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  1. A little surprised at how low a priority Hicks seems to be in this thread. Injuries are obviously a concern, but he's still a good player who will be 27 at the start of next season. I'd definitely prioritize Hicks over any of the other defensive free agents we have. Sign Hicks and re-build the d-line in the draft IMO.
  2. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    You started a thread saying Machado signed with the Yankees without an actual source. Even if it ends up being true, don't start a thread until an agreement is reached.
  3. Congrats @Nabbs4u. Ended up not even being close.
  4. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Seems like a reasonable deal for both teams. Brewers get a quality 4th OF with service time and an option. Mariners gamble on Santana's upside. He'll have a couple years to prove himself with a lot of AB's on a bad team.
  5. Yeah... not seeing it that way at all. Especially if Gurley, Miller, and Ebron are out/limited.
  6. Yankees Will Probably Re-Sign J.A. Happ

    No politics.
  7. Mariners trade Jean Segura to Phillies

    So DiPoto even threw in a power lefty reliever who isn't even arbitration eligible yet... No way to sugarcoat this. Terrible deal.
  8. Mariners trade Jean Segura to Phillies

    Bigger deal than reported I guess. Not expecting much from that prospect if Swarzak is going the other way.
  9. Mariners trade Jean Segura to Phillies

    Nothing confirmed, but the guy saying it is their beat writer.
  10. Mariners trade Jean Segura to Phillies

    Yeah, M's writer was saying Crawford + Santana for Segura + 1 other Mariner. Sounds like it's going to be pretty awful for Seattle.