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  1. What if NE stuck with Vinatieri?

    I love Vinatieri but honestly he was very replaceable. The Pats kicking game didn't miss a beat with Gostkowski.
  2. Name Your Goat Offensive QB/RB/4 WR's/TE

    QB Tom Brady RB Barry Sanders WR Randy Moss WR Larry Fitzgerald Slot Jerry Rice TE Rob Gronkowski
  3. Can't say I love it, but eh BB will make it work I guess. Hopefully the Pats stick to the aggressive play calling from these past few weeks. So much better than the old bend-don't-break philosophy of the Patricia/Pees days.
  4. Incredible win guys. Going to savor this win before I start thinking about the rumors of players retiring. Just hope this ride never ends.
  5. Is the sky blue? Mahomes is the best QB under 30..he's the best QB period, no need for qualifiers. After the year he had I don't know how people can seriously consider anyone else being better right now.
  6. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes wins NFL MVP award

    How the flip did Mahomes not go #1 overall? I'll be honest, I didn't know much about him prior to this year, but seeing him play the way he does I'm amazed he wasn't more hyped coming out of college. This guy will probably win multiples MVPs on his way to the HOF, he's incredible.
  7. Was that Belichick's defensive masterpiece?

    Not sure who the credit goes to (Brian Flores or Belichick) but wow this Pats defense played out of this world in the playoffs. I honestly didn't think that level of play was possible with the talent we have on defense, they all looked like All-Pros out there. Love you Flores, but I hope you don't replicate this defense in Miami next year.
  8. Mahomes is gonna be a $200M QB

    I don't doubt it. He's a once in a generation talent and will be the face of the NFL for the next 15+ years possibly. Dude reminds me of Aaron Rodgers... but better in some regards. He will command $35 mil/yr at minimum.
  9. Unbreakable Record: 8 Consecutive CC Title Games?

    https://patriotsdynasty.info/blog/2019/01-02/myth-easy-afc-east-definitive-guide For the uninformed, since 2000: -The Pats have the same win% against teams outside the division as they do vs AFC East. -The AFC East has the best win% in the NFL by a healthy margin. -Remove the Pats' wins from the AFC East (and also remove the division winner's wins from the other divisions)... and the AFC East still has the most wins of any division in football. Time for a new narrative guys.
  10. Chargers vs Patriots: Divisional Round

    I don't get the challenge. Pats winning this challenge just give the Charges a couple extra yards lol.
  11. Most Overrated/Underrated QB by Players

    Nice to see NFL players still having such respect for Brady, even at his age.
  12. Week 15 GDT

    lol, Pats even getting called on holds on the defensive line. Sad.
  13. Week 15 GDT

    If it's not the refs it's the drops. lol, wtf is going on.
  14. Week 15 GDT

    Hopefully some calls can start going our way in the 2nd half.
  15. Week 15 GDT

    If they overturn this...