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  1. This game surprises me...
  2. Takeaways: 1. Giants offense really impressed vs. this Bucs defense. 2. Giants defense was really impressive. If not for Brady making some perfect passes, I don't know how they that offense gets any points. 3. Fournette is a pile of trash. Stop running him on 1st and 2nd down and then force yourself to pass on a 3rd and long. What the heck was the play caller thinking lol.
  3. Stop running the ball with Fournette. Might as well just take a knee instead, you won't pick up any yards, but at least you don't risk fumbling (/s). Stop wasting your downs on these dumb runs.
  4. It's clear we're not going anywhere this year. Hopefully we trade some of our older vets for some valuable draft picks and rebuild for the coming years. I know BB would never do this but I kinda wish we'd just tank for Trevor.
  5. With the way Cam is throwing the ball I almost feel like Hoyer might give us a better chance to win... This season sucks.
  6. Newton can't throw for shiz. Our defense is playing well, if we could just get some semblance of an offense we'd be winning this game.
  7. You didn't catch on after the NFL forced the Pats to play the Chiefs only a couple days after Cam Newton tested positive and a bunch of people (including Gilmore) were known to have been in contact with him and very possibly were incubating the virus during that time (and potentially spreading it) ? NFL should have cancelled that game, they didn't. They also denied the Pats access to another locker room area in KC after the Pats voiced concerns over KC's tiny enclosed visitor locker room (which the Pats feared could make spreading the virus easier). It's been painfully obvious the NFL doesn't care at all.
  8. Brady is making his haters so miserable this year. The only argument they had (although still laughable) was that Brady was a product of BB... and Brady goes and destroys that argument this year. They got nothing left, so sad lol.
  9. Patriots TD:INT thru 6 games this season : 3 TD: 11 INT. Oof. 🙃
  10. I'm actually rooting for the Bucs to win it all this year (assuming Pats are not making it).
  11. Patriots offense a severely lacking talent and has been for a while. Brady may have made it look better than it really was but we're getting exposed now. Not necessarily all Cam's fault, we just have no weapons.
  12. Brady actually has far and away more TDs if you include postseason.
  13. I feel happy for him. Definitely still my guy! Btw, he's also far and away the TD leader (and has been for a while) if you include TOTAL TDs (postseason included).
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