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  1. Jones & the Pats look like trash to start. Not good for the Dolphins pick.
  2. Not a lot to complain about outside of the penalties. Fun way to start the year.
  3. 3 first round picks on defense sounds good.
  4. Kikuchi's option better be declined...
  5. Kelenic smashed that mistake. Flashes like that are why I'm not super worried about the struggles. Needs to cleanup the approach, but the tools will clearly play in the majors. His hit tool was supposed to be his carrying attribute, so he'll turn it around next year.
  6. Phillips dominating today too.
  7. Abraham Toro with a grand slam off Kendall Graveman.😄
  8. ^Yeah, sucks because the A's are struggling and we could have passed them for 2nd in the division. Not too surprising though. We will have to address this in the offseason + Kirby, Hancock, Williamson, & Brash will all be knocking on the door next year.
  9. Still early but Castillo is giving me Alex Colome vibes...
  10. Yeah, its pretty ridiculous. Thought that ball France hit was a double for sure.
  11. Kirby wasn't apparently promoted to AA as well. 😄
  12. Hancock promoted to AA. Surprised he went before Kirby.
  13. That was worse than I thought from Lewis. Overall a weak main card for me. Francis vs Gane should be interesting though.
  14. ^Yeah, nice to see him and Hancock both back. Just want to see them start to get stretched out a bit. Marte is having a monster start to August. Becoming the clear #2 guy in the system now. (Going to consider Raleigh as a graduate) 1. J-Rod 2. Marte 3. Kirby 4. Hancock 5. Ford
  15. Yeah, Bryant or Correa (🤢) seem like the best fits to add to the lineup. I'd probably keep Mitch and look to sign 1 or 2 starters depending on what they do with Kikuchi. Flip Haniger at the deadline if we fall out of the race.
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