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  1. I see now. I gotcha. I 100% agree. The "and decided to play like it" came off as "he finally decided to play hard."
  2. This post insinuates that Goldman takes plays off. What I think happened was he developed a pass rush arsenal of moves and unleashed them on the league in December
  3. In his photo for the Bears photo shoot, he definitely looks more cut
  4. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    Patricia was on GMFB today and he's playing the "I'm happy no one is talking about us" card. Give me a break, clown. They're talking about your team alright.. to have another under .500 year
  5. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    I disagree with you about Miami. Besides Howard and Tunsil, their roster blows. Obviously Drake is decent and M.Fitzpatrick and Rosen have a ton of potential, but outside of that, they'll be playing for a top 5 pick. Baltimore leaves a lot to be desired imo. They can sure run the ball but we saw what happens when a team game-plans for it how the Chargers did.
  6. Bears Offseason Tracker

  7. Chase Daniel NFL's Highest Paid Backup

    And if they would've done so everyone would've freaked out, both for 1) thinking a pick was wasted and 2) thinking the FO doesn't believe in Trubisky, because, well Chicago
  8. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    It's more like 75% of first rounders miss but then again our opinions of "miss" may be different. Regardless I would've been ok with the Bears taking Gary in the high 20's, but at 12? Meh. I hope we're right
  9. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    I'm speaking in regards to the majority of the GB fan base, similarly to how you believe you're speaking to the majority of this fan base. I would bet that most of us don't believe Gary should've went round 2 but thankfully you came in here to discuss this My goodness I've never seen a 1st round pick this polarizing. Who cares? We'll all know what kind of player he is by week 17 in 2020. For now it's all just guessing and I'd prefer to stop caring until some games are played, but if you all want to continue to argue over the royalty that is Gutekunst, be my guest
  10. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    Kind of like Mack ending up on the Bears means it was a dumb trade? Grow up.
  11. Debating the ‘Value’ Of David Montgomery

    Since Pace and only a few other GM's consistently find decent players from the 4th and on, now fans value them like they do diamonds. Ridiculous
  12. Sure I could, but we're talking about a UDFA. I know some of these guys pan out but the vast majority don't, and the Bears' window is 2019, 2020 and perhaps 2021. Gabriel was really good last year all things considered and figures to be again this year. It's fun to talk about UDFA's but considering Hall will most likely suck, I'm going to hold off on the idea of cutting Gabriel for the guy. I'll cross that bridge in the unlikely event that it comes.
  13. Debating the ‘Value’ Of David Montgomery

    Jeremiah had Hall and Raymond on his all-UDFA team
  14. League 2019 off season

    Check out the Bears app and IG for some photos from their photoshoot. Pretty bada** photos
  15. Because he signed an older receiver to a 2 year deal, used a fourth round pick on a possession receiver and took a UDFA flier on a mediocre yet fast receiver?