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  1. Taylor Lewan signs 5 year, 80 mil

    Really happy with this. I like him as a face of the franchise, weird to say my favourite player on our team is an offensive lineman
  2. The Offseason Thread

    Byard is on NFL total access
  3. Suh Watch

    I really wanted him but at this point I don't even care anymore. It seems like he's going for attention more than anything dragging it out like this being talked about on all the networks every day
  4. Suh Watch

    My bad the article just said brought in. I just scrolled over the headline for the article and it made it look like we signed him
  5. Suh Watch

    I'm sure pamphile and Robinson weren't much money but those signings would lead me to believe the final offer has been made to suh?
  6. The Offseason Thread

    Looks like we signed them both
  7. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I just got myself ok with not landing suh and then this thread comes up, your killing me KingTitan!
  8. Suh Watch

    All the networks are pushing for suh to the rams so hard. Charley casserly just said they have more cap space than us, am I missing something because as far as I know we have a pretty sizable chunk more than them?
  9. Introduce Yourself

    Name: Zac Age: 27 Been a fan since: 1999 City: Fairfield, Maine Job: merchant mariner Favorite Titans: McNair, George, Kearse, Lewan, Mariota, Casey, JRob like so many been following this for about 4-5 years now, decided to finally step in
  10. Suh Watch

    Anyone see suh's new post on Instagram, expecially how he keeps showing his shoes which happened to be titans colors? Could just be wishful thinking on my part but it seemed like he was hinting at something