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  1. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    The Bears have the better secondary, linebackers, RB’s, and OL. MIN’s DL is better as a whole. Trubisky and Cousins are playing equal. The Vikings’ two top receivers are better but the Bears, imo, are deeper there. Bears 27-23
  2. What to do with Bryce Callahan

    That’s exactly what I said
  3. What to do with Bryce Callahan

    Floyd fits the scheme. He just hasn’t produced. Howard doesn’t fit the scheme and also hasn’t produced. I believe that’s why people are discussing Howard.
  4. What to do with Bryce Callahan

    IIRC, Floyd isn’t a free agent until March 2020.
  5. Cody Parky

    The issue with “we’ll get back to it next week” is we’ve been saying this every week with this guy. He missed from 45 in a dome in Arizona. He missed from 53 in the heat & humidity against the Dolphins. He missed from 41 in the wind on a damp field against the Jets. And now, he missed 4 times on a sunny and cold day. The last 3 misses yesterday were in the endzone that I sit in. After the first miss yesterday, I said to my brother “he keeps aiming middle/right. Aim more middle/left.” Nope, he kept doing the same, stupid kick every time and it kept missing the exact same way. What’s the definition of insanity again? Maybe, just maybe, he isn’t that good of a kicker.
  6. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Robinson spun the ball on one of his TD’s. However, Nagy said today that when Miller spun the ball, it apparently hit the ref in the leg. He said Miller has to stop doing that or get better at spinning it with a grin.
  7. Lions @ Bears GDT

    I guess you missed my edit. By the way, if you read the article, he says that he spoke to Trubisky after the game via phone which is when he said it, NOT in the press conference.
  8. Lions @ Bears GDT

    The quote actually IS in the article: His self-critiques happen without paying attention to external critiques. Asked about the harsh assessment of his play from former NFL executive Mike Lombardi, Trubisky initially said, “I’m not sure who that is.” Trubisky then said that he liked the fact that his teammates came to his defense. However, you’re right. Not sure what Florio is saying. He never “initially” said anything.
  9. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Trubisky to PFT on the criticism from Lombardi: “I’m not sure who that is.”
  10. Lions @ Bears GDT

    As I posted during the game, I’ll never understand the “well, they can’t cut him because he’s owed a lot.” You can either pay him to get the hell out of town or you can pay him to hurt your organization’s chances to win football games. I’d much rather pay him to leave if he’s a detriment to the team, and at this stage, he’s been nothing short of pathetic all year long.
  11. NFC North 2018 Thread

    There is a 0% chance of this happening
  12. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I just came in here to say this. How the hell did Osweiler put up 31 on the Bears? The guy literally has no clue where the ball is going everytime he throws it.
  13. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Agree x3 Robinson did the same thing when he scored and they didn’t throw a flag.
  14. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Mack is an absolute star. What he did to Decker on that sack was a felony
  15. Lions @ Bears GDT