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  1. This is bull****. I took Friday off work to watch this game.
  2. Good luck with Covid you lot. If you are struggling to breathe, and that can happen really fast, please follow the steps in this video It saved my life.
  3. We had best not lose to a Glennon-led tank machine this weekend.
  4. I didn't think anyone was practicing
  5. Spurs have a sickening chance of winning the whole thing if Man City and Liverpool don't pull their socks up. If Son get's injured I think they are screwed though.
  6. Teams like Leicester need to dominate all the 'smaller' clubs and pick up whatever points they can against the big 6.
  7. Do you have Yorkshire Pudding with your roasts? If you don't, and have never tried it, I implore you to. They are a fantastic side. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/yorkshire_pudding_69240
  8. Tottenham were set up to win the way they did. It's a Mourinho template now. Man City just don't have that steel in their team, although if Guardiola starts Sterling and Foden I think it's a different game. Jesus is not good enough for them either. Villa are Villa and have been batting way above their average so far this season. They'll be lucky to finish in the top half of the table. Everton will probably beat Fulham, but if Fulham keep things tight they could nick a win.
  9. I passed mine first time. I hit the curb on the reverse around the corner, then pulled away from the weird double mini roundabout in Brentwood in third gear. The examiner must have been in a good mood. My brother was so pissed off when I told him.
  10. My family are having Thanksgiving this year for the first time. We're not having turkey though. In the UK that's what EVERYONE has for Christmas dinner. It's not worth the effort at all.
  11. Nick Chubb has no emotions. He's a ******* Terminator spliced with a Cyborg.
  12. Inexplicably we've found a pr more average than Peppers.
  13. If Watson was our QB, would his career have been over already?
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