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  1. I think the fear is that with our franchise history luck, we’ll sign him and then he’ll start to show signs of slowing down
  2. Less than 2k followers and no blue check, thankfully this rumor does nothing for me.
  3. Yeah, I’ve been watching highlights and the flashy move is starting to consume me. Makes up for Anthony Barr’s spurning us last offseason & Clowney/CJ/Adams on each level can be the light version of Suggs/RayLewis/EdReed.
  4. Don’t see how Clowney chooses Jets over Seahawks & Titans if he’s “about winning”.
  5. We’ll be improved solely from being healthy. Hopefully the injury bug doesn’t hit us where it hurts like last season. Avery’s injury was the start of a horrible domino. I think we even win game 1 if Avery is healthy and C.J. still gets hurt
  6. Can’t lie. I could careless about PFF.
  7. He’s 29. He’s not good enough for Avery swap and 4th rd pick at least? Or a 5th? Slay-Bless-Poole with Jamal & Maye, nah?
  8. Lions need an ILB? Could we use Avery as trade bait? Avery and a 4th?
  9. Lol Yannick and Darius really don’t care
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