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  1. (when I first read this, I read too quickly and thought you said Dan Campbell. That guy better figure it out or his *** will be the strength and conditioning coach for a division 2 school next year) I haven't read that anywhere. In fact with how Campbell lets recruits come to him, LSU may not be the spot for him. I'd love for him to the Bears coach. All business, delegates to coordinators, players love playing for him I think Jimbo Fisher and Mel Tucker are the favorites there
  2. Chark, JJSS, Sutton, Godwin, Gallup or even Tim Patrick would all be 5-12M cheaper than the 20M Robinson allegedly wants, although the first 3 have availability issues
  3. He played a few snaps vs LV too. Ogletree is just a better player right now. I'm assuming they'll keep using him in this role in the event Ogletree or Smith get hurt, but that's about it
  4. They held Rodgers to under 200 passing yards. They gave up 17 through 3.5 quarters. I'm sick and f***ing tired of asking the D for clutch plays. Maybe one of these years the offense can make a clutch f***ing play
  5. Receivers aren't open. They went away from the run. The TE's suck hard. Wilkinson is crap. Playcalling is horrendous. It's crap.
  6. It all sucks. This is crap. They have 7 points in 3 quarters
  7. Swell. Another game where the D will have to make a big play. #BearDown
  8. Oh good, the Bears O is still absolute garbage. If I'm GB, I stack the box and force these idiotic playcallers to design something smart & the bad WR's to finally get open. Fields has to be a lot better
  9. Mack is active but he never came out for warmups whatsoever He just did
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