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  1. Guess that's what the Bills get for trying to fake an injury to stop the clock. Good rule to disincentivize that b.s.
  2. Giving the Bills free points. Seems fair.
  3. Brady-Gronk connection is a thing of beauty.
  4. Joe Montana. Only Mac is bigger, more athletic, and has a bigger arm.
  5. That would have been an easy interception if Cleveland's secondary was actually competent...
  6. Titans running all over the Pats (2 - 100+ yard rushers)... yet getting blown out. Missing Henry hasn't been the issue today.
  7. Blatant holding on every play so far this drive lol. Not called once.
  8. Judon says he wears those red sleeves so his opponents can't see him bleed. Similar reason Cleveland wears brown pants. Apparently.
  9. Pretty sure it's just a joke.
  10. Yikes. Wonder what is going on with him. Not faulting these players for doing whats best for them, but I do wonder if teams need to evaluate these player's mental health better before drafting them high.
  11. Yeah Josh Allen is a freak. Don't usually have that raw athletic ability paired with great football IQ, but it seems Allen is getting there and that's scary af for me, a Pats fans 🙃
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