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  1. That a boy Brady. So many losers ready to jump on his every mistake, so sad lol.
  2. Brady never gets intercepted on that outside throw. Very surprising.
  3. Agreed. It is so friggin weird. I'm still rooting for him and Gronk tho, I still love those guys. They're Patriots for life.
  4. Yes, it's android TV. The newer chip in this TV allows for super snappy UI navigation. As far as operating systems for TVs go I think Android TV is probably the best just because of the app selection (vs. LGs OS, Samsung's Tizen, and Roku... although Roku is pretty good too). I will say tho, I've experienced more than a few bugs with Android TV. I have to restart the thing every so often (every other week or so) to fix some bug that develop. Hopefully future updates fix these.
  5. Got a Sony X900H. Pretty sweet looking TV.
  6. I got the impression you were saying unless Brady put up all time great numbers like 2013 Manning given the talent around him that it would somehow say something (negative) about Brady ... the only thing it would say is that Brady is 43 years old. Looked like you were preemptively trying to diminish a good season by Brady if he doesn't put up those kind of numbers. And if be did put up great numbers, then chaulk that up to him having "all time great" talent around him. Not fair to have those standards for any QB... nevermind mind a 43 year old.
  7. You're not only severely overrating the talent around Brady (it's good, but Howard top 10 TE... all time best unit? lol), you're also not taking into account Brady is 43 years old. If Brady puts up anywhere close to 4000 yards and 30 TDs it would and should be considered an amazing season given his age. Can't believe there's still people out there unwilling to give Brady any credit.
  8. He was a beast at UCF. All over the ball and the heart of that defense. Haven't followed him at the NFL level but judging by his tape in college, he has NFL talent. Wouldn't mind if the Pats gave him a shot, we're in need of rangy LBs. We have no depth there.
  9. https://www.patriots.com/news/analysis-breaking-down-patriots-initial-2020-practice-squad
  10. Initial roster looks rough. WR group is as thin as it gets. Unproven talent at TE. No LB depth. No kicker. Oof.
  11. Yeah not good. Looks like Rohrwasser is getting cut. Hopefully he makes it to the practice squad and improves enough to be ready for next year.
  12. I had heard he was doing great with Cam... guess not.
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