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  1. Relationship Advice Thread

    That's what text messages are for.
  2. Take a deep breath

    I hate rollercoasters. Top tip. Don't sit front left on the Jurassic World ride.
  3. Darnold to miss multiple weeks with Mono

    Siemian will be in out faces on Monday. Spraying balls all over the place
  4. Perhaps trying to get some of those yellow flags to be thrown in our favour.
  5. Google says that we call it Glandular fever over here in England.
  6. What does everyone do for a living?

    Me too. Reopen Childerditch please. This is a local thread for local people.
  7. What does everyone do for a living?

    Can we get some more dog poo bins in the park please Hunter? And perhaps legalise weed so I can get some of those cool gummies I had in LA.
  8. Never Ever Forget

    I was shopping for a TV in a place called Dixon's in the UK. I saw the second plane hit across about 50 TV screens.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    And can eat a pomegranate
  10. Take a deep breath

    Obviously I agree with that. I've been in a foul mood this week. I have grown used to not letting results in football, both kinds, not get me down. But the game on Sunday really got to me.
  11. Oi! I literally just put in my last Invisalign
  12. I don't wear a watch, or any other type of jewellery. Nothing restricts me. Other than my wife, the children, the Browns, and West Ham.

    Week 2: Houston Texans Week 1: Seattle