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    Too late... At least Cruz, Segura, & Haniger should hopefully be back by the weekend.
  2. Seattle Mariners Thread

    And now Haniger is hurt...

    Cano suspended Dee Gordon on the DL Nelson Cruz out with injury and now Mitch Haniger gets hurt...
  4. Seattle Mariners Thread

    No Cano, Cruz, or Gordon in the lineup now... Getting ridiculous.
  5. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Nice to win a couple games we didn't really deserve to. Happy to see after the games the BP has been blowing this year. Hopefully we can have a nice stretch over the next 10 against some mediocre-bad teams before the schedule starts looking rough for a while.
  6. Seattle Mariners Thread

    1 man bullpen not getting it done. Shocking.
  7. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Not for the remainder of the year, but he'll probably play there quite a bit while Cano is suspended. No way they can justify playing Beckham over the OF's for 80 games.
  8. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, I was excited looking at the schedule thinking we could go on a run here playing bad teams. Then that happened... Hopefully he's back in 4-6 weeks.
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Nicasio quickly becoming one of my most hated Mariners in recent memory.
  10. James Paxton no hits the Blue Jays

    James will have to thank Kyle Seager for saving that one for him in the 7th.
  11. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Only saw the last 3 innings, but Paxton was amazing again. Threw a no hitter and I'm not sure he pitched better than last week tbh.
  12. James Paxton no hits the Blue Jays

    Hits 100 mph in the 9th. Follows up 16 K's with a no hitter.
  13. James Paxton no hits the Blue Jays

    Through 8.
  14. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, been pretty good after a terrible start. Would have sucked if we dropped the first two with Ohtani pitching tomorrow. Glad we pulled that one out.