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  1. I like it Windy but I don't think SF takes Jones. I think it'll be Fields, so that trade up will be for Lance.
  2. Honestly I used to get pissed. Now I just expect failure from them. It's better for my mental health this way
  3. Might as well get used to it. Pace has had 2 or 3 swings at multiple positions and he keeps getting chances. It sucks but such is life
  4. Well it's good to know that he last played a full season 4 years ago and he had his 1 outlier of a season where he almost got to 1,000 yards. Can't wait to watch him make a huge impact in 2021 then! @topwop1- at this point I'm just messing around with you. Reasonably I don't think any of us expect Goodwin to have a big impact because the Bears offense sucks. Rinse repeat. It sucks every year because they draft poorly and they sign crap in free agency (+ they allocate wayyy too many resources to the defense). Like @soulman said- who cares either way? They're a below average organization th
  5. He is unreliable & when he does play he doesn't do anything
  6. Yeah he played 11 games in 2018 and 9 in 2019 due to covid 🙄
  7. I'm not really asking for anything. I think Goodwin sucks. Most guys who sign this late suck. I just love how in the spring no matter who the Bears sign fans get super optimistic& by November we can't wait to watch that guy get released in January. I'm tired of being optimistic. The Bears mostly suck and I'm not complimenting them for these goofy, irrelevant moves. I used to see the good in everything they did and now I just expect the worse (especially for a guy with 30 catches in the last 3 calendar years).
  8. Well the Pats did years ago and they had the best ever in his prime. GB did in round 1 last year. So just to clarify, when you said "there are a lot of good options," you think Trask, Mond or Mills are those options and you think there's a "decent" chance that at least 1 is a good, long term NFL starter?
  9. Most? No I just figured after 7 Pace offseasons and many cracks at the WR position he wouldn't have left the cupboard so bare But we're Bears fans, so fast WR's who otherwise blow excite us
  10. You don't think fans of every NFL are making mock drafts for their teams where they take Mond or Mills in round 2, Newman in round 4, or even guys like Book in round 6 hoping that they either become Dak or even a Garoppolo situation where they can some day trade him for a top 64 pick? Yeah, it's not an exaggeration at all. I bet you can find a Chiefs mock easily where they're taking a QB late "who can maybe impress in preseason that can be flipped in a few years for a higher pick."
  11. You think 1 of those 3 guys will be "good starting QB's for a long time?" Every year, fans of every team think they can find a good starter in round 2-7 and it rarely ever happens. For every Dak or Brady there are dozens of scrubs. The Bears need to take a QB in the first 3 rounds but the odds of that player being good are slim to none.
  12. There are? Lawrence and Wilson are going 1 and 2. Either Jones, Fields or Lance are going 3. That leaves 2 guys at #4. Who are you categorizing in "a lot" exactly? Please don't say Mills, Mond, or Trask. The probability that either of those three are a "good NFL starter for a long time" isn't close to promising
  13. He's been productive the last 4 years? He was good in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, he combined to catch 30 passes. He sat out last year. He's a nobody.
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