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  1. Gronkowski hired as Fox Sports analyst

    This is exactly how Gronk was during his WWE appearances. Thinks this is wrastling.
  2. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Newhouse sucks so bad.
  3. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    bad spot. Should have given the Pats at least another foot.
  4. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Pats should save their energy. They the Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, and Chiefs next.
  5. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Btw, Brady will most likely surpass Manning in career pass yards in this game. Regular season only, Brady already has the record for most passing yards and most TD passes in NFL history if you include postseason numbers. Kinda odd that those playoff numbers, against superior competition, always get overlooked when people talk about career stats.
  6. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    So many injuries on both sides, and they're playing on a short week... yikes. Just no one get hurt please. Pats OL is garbage right now because of the injuries and our WRs are all banged up too. Just hand the ball off all game, don't want Brady getting hurt.
  7. Does Nick Foles Get His Job Back?

    Nope. Foles will be traded or released, unless he's cool with being the backup. Minshew is far more marketable than Foles, the Jags would be insane to bench him... unless he falls off a cliff, then sure make Foles the starter again.
  8. KC offense vs Chicago defense

    Mahomes murders zone defenses, he'd easily shread them. You need strong man coverage team like the Pats to give him any sort of challenge.
  9. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    They did the same to every opponent in the playoffs last year (outside of the 4th quarter in KC). Those teams had pretty good records, didn't matter.
  10. Pats not activating Watson

    What's the reasoning here? Is Watson really not an upgrade over LaCosse/Izzo? Is he injured? Is this a cap move to get a player the Pats deem more important (Oline?)?
  11. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    Ever consider that the reason their opponent's rankings are so low is because the Pats D destroyed their numbers.
  12. Darn, I was really looking forward to finally having a decent TE on the roster. Is LaCosse/Izzo really better options than Watson? They've caught like what 3 or 4 passes all season? TE's have been invisible so far. Urggg.
  13. SNF: Colts at Chiefs

  14. SNF: Colts at Chiefs

    Mahomes is ridiculous. He needs a DNA test, make sure he's human.
  15. SNF: Colts at Chiefs

    Mahomes accuracy and touch is insane. So much talent in a player is just unfair.