more so to a team that already has at least 1 WR long term that can use a complimentary guy on the other side. We need more than complimentary.
  7. At this point, I’m all for JD drafting a WR at 11 just for the JetsKid007 meltdown and him talking himself into liking the approach.
  8. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2883386-nfl-draft-400-matt-millers-latest-2020-big-board-with-1-month-to-go
  9. Idk, drafting for position over talent is just a weird plan. To have all 4 OTs above all WRs just because of position is weird. Be lucky if 2 out the 4 OTs become really good. And to panic as if the team didn’t just spend 2 weeks working on the OLine is weird too. What happens if Fant and Edoga are really good? We wasted a pick that could’ve helped Darnold now? You know that there’s more drafts right? And to think there’s no trade up scenarios for guys like Josh Jones, Austin Jackson or Ezra Cleveland. For all we know, Andrew Thomas can slide to the 20s and we make a trade back into
  10. So you’re saying Tyreke Hill nor Travis Kelce would be 1st round picks knowing what we know now about them?
  11. Tyreke Hill & Travis Kelce would be 1st rd picks in their respective drafts in a re-draft.
  12. Who’s to say we get the right OT out the 4? We won’t even have the options out all 4. We’re getting whatever is left. Don’t value positional need out of desperation over positional need out of talent. All 4 OTs shouldn’t be ranked over the top 3 WRs. I’m sorry. A rookie won’t put our current OLine in the top 10 this season. If things go really bad; we can draft an OT next year. The WR Tiers are different. It’s going to be a good run before we have our 2nd pick.
  13. Maybe random but I rewatched Combine interviews. Lamb had this star presence with confidence while Ruggs had a genuine and focused personality but Jeudy seemed a lil....off? Like everything is a given? Idk....just watching, I could see Sam’s personality mixing better with Lamb & Ruggs
  14. This. I feel like Perriman would be our #1 WR if we don’t draft any of the top 3. Not sure I like that.
  15. Our 1st rd pick from 19 years ago. Santana Moss
  16. Jarvis Landry was the #1 WR at LSU. Odell didn’t get major hype until draft process.
  17. It’s like when I was a kid playing Pokémon on my gameboy & I had to choose between the 3 starter Pokémon. Lol. They’re all great in their own way and when fully evolved will be beasts regardless. Comes down to style & personal preference.
  18. Kiper has changed his mock selection for the Jets. Monday he had us drafting an OT. After the Robby/Perriman situation, he has us drafting Jeudy. Says it could also be Lamb. Has us passing on Andrew Thomas because he thinks 11 is a “little too high” for him.
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