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  1. Gerrit Cole traded to the Astros

    Buyers market this year... Nice pickup for the Astros.
  2. Seattle Mariners Thread

    And probably not ending anytime soon...
  3. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    Thanks. It was definitely a close match-up. Luckily Gurley went nuts again this week.
  4. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    You too. Should be a good match-up.
  5. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Hard to imagine them not adding a starter. The question is what kind of guy we're going to sign. I think Darvish/Arrieta are pretty unlikely, but there's a non-zero chance. Lynn/Cobb make sense depending on the price. Vargas would be nice to eat some innings. Current rotation looks ugly though... Paxton Leake Felix Erasmo Miranda -->Iwakuma/Moore/Gonzales/Albers (decent depth) We're probably better off signing 2 mid-tier guys and hoping they perform well for 1-2 years. Push Erasmo to the pen and Miranda to Tacoma as the 6th starter. Signing Cobb + Vargas + 1 more reliever would probably be the best route IMO.
  6. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Good pickup. Now grab a SP and hope for the best I guess. Though maybe grabbing another good reliever and hoping an elite BP is enough is an option too. Wouldn't be surprised if the FO doesn't want to add another decent sized contract after missing out on Ohtani.
  7. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Felix and Cano are pretty much unmovable. Dipoto has been overly-aggressive in trading away prospects and it has backfired big time now. The moves themselves aren't all terrible, but we're probably not even going to get a playoff appearance out of them. A re-build is probably the best course for the future of the franchise, but we're probably locked into being mediocre for the next 2-3 years. Hopefully if they don't overachieve this year and sneak into a WC spot; the club gives up on this group next offseason. We could still re-stock the farm by trading Paxton, Seager, Segura, & Diaz.
  8. Seattle Mariners Thread

    We're pretty screwed to be honest. Dipoto has traded most of the farm and will have nothing to sow for it but a third place team with a bunch of overpriced players.
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Hopefully. Things are pointing in our direction, but him picking someone else would be the most Mariners thing ever. This franchise loves to raise our hopes and then mercilessly crush them.
  10. Seattle Mariners Thread

    It's a risky deal, but if Gordon is decent in CF I really like this deal. I like Niedert, but I think swapping him straight up for Gordon is fair. Torres for the 1 million is probably fine as well. Never heard of Dugger. If Ohtani doesn't sign after all this it will be pretty devastating. A lot of speed at the top of the lineup now which should be fun to watch. CF Gordon SS Segura 2B Cano DH Cruz 3B Seager RF Haniger 1B Healy LF Gamel C Zunino Still hopefully enough money to add 1 SP in free agency too. Vargas, Chacin, Tillman, Hellickson, etc. Someone like that probably would be fine.
  11. Marlins trade Dee Gordon to the Mariners

    @KhanYouDigIt terrible deal in hindsight, but I don't recall too many people thinking it was a bad deal at the time. Worst case scenario injury wise. Though Smyly and Simmons were both injury risks, so the end result is still on Dipoto.
  12. Marlins trade Dee Gordon to the Mariners

    Pretty risky deal. If Gordon can play a decent CF I think this works out pretty well. Still, probably would have been better off trading Torres for the 1 million and re-signing Dyson. Don't mind trading Niedert. Nice prospect, but upside seems somewhat limited and he doesn't have much projection left either. Torres is a lottery ticket, and I've never even heard of Dugger.
  13. Not really any prospects worth 2.5 million at this point. Kind of worried about this tbh. Is the extra million a deal breaker for Ohtani now? Seems like maybe both teams could be on the outside looking in and are making a move in desperation.
  14. I don't think the M's are currently being run poorly tbh. Dipoto has been hit or miss on trades, but he clearly has a direction in mind for the team, and has somewhat fixed the depth and defense issues that plagued us when Jack Z was here.
  15. Seattle Mariners Thread

    I'm not anywhere near ready to say we have an 80% chance, though I'm trying to hold back my excitement at this point. This could be a franchise altering signing if it happens. There was a report last week that said he didn't want to sign in a market with an established Japanese star, so I'm a little worried he's leaning towards the Giants/Padres.