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  1. I think the Bills are going to be forced to throw Shady McCoy into their offer to the Giants. Would the Giants pass up both 1sts, both 2nds, next year's 2nd & Shady?
  2. Only way I see that happening is if they trade to a top 6 team first then trade up with the Giants from there. Word is, Giants don't want to go down 10 spots. Our overpay is forcing Giants hand to request an overpay from the Bills, no matter previous front office Gettlemen connections either. I think Bills will have to get to 4 or 5 then trade even more capital for #2. Do I think it's possible? Yeah. They have 2 picks in each of the top 3 rounds and all their picks next year. Likely? Idk. I think Bills may settle to jumping to #4.
  3. I'm so glad Kirk Cousins chose the Vikings.
  4. https://youtu.be/YC-S8eWEGf8 Jim Mora about a hour ago in NFL Network as guys talk Rosen being a perfect fit for the Jets.
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