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  1. We remember. Hard to top though the complete choke against Seattle in 2014 playoffs. I still have nightmares. Haha. I'd think LaFleur will have them sufficiently ready--understandably he hates the 49'ers and their HC. But like I said, Barry hasn't earned my confidence yet. They have to contain Deebo. But at least Barry won't have to scheme for a running QB.
  2. Haha. Tis. Will be skiing with my teenage son at Arapahoe Basin. Good distraction.
  3. Well, at least GB knows how the 49'ers can beat them--defensively needing only four to pressure (will Bosa be ready to go?) and offensively a heavy dose of Deebo Samuel--what a weapon. GB needs to match their physical play in the trenches. Can Joe Barry prep the Packers defense sufficiently and rightly? I don't know. Time for a week of fretting to begin. Why do I do this to myself? Haha But, I remember fretting last year before the Packers-Rams playoff game, but that turned out ok.
  4. Yikes. 49'ers scary. But, have to beat the best to be the best.
  5. I hope they can extend Rodgers. But if not, then after trading him and going with Love for a season, if it doesn't pan out, use alot of that draft collateral to draft a top QB prospect high in the draft. Keep doing it until you get it right (gosh darnit!) I mean, what the Packers org has established the past 30 years is that they will prioritize and build around the QB position.
  6. Do people really see a Love trade bringing back even a late 1st at this point? I'd have thought maybe a 2nd at best or a 3rd as likely--which I'd be happy with if it means they keep Rodgers. (Yes, I realize many don't like his personality and controversial opinions, but putting that aside, he still is a top 3 QB and has alot in the tank)
  7. FWIW, I don't think we've seen enough yet of Love--nor in an ideal scenario with all the starters in--to draw definitive conclusions on whether he can or cannot be a sufficient QB for the future after Rodgers. Having said that, I was hoping for more today from a guy in his 2nd year. Just my two cents.
  8. Funny. "Close but no cigar". That summarizes the whole history of the Vikings franchise. Were there more classy, die-hard Vikings fans (when I lived in MN due to job, I encountered a few, but not many), I may be willing to have pity on them all. As things stand, they will continue to root more for the Packers to lose than their Vikings to win. The psyche of an envious step-child or a scorned and bitter ex-wife. Ugly. Having said that, whether the Packers win another SB this year or not, let us be grateful: for our 4x legacy, for having two great QB's in a row, for mostly dominating the divisio
  9. Thing about situations like Jaire I ask myself is whether they will be timid in tackling, whether temporarily until they get over the fear of re-injury or permanently making business decisions to some extent. Deion Sanders was a classic case of the latter.
  10. Haha. Yes it may be. But for the sake of maintaining at least one foot in realism, it helps to have at least one Black Hat in the room. Possible they make it to the SB? Yes, for sure. We hope so. But probable? I don't think so, unless, at very least, these three areas I mentioned show steady improvement (or maybe the +/- of Covid cases on each team is sizably in our favor.)
  11. Actually, I think Dallas is rising and I pick them to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Yes, I love our Packers and hate Dallas, but if I'm betting and putting emotions aside, I do not see them as making to the SB. Weakened OLine, shaky Run Defense, and terrible Special Teams does them in. But hey, I'd love to be wrong and eat crow.
  12. I did watch the replay. He sort of "clapped his hands" at it before it hit his chest and bounced off. Get with Davante.
  13. I did watch the replay. He sort of "clapped his hands" at it before it hit his chest and bounced off. Get with Davante.
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