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  1. Betts & Yelich win MVP awards

    https://bbwaa.com/18-al-mvp/ https://bbwaa.com/18-nl-mvp/ No surprises here.
  2. deGrom & Snell win Cy Young Awards

    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/11/blake-snell-jacob-degrom-win-cy-young-awards.html deGrom was an easy choice. A little surprised Snell won, but he did have that shiny ERA.
  3. Yeah, this defense needs a major overhaul this offseason...
  4. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I think this definitely points to the Mariners trading Paxton. Trading guys approaching free agency and likely not re-signing Cruz as well. 2-3 years overhauling of the roster rather than a full rebuild appears to be the direction.
  5. Seattle Mariners Thread

    So apparently the FO is considering a tear down to some degree. Paxton, Zunino, & Segura rumored to possibly be on the block. I wouldn't mind a rebuild at this point, but I hope they don't half *** it. Trade Diaz & dangle Haniger as well. If a team is willing to pay a high price trade them, and if not hold only until some team makes a good offer.
  6. WR Golden Tate to the Eagles for a 3rd

    Not thrilled with giving up a 3rd, but Tate is a good addition. The team has played poorly, but the playoffs are easily in reach with 2 games left against the Skins. I doubt many of us thought we could win the SB with Foles last year, so any chance with Wentz at QB is worth going for. The schedule the rest of the way is no cake walk though, so hopefully it doesn't end up being a waste.
  7. Goedert needs to play more. No idea why Perkins is ever on the field over him.
  8. Sullivan took a helmet to the face during the celebration.
  9. Good response by the defense. Need to start running the ball or the Jags are going to tee off on Wentz .