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  1. Watson and Kamara

    With Nagy using Hill so much in KC, this kind of **** is exactly why I predicted Cohen to be #2 on the team in catches.
  2. Watson and Kamara

    Yeah, something tells me if Cohen had the Saints' outside weapons + their established offensive system, he would have been right up there with Kamara.
  3. NFC North 2018 Thread

    No, this part: "Take Rodgers off that team and they’re a bottom 25% NFL roster IMO."
  4. Prop bets: What do you think?

  5. Prop bets: What do you think?

    Kevin White’s going to be 2nd on the team in receiving, Howard’s going to run for under 1k yards, Trubisky’s going to throw more picks than the Bears D will have and Robinson’s not going to have 875 yards yet they’ll somehow win 8+ games?
  6. Prop bets: What do you think?

    I dont know Vegas odds. Just making these up in car cuz I’m bored traveling. I’d look them up, but battery is about to die Howard over under 1100 yards rushing? Under. This team is going to be almost 50/50 in run/pass for the first few weeks, but once MT gets comfortable, it'll be a predominantly a passing offense. Plus, Howard's gotten his *** kicked for 2 years now. I can see him missing a few games. Over under 7.5 wins? I'm going to say over. They'll beat Green Bay once, Detroit once, Seattle, Tampa Bay, NYJ, NYG, Miami, and Arizona. Allen over under 875 yards receiving? I'm assuming you mean Allen Robinson. I think that'll be an easy over. He'll finish with 1,138 yards. More INTs MT or Bears D? Trubisky. This offense is very difficult to pick up, and it's been publicized that the offense typically takes 2-3 years to master. I think he finishes with 28 touchdowns and 13 INT's. Who will be 2nd leading receiver? Cohen finishes with the most catches. Robinson finishes with the most yards. Burton is second in both categories. Floyd over under 8 sacks? Over. I think he plays the most games he's ever played and finishes with 10.5 sacks
  7. Day 3 Draft Picks

    No clue. Over the fall I usually watch a lot of west coast college football because I’m a USC fan so I caught a few Hawaii games, 2-3 maybe. Allen always stood out.
  8. Day 3 Draft Picks

    Toliver’s issue is his attitude and Nagy has apparently made it clear that it’s 1 strike and you’re out. Also, Dejon Allen could be a keeper.
  9. Who had best draft?

    How much was it? This is typically the first indicator of how "authentic" a jersey is.
  10. Who had best draft?

    On a side note, those counterfeit jerseys are so bad, aren't they? Not sure how some people can honestly believe they're the on-field tops just because they're stitched.
  11. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    He was signed through the 2019 season. It makes no sense that he was busted after the contract. It's not like it was prior to 2016 before the Bears paid him.
  12. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    Not sure where to put this, but according to Patrick Finley, Jerrell Freeman was facing a 2 year suspension for his third PED bust before he retired. Honestly, at what point do you stop putting that **** in your system and realize that your good playing days are behind you and you have a lot of post-football years left to be as healthy as possible?
  13. Who had best draft?

    I find myself saying "wow" when I watch Rodgers moreso than when I watch Brady. Even my wife, who knows next to nothing about football and rarely watches, will actually sit down, watch Rodgers and say "that looked like a really good throw" every now and again.
  14. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Don't tell that to JAF
  15. NFC North 2018 Thread

    While I don't agree about the rookie season tag, it's been known now that this offense isn't usually fully-caught-up-with for 2-3 years. I do expect some struggles from MT initially with growth later in the year. I think they win 7 or 8 games.