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  1. Pep, we gawn **** your boys up tomorrow. Czech mate.
  2. I suppose that's frowned upon in 2021 isn't it.
  3. Sounds legit. I'm in.
  4. Greta Thunberg has an incredibly punchable face.
  5. Don't. She's a complete back to front.
  6. Brutal for the opposition to come up against the Tartan Simeone's Claret and Blue army.
  7. I haven't really played any games in around 15 years. My kids though are obsessed with gaming, and Fortnite in particular, so I decided to play so that I can play with them. I love it. It reminds me of the original Doom and of GoldenEye. I don't spend money on it though. For me that is. The kids get the battlepass and some money for skins every now on then. I did get myself the NFL skins, so I could have the Browns uniforms, as well as the soccer skins, so I could have the West Ham kit. I'm at level 100 but can't build for ****.
  8. Trying to keep us out of Germany. How ironic. In other news, West Ham are once again ******* massive. Come on you eye rons.
  9. only at a knockdown price.
  10. We are ******* massive. Come on you Eye Rons.
  11. I really like Baker. But I'd be interested in Watson.
  12. Teams don't hire British managers when they want new and exciting. It'll be a 13 year old German.
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