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  1. I don't think many Mariners fans believe our team is good enough to win a championship anytime soon. Plus with some big contracts and a poor farm system, the odds we get to that level are pretty low. A playoff appearance or two would likely satisfy most of our fan base.
  2. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 10)

    The team is pretty good to be fair. All I had to do was keep healthy players on the roster and it ended up being somewhat competitive.
  3. Another NL Central match-up. One of only 2 divisions that remain competitive. Fri- Lackey vs Martinez Sat- Hendricks vs Wacha Sun- Quintana vs Lynn The Cards have been on the outside looking in most of the year. Can they make a late push and sneak into the playoffs? @Apollo Stallion, @CWood21, @DavidatMIZZOU, @JonStark, @kgarrett12486, @KiD_Wisdom, @Sugashane, @ttitansfan4life, @tttmikeb, @XSsoCX, @yoinesh123, @holt_bruce81, @StLunatic88, @MOSteelers56, Another tough divisional series for the Cubs. How confident are you that the Cubs will be able to keep this lead the rest of the way? @anonymousGM, @base615, @Bear Down, @Blazer026, @Breesus mode, @CBears019, @G08, @hrubes20, @iPwn, @Its A Sabotage, @Lions017, @oldman9er, @packerrfan74, @Raider87, @Superman(DH23), @TITANSEATPEOPLE, @Titansfan_13, @whodatworm23
  4. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Zunino and Haniger playing well to end the year. Need them to keep hitting like this next year.
  5. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    No doubter from my point of view.
  6. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, he's a quality #4. Season may have been different if we had him for the entire year. So many games that were just automatic losses because of our starting pitching.
  7. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    16 straight wins for the Indians...
  8. Will the Dodgers break single season wins record?

    And the only thing of note the M's have ever accomplished is safe for another season.
  9. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    Decent night I'd say.
  10. Series of the Week: Brewers @ Cubs

    First week of the NFL season, so we'll see how this goes. Two of the most active fan bases we have here though.
  11. Series of the Week: Brewers @ Cubs

    We'll go with an interesting NL Central match-up this week. Fri - Nelson vs Lackey Sat - Anderson vs Montgomery Sun - Davies vs Hendricks The Brewers are still hanging in the race, but a rough series could end their playoff hopes. How confident are you guys going into this? @bkobow05, @Boondoggle, @CentralFC, @ChaRisMa, @Cheesehead430, @Chiefs_5627, @crkone, @domonz, @fattlipp, @jake1962, @Ketchup, @MathMan, @ramssuperbowl99, @SplashDive, @stallyns, @titanrick, @titans0021 After 3 straight losses, the Cubs took the last two against the Pirates to split the series. How do Cubs fans feel their team is playing going into the post-season. Are the Cubs a serious threat to win back-back world series titles? @Adrenaline_Flux, @anonymousGM, @base615, @Bear Down, @Blazer026, @Breesus mode, @CBears019, @G08, @HyponGrey, @hrubes20, @iPwn, @Its A Sabotage, @Lions017, @oldman9er, @packerrfan74, @Raider87, @Superman(DH23), @TITANSEATPEOPLE, @Titansfan_13, @whodatworm23
  12. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, the K's aren't going to go away, but if he hits for power and gets on base at an acceptable rate he's very valuable.
  13. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    Yes The time is adjusted for whatever time zone you're in.
  14. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Good first start for Leake. Should be a good fit going forward.
  15. Series of the Week: Nationals @ Brewers

    He kind of is one this year.