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  1. And 1 step forward again.😄
  2. Yeah, can't believe we were all so pissed at the time of the deal. Ended up an amazing trade.
  3. I don't know how we ended up being the third best team in the division... Love seeing Marco pitch well. He's one of the few "vets" who should be a relatively long-term piece on the team.
  4. Not counting White; I'd go: 1. OF Jarred Kelenic 2. OF Julio Rodriguez 3. RHP Logan Gilbert 4. RHP Emerson Hancock 5. OF Taylor Trammell 6. RHP George Kirby 7. SS Noelvi Marte 5-7 is pretty close though TBH. Yeah, kind of sucks he got hurt. Don't really like him as a player, but a team may have given something (still possible I guess) if he hadn't gotten injured.
  5. Full trade: That is a incredible return for the M's... Adams is good, but a reliever... and nobody will miss Altavilla.
  6. Full Padres deal is apparently Nola, Adams, Altavilla for Trammell, Torrens, France, and Munoz. Pretty sick deal for a rebuilding team. If only the tank gets back on track and we lock up a top 3 pick.
  7. Bat first catcher with position flexibility. Offense isn't a total fluke IMO. I don't think he is worth a top 75 prospect, but I guess the Padres overlooked his age and put a lot of value on his years of control.
  8. Don't love Trammell, but can't really complain about that. Curious to see the rest of the deal.
  9. I really like Nola, but this would be a great sell high if "highly regarded" isn't hyperbole. Nola is a solid player, who would be very valuable if he were 4-5 years younger. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update:
  10. That was something from Josh Hader...
  11. The Rangers are really bad...
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