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  1. Lol! I know the feeling. My bad.
  2. Yes, but they have no starting RT, lost their starting Center, and their LT is coming off a torn ACL. Oline is a huge need. Not as sexy as WR, but it must be addressed. Rodgers won MVP not simply because of Adams, but because of a great OLine.
  3. I'll be in the minority, but while I like both, I like Marshall, Jr. a wee bit more than Bateman. Just see a higher potential ceiling.
  4. I could see them moving up a few spots for CB's Farley or Newsome, OT's Darrisaw or Jenkins, or if a top 10 player like LB Parsons slides. I wouldn't move up for DT Barmore or WR's Bateman or Marshall, Jr., but if one of those three is there at #29, I suppose Gute could surprise and take one of them instead of a CB or OT. (I actually like Marshall, Jr. a wee bit more than Bateman, though I may be in the minority there.) As far as draft depth, I think there are more decent RT prospects than there are Zone boundary CB's, whereas I think RT is now a more pressing need after the King signing. So b
  5. Great post. It may be bias, but if they stay at #29, presuming a CB like Newsome or Farley is already taken, then I would strongly guess they go OT, and unless Tevin Jenkins is on the board, they go with a relatively safe pick (high floor, lower ceiling) like Liam Eichenberg. Now, here's another hypothetical question: say they trade up with the Colts for pick #21. Which player/position would it be for? Even then, I could see it be for an OT just as well as a CB. Can't see it being worth it for any other player/position, unless something inexplicable happens like LB Micah Parsons dropping.
  6. Agree on your assessment. Smooth, strong, body control. Problem for him is that he ran a 4.61 at his Pro Day. But I think he's worth a shot in round 6 or later.
  7. The Draft Network Mock Draft Simulator I'd be surprised if some of these prospects were still on the board when the Packers pick is up, but it was interesting to see how TDN has their Big board. Grain of salt... 29 OT Liam Eichenberg 62 CB Ifeatu Melifonwu 92 DT Alim McNeill 135 WR Dez Fitzpatrick 142 OT/OG Brenden Jaimes 173 WR/RB Demetric Felton 178 DT Bobby Brown III 214 CB Tay Gowan 220 C Michal Menet 256 WR Austin Watkins
  8. Agreed. I think OT has become #1 priority need. (And another C/OG isn't far down the list of needs either). Yet unless the Packers trade up from #29, then who is likely to be left? Seems possible you'd have a choice of Radunz, Mayfield, Christiansen, Little, etc. All 2nd or 3rd tier guys (depending upon how the Packers rate them, which we don't know). I'd rather they trade down a bit from #29 if they intend to target one of these OT with their first pick. I think it may be too much of a reach at #29. (Granted, I don't know Packers Big Board, so they may think differently). Or stay at #29 if a
  9. Brady Christensen tested so well I'd be nervous he doesn't make it to #62. Yes, we need Secondary help. But we also need an OT. If predictions are true, ideal fits like Jenkins and Darrisaw are off the board well before #29. Unless say a 1st tier CB like Farley is still on the board at #29, then I do wonder if they might best trade a bit down from #29 and trade up a bit from #62, so as to secure a 2nd tier CB and OT. I'd be ok with that.
  10. My bad. I didn't mean to suggest that King was a thug. Just that I question his IQ.
  11. Similar with Kevin King, who tested outstanding.
  12. + Love your prioritizing of the OLine over everything else. I mean, I'm as disappointed as everyone else with our 2nd CB position, but for goodness sake, we have THREE positions along the OLine (LT, RT, C) that are question marks heading into next season. Rodgers arguably does not win the MVP without that OLine we had, and had Bak not gone down, it may have been enough to overcome Tampa Bay and get to the SB, if not win it. Yes, yes, we can move the guys we have out of their ideal position of OG to OT and C, but I don't see how that is a longterm answer. After the pro days, potential tar
  13. Hence why solidifying the OLine via draft is as much a priority as the Secondary.
  14. Kool. I lived in England for a few years. Remember watching NFL games on the tele over there at like 1am. I also went to a Scottish Claymores game once.
  15. Chuck Cecil (aka "The Spear") for me.
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