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  1. https://twitter.com/Patriots/status/1059295599546302464?s=20 With yesterday's 296 total yards gained, Brady now stands alone in the 80,000 yard club.
  2. Week 9 GDT

    Yeah, Mahomes is the clear front runner. I don't see others doing enough to catch up, he's too far ahead.
  3. Best Defense in 2018

    What defense? Haven't noticed it this year.
  4. Week 9 GDT

    Dang I like offense but it seems like every other game nowadays is 40-35 ish. Every QB is throwing 3-4 TDs a game and 300-400 yards, it's insane. I kinda want some semblance of a defense to make a comeback...
  5. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    The Jags have one foot out the door already. They currently play multiple games a year in London and are committed to play even more 'home' games there. Even if they don't make the move full time it's already a burden back home, a new city like San Antonio would not be able to support a team that plays half it's games somewhere else.
  6. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    Jaguars are a potential candidate but they seem to be eyeing London already. Chargers in a few years if LA continues to ignore them. I don't see the NFL expanding anytime soon.
  7. Trade Deadline Thread

    Guess the news from earlier wasn't true? Pats didn't sit Gordon to start the game. Either they overlooked the tardiness or Gordon wasn't late.
  8. Trade Deadline Thread

    So Gordon is apparently getting benched for the1st qtr of today's game for beiling late to a meeting. That doesn't sound good... Hope this isn't why we are seeking a top end WR.
  9. Carson Wentz vs Patrick Mahomes

    Mahomes is on another level. Wentz doesn't compare... no one does. Honestly, Mahones might already be the #1 QB in the NFL, over Brady/Rodgers/Brees.
  10. Mid-Season (Just About) QB Power Rankings

    1. Mahones - Can't believe this is his first year, he already looks like the best QB in the NFL. Clear cut MVP at this point. 2. Brees - People talk about Brady still doing it at 41.... well Brees is only a year or so younger and not looking his age either. He could play just as long as Brady if not longer (if he wants to). 3. Rodgers - Still Rodgers, what can you say. 4. Brady - Had some stumbles earlier in the season with his lack of WRs but now that Edelman and Gordon are playing he's back to his normal self. 5. Rivers - Holy resurgence, another ageless wonder. Honestly #3-#7 could include any of Ryan, Wilson, Cousins, and Goff. All playing great. QB play this year is insane, right up there with 2011.
  11. 2nd Best Cornerback in the League?

    Gilmore is better than 75% of those listed in the poll...
  12. Trade Deadline Thread

    If a trade does happen I hope it's for a speedy LB with good coverage skills. Our LB corps are the slowest in the league.
  13. Trade Deadline Thread

    If it's Gronk they're worried about why not try for another TE instead? I really hope this isn't related to Gordon and his past issues...
  14. When did current Elite QB's reach Elite status?

    Brady - 2004 Brees- 2009 Rodgers- 2011
  15. That's the sort of toss up play Brady wouldn't normally try since Moss. What an awesome play by Gordon.