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  1. Week 13 - Patriots at Longhorns

    Time to bring back AB. It's our only shot at having a decent offense. I don't see this team doing much in the playoffs with our current group.
  2. Mahomes or Jackson

    Mahomes all day every day. Jackson operates well with the gimicky misdirection/option plays but if the run game isn't working, I don't see Jackson having much success. Mahomes on the other hand doesn't rely on a strong run game to excel. Defenses know Mahomes is passing and still can't stop him, not the case when Jackson is in obvious pass situations.
  3. Emerging Threats

    Wasn't overly concerned about any of them but I'd say Manning's Colts came the closest, followed by the Chiefs and Mahomes. Ravens D was always scary but I wasn't that concerned about the overall team. Current Raven's team beat us earlier, I know, but I don't think they'll repeat that performance against us. I feel like if we can stop their gimicky misdirection plays and force their QB to pass we'd win... i know that's a tall order considering the way they ran it down our throats in that game but I think BB will figure it out in the next matchup.
  4. Patriots activate LT Isaiah Wynn

    Been on IR. Not sure if he got injured early in camp or if he had some injury that was lingering from college. Either way, can't say much about him since we didn't even get to watch him practice.
  5. Patriots activate LT Isaiah Wynn

    Brady might actually be able to get off a couple passes this Sunday.
  6. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Ravens would be in real trouble if it wasn't for that Edelman fumble returned for a TD. They can't stop anything.
  7. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Like Butta
  8. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Well.. that sucked.
  9. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Pats lead the league in turnovers by a country mile because they're just lucky, not because they're good. Also, Jackson isn't a real QB so this D is still untested. Just wait til they play a good passing team. Just wait.
  10. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Pats carving this D even with their swiss cheese online. Pretty impressive. Also, Pats D, keep 8 in the box the whole rest of the game. Jackson can't pass for s#!t.
  11. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Go for it.
  12. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    A RB vs. Earl Thomas.... taking White all day lol
  13. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    That could have been bad. Watson just came off of having a concussion earlier this year.
  14. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Excellent. Keep trying to pass Ravens
  15. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    It always surprises me when teams see something working but go away from what's working b/c... ? The option play was working, why are the Ravens putting the ball in Jackson's hands? lol