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  1. Not being able to bank on beating any team is what makes English football better than the other leagues. We probably should have beaten Palace but that young lad from Chelsea did well for his goals. The season is 4 games old. We're 2 points off the top, unbeaten and are 24 hours away from a European match in Zagreb. Palace are sat in Beckenham with the doors and windows locked hoping the locals don't notice them.
  2. Forest and Palace are both ****. We are ******* massive.
  3. Err, we're unbeaten mate.
  4. Don't be silly. He's probably had a tough summer spent on the streets with a needle in his arm whilst eating a battered Mars Bar.
  5. Ups: we did alright. Downs: Only managing the first half. Going to bed knowing we would lose. Dreaming sweet dreams of victory. Waking up to find out the result.
  6. Every one of those teams is complete garbage.
  7. You don't need strict gun laws. You just need to get rid of the guns.
  8. They can spend on salary but not the crazy big transfer fees.
  9. I can see Man U not being an option because of what happened to his dad. Also, I don't think Bayern have access to as much money as the others.
  10. It will be Man City, Chelsea or PSG. Unless the Spanish government underwrite it for Real or if the Catalan banks do the same for Barca.
  11. He's crazy mate. If anything Greenwood, and everyone else including Pogba, will see how a model pro at the very highest level manages his career. I'd be willing to be that he trains harder than almost all of them even though he's about 50.
  12. A nice efficient, German (football) killing machine.
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