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  1. Don't see why we can't. Just have to overpay. (Cano)
  2. Did they change the rules and ban throws past the line of scrimmage?
  3. Should have been a TD to Smith on third down. Hurts needs to fire that in quicker.
  4. For sure. Wonder how that performance changes things for a guy like Tyler Anderson too. Probably a guy we would be interested in this offseason to retain/add, but after blowing 2 games late to the Angels it kind of feels odd to bring him back. Seager is def gone as you said, and guys like White/Sheffield/Dunn may be on the roster bubble next year. Not sure about options for the last 3, but I don't see where they fit at the moment. (Assuming we add a couple bats/arms)
  5. Colts beat the Dolphins and Wentz plays fairly well. About the best result possible from that game.
  6. Anderson choking. Terrible error there.
  7. Gets the double play. Could have been a season ending inning.
  8. Crumbling under the pressure...
  9. Man... Marco can't afford to walk guys. Too big a risk of him getting hit and that turns into an added run.
  10. Mariners win again... Have to sweep the Angels now too if we want a chance.
  11. I really don't like Castillo...
  12. Sounds like Brash is going to pitch in relief today. Anderson starting on short rest. This was supposed to be Kikuchi's start, so have to assume this means they are done with him. Could pitch again when we are eliminated, but I don't see how they exercise his option now.
  13. I could see it if he's still hurt, but I doubt they outright bench him to protect the pick too. Just need him to get through 13 games. Looking at the schedule; they will probably be around 5 wins. No way they can bench him at that point with the division probably still within reach.
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