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  1. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    ^Done Updated List: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/53211/draftresults?drafttab=team
  2. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Changed. Anybody who wants to swap anything needs to let me know by Friday. Anything after that is a no go.
  3. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Done Yeah, it'll be tight for me too so I bumped it back 15 minutes in case I get stuck in traffic or something. I think us 2 and @Meco are the only 3 living in the west so it should hopefully be fine for everybody else.
  4. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Draft Pool: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/53211/players?&sort=OR&sdir=1&status=A&pos=B&stat1=S_S_2017&jsenabled=1 Keepers: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/53211/draftresults
  5. Well the reaction to trading for Bennett wasn't 100% positive. (see the thread on here) But the main difference is that he could be an impact player, so he may be worth whatever distraction he may or may not bring. Reid is nothing special. Even if the risk he brings is small or possibly not existent; it's entirely unnecessary.
  6. Locker room would be fine. Just not worth bringing in a guy to sit on the bench during the game, kneel during the anthem, and bring unnecessary media attention.
  7. He's not that bad, but is it really worth it to bring in a guy like him as a backup? Plenty of guys in FA and the draft who don't have the baggage.
  8. I think we're better off with a worse option who's focused solely on football and not making political statements tbh.
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    This spring has been brutal injury wise. Sucks to see after a disappointing offseason.
  10. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Draft order for anybody wondering: 1. Jroc 2. ninja 3. Remix 4. Nabbs 5. Meco 6. Hockey 7. E27 8. Roll
  11. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Go to your team and click keepers. Check the boxes of the 6 you want to keep and click set keepers at the bottom. If you can't get it to work just post them here and I'll do it for you.
  12. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Yes, @ninjapirate filled the empty team. Keeper deadline is Sunday, but if you post any changes here after the deadline I'm fine with changing it. Nothing within 48 hours of the draft though. Draft will be set for Monday, March 26 @ 7:15 PM EST. This seems to be the best chance to get everybody here, so that's what we'll go with.
  13. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    I can do anything after 7 PM EST on M-TH but will be working earlier. Weekdays ok with you guys? Probably going to have to keep the current time if anybody cant make that.
  14. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    I can't do anything later than 2pm unless it's a lot later like 8 or 9 pm EST. Would that be problem with anybody? If it is I'll probably just leave it for the Saturday and hope Jroc finds a way to make it.
  15. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    Such a tsundere... Posey was the only player on your team the last year you played, but I'm pretty sure it was your team too. PM your e-mail for the invite.