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    See... Just a normal game for Astros fans.

    Would it really be baseball for you without the closer blowing a lead?

    The Mariners are definitely going to blow the Wild Card if they don't add a starting pitcher.
  4. Seattle Mariners Thread

    With the all-star break coming hopefully he won't miss a start. Need to trade for a starter soon though.
  5. Seattle Mariners Thread

  6. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Yeah, looks like Jerry did well in the O'Neil trade after all. Seems we may not get too many more starts from him this year though: So probably 6-8 more starts before he is shutdown.
  7. All-Star Rosters Announced

  8. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Trash Leake decided to show up today.
  9. All-Star Rosters Announced

    Haniger shouldn't have made it. He's cooled off after a hot start. Segura or Paxton deserved it more if a third Mariner was going to make it. Having Paxton over Berrios and Rosario over Haniger would have made more sense.
  10. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Probably, but we're much better defensively with Dee at 2B. Also means less AB's for Gamel.
  11. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Bedrosian didn't even throw a pitch over the plate in that AB. Terrible. Will be interesting to see what they do with Cano. TBH the best place to use him is at 1B, but I don't know if he'd be willing to move off second.
  12. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    The O's waited too long to trade Machado. I think Mejia and some org. filler gets it done.
  13. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Yeah, not seeing Whitley/Tucker as a realistic ask for a reliever. 2 top 5, maybe 3 top 10 prospects from their system could get it done IMO.
  14. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Good news & bad news on the prospect side today. We signed 1 of the top IFA prospects. #7 on MLB.com #4 on BA #9 on Fangraphs Noelvi Marte This is one of the more exciting power hitters in the class. Marte has thunderous, pull-side power that should be plus at peak, perhaps more. He has a long, slow leg kick that doesn't add much right now as most of Marte's power comes from pure hand speed and strength. With broad, tapered shoulders and a sizeable lower half, he body comps to Jonathan Schoop. His size prohibits projection at shortstop on its own, and Marte's hands and arm are also problemtatic. Realistically, he projects to third base. He has the raw power to profile there comfortably if he hits. but Sam Carlson had TJ surgery... https://www.instagram.com/p/BkvbdexAtgq/?utm_source=ig_embed Been a terrible year for his development. Spent the whole season rehabbing just to have TJ anyway. Won't see him until 2020, and probably not in the majors until at least 2024.
  15. The 2018 July 2 Thread

    So was that report about all the failed drug tests confirmed false? Saw Law tweet about it, and no other mentions from anyone else.