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  1. Seager building that trade value. Fun comeback.
  2. Yep. Tommy John recommended for him.
  3. Looked kind of awkward, but not that obvious. Surprised Torrens realized that quickly.
  4. Guess Montero can look like that too... Should be a fun season. I expect we'll be mediocre to bad, but this team will be a lot more interesting to watch then the other bad teams we've had over the last 10-15 years. A few interesting pieces to follow as we wait for our top prospects to arrive and whatever free agents we're going to bring in over the next couple years. The bats I believe are the most important to our future in order are: 1. Evan White 2. Ty France 3. Kyle Lewis 4. Taylor Trammell Hope to see positives from them this year.
  5. With the way Montero has been this spring + opening day he probably will be at some point.
  6. ^Yep, looks good. Kept reading people saying he profiled better as a power reliever, but he's mixing in a bunch of decent pitches. Will be interesting to see how he does over a full season.
  7. Yeah, really the only thing holding him back. As talented as he is I have to think they are going to decline his option years at this rate.
  8. Yeah not a good look... Bet he resigns within the week.
  9. Yeah, a CB at 6 this year would be awful. No reason to reach on a need when the team has so many holes. Don't think either of the top guys are worth a top 10 pick either.
  10. Happy to have him back. Good buy low signing too. If he stays healthy we can flip him for a prospect or maybe sign him to a 2-3 year extension. Would be nice to have guys like him and Marco as we break Gilbert, Hancock, & Kirby into the rotation. I like the Giles pickup too.
  11. Sure, some teams aren't spending which is slowing the process to a crawl. I just mean guys like Realmuto, Springer, Hendricks are getting the contracts they deserve.
  12. Pretty solid deal for both sides. A lot of complaining about cheap owners this offseason, but the guys signing are getting paid. Good to see. Just need the process to speed up...
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