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  1. Agreed, I think that's what it comes down to. If Cam is willing to play out the end of his contract I think the Panthers would be ridiculous to let him go on just 19 mil a year.
  2. Oh no, I'm a Clemson fan by family, so I would absolutely love it if we managed to get into a position to pick Trevor. It would definitely bring in SC fans a bit more. My issue is that same as it was when Panthers fans complained about beating the Saints last year week 17 that lost us some draft position. Players will NEVER be "committed" to losing games, and even the worst NFL teams have enough talent to scrap some out, especially with good QB play. The media can talk about it all they want, but I can't remember a time when a team has clearly tanked and it's worked at the end of the season. Bottom line, I think guys here have taken all the crap Rap has thrown out all year to heart. Tepper certainly hasn't moved on from Cam. If he's healthy, he's QB1 in Carolina for the future. If he goes down again next year, we're probably in a position to tank for Trev w/o our front office doing a whole lot. It would be a huge mistake to move on from him without an answer on the roster, or without a draft pick where we knew we could get someone we liked.
  3. What gives you that impression? Everything I've seen that hasn't been baseless speculation from Rap (who's been consistently wrong about anything Panthers-related recently) has been that Tepper (and Rhule) want to go into 2020 with Cam at the helm. It's pretty obvious that tanking doesn't work in the NFL, as Miami's FO tried to harder than any team in recent memory and still won 5 games. Not saying it won't happen, I just haven't gotten that impression.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001095095/article/panthers-to-hire-baylors-matt-rhule-as-head-coach How do we feel about this? I was excited for Stefanski, but at least it isn't Snek McDaniels.
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