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  1. No doubt the Bucs scoring early and often affected the Chiefs offensive strategy. Forced them to get away from the run and let Tampa's D tee off against the pass. Complimentary football at its best.
  2. If you think Baker is the guy that will bring Cleveland a championship in the next 10 years, go with him. Else, go with Brady, even if it's only for a season or two. At least you'd get a legitimate shot a SB.
  3. I'd be lying if I said no. It has changed... a little. BB is amazing but he's not good enough to take an average roster and make them contenders without a great QB. Prior to the season beginning, I thought BB might be able to do it... I was wrong. Nothing against BB, if not him then I doubt any HC can do it. I was overrating how much coaching mattered to think it was good enough to take an average roster to the playoffs. I was always of the opinion Brady meant more to us than Belichick, but I also understood Belichick was the GOAT HC. I just think QBs are more important. This year has jus
  4. 1st option: Draft. Get someone like Mac Jones, if available. 2nd option: Trade a late rounder for Jimmy G. 3rd option: Get a stop gap QB until the rest of the roster is rebuilt. Someone like Fitzpatrick or Brisset would be good options.
  5. Based on arm and mobility, Rodgers. But there's so much more to QBing than that. Peyton's leadership imo, is what set him apart from the Rodger's of the world. I'd pick Peyton, if my goal was to win. Of course, some guys are better winners than these two but I won't get into that.
  6. Brady would have done great in San Fran too. They're up there with the Bucs as one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Had Brady stayed with the Pats, best he would have done here is get us a wildcard spot and MAYBE a 1 playoff win... but they would have subsequently gotten slaughtered by the Bills and Chiefs.
  7. After the mugging of the Bills WRs by the Chiefs secondary, the refs were probably on high alert to prevent that from happening again in the SB. Probably why some of the calls seemed a bit ticky-tacky... Refs did the right thing to keep the Chiefs honest. Not the Bucs fault the Chiefs can't cover without grabbing the WRs down the field.
  8. Mahomes already back to work. I have no doubt he's going to multiple SBs in the short term, he's beyond impressive.
  9. Brady getting in Mathieu's face telling him "I'm going after you all game" was savage, think he actually started to get in honey badgers head considering some of the plays he started giving up after that. Keep in mind this was after Mathieu had said something to Brady first. Brady doesn't typically trash talk unless provoked.
  10. Pats fan partying almost as hard as Bucs fans right now. Brady played 20 years for us, we'll always root for him.
  11. That's the sense from people in the know.
  12. Btw, Congrats guys. Been a fun season following you all. As a Pats fan, gotta say thank you Tampa for giving Brady and Gronk another one.
  13. Why is Brady always saying NO back at Leftwhich? lol
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