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  1. But they might want to deal Alex Mack for a pick, and I'd do that if I was Pace
  2. Well he's 110% better than Foles, come on, but yeah with the cost it'd make the trade useless for the Bears
  3. Can the Bears rattle Goff, similarly to 2018? After a quiet game vs SF, will Donald terrorize the weak iOL of the Bears?
  4. Did you find it with the time slot I gave you?
  5. Not one person, sane or not, would say Soldier Field
  6. The Rams seemingly go soft against hard nosed teams. The Niners played their balls off on Sunday and made the Rams O look terrible. The Bears are playing as nasty as any team this year. Not sure the Bears win, but they certainly have a good chance
  7. I could've swore it was the 4th quarter. It was around the Bears 40-45 yard line and it was a 3rd and 2 or something. Carolina ended up converted on 4th down. Maybe it wasn't Mack? Maybe I'm delusional and saw it in my dreams? I usually record the games and rewatch but with a newborn I haven't done that this year due to lack of time. EDIT- I looked at my text messages and I texted my brother about it at 2:28 pm, so maybe the 3rd quarter?
  8. Anybody catch Mack's TFL on the Panthers drive late in the game or even have a video/GIF? He quite honestly threw the OT and stuffed Davis.
  9. I thought McClendon would be a nice DL move but Tampa already got him
  10. He may not have yesterday but 6 teams in 6 years likely speaks to the fact that he isn't good at all
  11. I'm not usually a blame the refs guy, but that flag was horrific especially considering that the Robinson one wasn't flagged. It also frustrated me that the (bad) FOX crew kept thinking it was Mack who maybe tipped it, meanwhile the player in question was Nichols and therefore we never got a replay. Trevathan also tweeted postgame about the refs, so it's actually kind of refreshing to see a few of the tenured bada$$es of the team take a stand & not care about an incoming fine (most likely).
  12. the OL Pace has taken have either been good or terrible. It's no coincidence that the ones he has drafted higher are better than Hambright, Simmons, Grasu, etc. I just wish he would take an OT high for once
  13. I don't think he's a college level head coach, but he might be a college level play caller
  14. It would ideally be a fireable offense for the entire front office.. ENTIRE
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