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  1. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Thanks for the report. FYI- Floyd’s club has been removed for a cast where he can use his fingers. Roquan’s getting an INT on Sunday.
  2. Why I have faith in Nagy

    I don't get what your problem is. You're almost offended. All I said was that Nagy is trying hard to be different, something that Trestman tried to be also. Two games into the Trestman era, no one thought he was a coach who was disrespected by almost everyone inside of the organization. No one knew he was getting walked over. No one knew it was going to last 32 games. I know we want everything to be butterflies and rainbows and any mention of the alternative sucks, but it's just an observation on how they both are/were trying hard to blaze their own trail on how to run a football team. You probably can tell by now that I'm usually very optimistic about the Bears despite history saying that I shouldn't be. I never said he will turn out like Trestman. All I said was that he is a coach with strange ideas, similar to Trestman. Calm down.
  3. Why I have faith in Nagy

    His personality is very similar. A few writers, Finley included, have hinted at some of the similarities as well. I'm not trying to upset anyone. Trust me, I don't want him to be Trestman. Their attitude and personality are alike. That's all.
  4. Why I have faith in Nagy

    I never said he will be Trestman. I said he has a similar quirky personality. And yes, because the GM is better. Emery was a disaster.
  5. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    He was referring to an actual defensive back pick-6, presumably.
  6. Why I have faith in Nagy

    He switched up lockers so players can bond with players they usually wouldn't and was seemingly obsessed with the word BOND. He is always talking about family being first. He had a dance party for the players after they beat Seattle. Some of it seems elementary, kind of like how initially Trestman's quirkiness was "a breath of fresh air" only for it to end horribly. Of course, if they win consistently, he's football's Joe Maddon. If he doesn't, he's Trestman.
  7. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Two games into the Trestman era, we had no idea that everyone on that roster hated Trestman. We do now. At this point, it looks like Nagy is a better leader, but some of his off-the-field ideas are like Trestman's. Again, I really want to be wrong.
  8. Why I have faith in Nagy

    He seems very likable, but a lot of his tendencies, habits, etc seem a lot like Trestman's. I HOPE it turns out a lot better.
  9. Another meat and potatoes game thread. To the f***ing point. The match-up to watch is the Bears pass rush vs Arizona's OL. Their OL is better than Seattle's, but it's not great. To make matters worse, their QB's (whichever one gets the start [please be Glennon]) are immobile. Can Mack & Co. continue to harass QB's (against a desperate offense, on the road, on a short week) as the CHI offense slowly comes along? The second match-up to watch is the Bears run game vs the Cardinals' D. Arizona got torn apart by Todd Gurley (who doesn't?) but that's no excuse for what the Redskins did to them, racking up 182 rushing yards albeit on a committed gameplan. Howard and Cohen had a slow start to the Seahawks contest with a relatively strong finish. The Cardinals pass defense hasn't been great but they're an athletic group. Can Jarik start AND finish strong as the Chicago passing game continues to progress? Bears 17-13
  10. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Do you know how dumb that sounds? This is a team that has an outside chance of a playoff berth, and you would rather they lost as long as 1/46 players played better. There are going to be games like this where he plays average and the D picks him up, and believe it or not, vice versa. He had poor throws and had great throws. He’s going to be up and down. The head coach of the team admitted so. I’m confused as to why you are having such a difficult time coming to grips with that. He’s completing 70% of his passes. He’s on pace for 24 total touchdowns. Do I wish the ypa was better? Yes, but other than that, what did you honestly expect from him this year, considering the brutally honest comments coming out of HH in regards to his progression?
  11. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    His accuracy down the field is currently lacking hence the miss to Gabriel and the INT to Robinson. It'll come with time, hopefully. You said you were going to the game. Did you miss those parts? You're very cynical. Again, relax.
  12. Grand Canyon

    Hi Cards board, I'm going to be heading southwest on Friday morning for the Bears/Cardinals game on Sunday. The plan is to head to the Grand Canyon on one of the days to check it out. I guess my questions are- can I drive to it, get out, and look or do I have to pay to see it? I see a ton of tours but can I simply get out and stare or is there a fee? Is there a gift shop for souvenirs? Any info would be great. Bear Down!
  13. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    What a fun topic to discuss capped off by the prior moronic response. I’m out of here.
  14. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Game threads on me until they lose, boys.
  15. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    RT @AdamHoge: Matt Nagy says Tarik Cohen is OK. Said he was dancing in the locker room after the game.