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  1. Seattle Mariners Thread

    12-2 to start the year. Wonder what the odds were on that...
  2. Seattle Mariners Thread

  3. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Would rather see him on the bench once he cools off TBH. Gonna need the best defense we can get with our pitching. Mallex needs be out in CF more often than not.
  4. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Edwin Encarnacion just hit 2 homers in the same inning.
  5. Seattle Mariners Thread

    This lineup has been ridiculously good...
  6. Seattle Mariners Thread

  7. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Good start for our better prospects. Dunn, Gilbert, and Swanson all pitched well. Kelenic was the only one of our top bats who was hit-less.
  8. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Swarzak looked decent. Going to need at least a couple decent arms in the pen or these late innings are going to be really painful this year.
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    I think he'll get at least a few starts. Probably moves to the pen eventually anyway once Sheffield is called up.
  10. Seattle Mariners Thread

    ^Yeah, this is an interesting start to say the least. Would be 6-0 without the BP ****-show the other day.
  11. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Super lucky to get out of that. Not that I have any expectations for the team this season, but the bullpen is definitely going to be a problem.
  12. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, this is a pretty crazy start to the year. Santana may end up being a really nice trade piece going forward too once Lewis/Kelenic are ready.
  13. Devils Top Prospects 2019 Preseason-Top Prospects 75-51

    Surprised to see someone outside of the M's fan base so high on Rodriguez. His size doesn't seem like much of concern anymore. Getting glowing reviews for his work ethic and conditioning. I know when he signed some reports anticipated him growing out of the OF into a potential 1B/DH. Still tempering expectations until he hits outside of the DSL though.
  14. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    5 bombs off Red Sox pitching... Not a bad start.
  15. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, I was surprised we didn;t move him. Was worried he may not perform as well and decrease his value, but this was a pretty good start for him too.