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  1. Lol. Man, 4 is the best age. After 1, 2 and 3. If you find 4 hard you're done for. Quit now. Leave your wife to deal with it.
  2. That's how I ended up being awake at stupid times, watching NFL for the first time, then choosing the Browns. Stupid kids.
  3. Man. I remember sitting down time. Those were good times.
  4. In the UK there is a technicality where your vehicle becomes an ambulance for the purposes of your journey if it is an emergency. The ticket was rescinded and I got a nice letter from them congratulating us on the birth of our lad.
  5. Congratulations mate. I got a speeding ticket on the way to my wife giving birth to our 3rd. Born about half an hour after we got there.
  6. That's the spirit. What have you got?
  7. Perhaps it's Baker who is the problem.
  8. He has to lose all of that to have even a chance of a good year. If he didn't hurt himself this year it might have happened. But he has shown it's in his character to put himself in positions he shouldn't.
  9. if there is no one, wouldn't you prefer another tank job?
  10. I think he's probably earned the final year for judgment to be made. But I do think it will painful for us all again.
  11. Innocent until proven guilty. Over there that means he can pay them all off and be seen as innocent doesn't it?
  12. He has done those things that is true. Don't ever settle just because you're afraid of being alone. Is he the one?
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