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  1. NFL Names 2010s All-Decade Teams

    How was Gronk not unanimous!
  2. Goodbye Gostsuckski

    I'll miss him. He was great kicker, a Pats all-timer for sure but it was time to move on. Best of luck to Space Ghost.
  3. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    Hoyer is good enough to get the Pats to at least .500 but I rather he not start. I want to see what Stidham can provide. Hopefully Stidham shows us he's the future of the franchise but if he sucks then I'm fine with that too... keep Stidham in, get the Pats a high draft pick and hope we draft a top QB next year. I don't want the Pats to settle for average, I want clarity with our QB position sooner rather than later.
  4. Duron Harmon Traded to Lions

    What did we get? Cap casualty I'm assuming? Too bad, he was solid.
  5. Goodbye KVN and Jamie

  6. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    I think Pats obviously still make the most sense. I just can't picture Tom in any other uniform.
  7. Guess the rumors last year of Caserio dying to leave NE were totally false. Go figure lol.
  8. Cowboys likely to use franchise tag on Dak Prescott

    Brady going to Dallas makes little sense. The Patriots trading for Dak makes even less sense. Where are these crazy rumors coming from
  9. Congrats Chief fans!
  10. Jimmy G. far outshining P. Mahomes... who woulda thunk.
  11. Dante Scarnecchia Retires

    The season of suck doesn't stop. Yay.
  12. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Silver lining for Pats, this helps the Pats chances of bringing back Brady. Hopefully McDaniels makes some changes next year b/c he was a bit too predictable this season. I know he didn't have a lot of talent to work with, but still...
  13. Not a single one of our WRs finished in the top 100 (out of 143 eligble WRs) in separation yards. Closest was Edelman... league worst was Harry. Ouch.
  14. WC: Titans@Patriots

    Happens every time. It's like the Titans know the play already. That and we can't get any push on the online, wtf.
  15. WC: Titans@Patriots

    Frustrating watching the Pats try to play physical with our center never really getting much push. It never friggin works, why keep calling those type of run plays.