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  1. If they dont have a blue check mark, move along. He is just regurgitating things others have said the last 3 or 4 days. Nothing to see here.
  2. This alone is proof enough that he will be a Pro Bowler 10 years straight.
  3. FWIW ProFootballFocus gave us an "Above Average" grade.
  4. Great players left and we take the dude who has been hobbled by 2 knee injuries and the dumb name.
  5. Side note. Every time we pick, it hits a commercial. Swear to God.
  6. This is purely Mac getting trolled by the Vikes.
  7. How about 68, 2020 7th & Darron Lee to the Bengals for 42 Seeing as how the Steelers snaked Devin Bush straight from them, they have to be salty and looking for plan B?
  8. Technically this would be Sam Darnold vs Ed Oliver Josh Allen vs Quinnen Williams Lol
  9. I disagree tactically. I think Kyler going 1 causes the QB talent pool to thin out quickly and thus making other QB needy teams desperate to move up for whichever other player they want before another goes off the board. But I do agree that teams HAVE to be higher on Haskins then media seems to let on. This year feels like the media is doing it's best to create QB draft drama because they probably feel it would be a boring event otherwise.
  10. Although I'm willing to bet a crisp dollar bill SF doesnt take Bosa. He is a PR nightmare for a liberal city. I will bet another dollar that between now and pick 2 tomorrow, some tweet of his magically resurfaces at just the right time to shine a negative light on him.
  11. Frank Clark traded to the Chiefs for 2019 1st and 2020 2nd with a swap of 2019 3rds.
  12. You can have a great personality and still be dumb as a box of rocks.
  13. How do you draw that conclusion? Isn't it far more likely it's a planned leak by the team, considering the draft is just around the corner? We were never tied to Oliver before basically early last week. If Gregg Williams was behind it, there would have been more smoke before then.
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