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  1. Meh. Hoping for the best but not expecting much tbh. I'll be surprised if he doesn't start on PUP list.
  2. Panthers ink WR Chris Hogan to 1-year deal

    Can't get much separation anymore but you could do much worse for a #3/#4 WR. Best of luck to him tho, he's a cool guy.
  3. Your team relocates, are you still a fan?

    I wouldn't keep supporting the team if the team won't support my hometown. I no longer live in New England but i would still support the new team there if one moved in. If not, I'd jump ship and start supporting the local team where I moved to.
  4. Rebuilding the Patriots

    I would love to get Hockenson, but I doubt he makes it outside the top 10-15. I wouldn't be opposed to trading up in the 1st if he somehow dropped a little.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I have no issue taking Isabella in the 2nd. Don't think he lasts to the end of the 3rd.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I'll be happy with Isabella.
  7. Rebuilding the Patriots

    With Schiano gone, who's left on defensive coaching staff besides BBs son and now Mayo? Coaching staff is almost in worse shape the roster.
  8. Patriots Defensive Coordinator Greg Schiano stepping down

    Don't know if this is true or not since I just read it from some rando on another site but he was saying Schiano might have had some domestic violence incident a couple weeks back... Maybe charges coming down the pipe?
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/26/owners-vote-down-broncos-fourth-and-15-proposal/
  10. Glad it didn't pass. Would have made it way too easy to convert and keep possession. I can just imagine what fans would say if this had passed and the Pats abused the shiz out of it.
  11. Rebuilding the Patriots

    With Gronk's retirement, we now have about $17.5 million in cap space.
  12. Gronk announces retirement

    Do you think the Pats retiring #87 is a given?
  13. Gronk announces retirement

    One of, if not, my favorite Patriot of All-Time. Gonna miss him big time 1st ballot HOF, and no doubt the greatest TE of all time.
  14. Gronk Retires

    GOAT TE. Gonna miss him
  15. Gronk is still an amazing blocking TE.