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  1. O'Donnell is back

    RT @ZimmermanSXM: Are #Bears kicking woes on hands of Pat O'Donnell? A look at Bears kickers' careers w/ POD and without him as holder: Robbie Gould w/ POD- 42-51 82.3%, w/out- 316-357 88.5% Connor Barth w/POD- 29-39, 74.3%, w/out- 139-164 84.8% Cody Parkey w/POD- 23-30 76.7%, w/out- 76-88, 86.4%
  2. Post Free Agency Mock Draft

    Side note, how do you insert pictures into posts?
  3. Rapoport: Chicago is a Destination

    Besides Hall, who did they sign that was a washed up, subpar practice squad player?
  4. O'Donnell is back

    2 years, $4M per Schefter I guess when Pace said he was happy with his performance, he wasn't lying
  5. Free Agent Rumors

    4th or 5th for Amos 4th, 5th or 6th for Callahan I believe that's all for now
  6. Post Free Agency Mock Draft

    I'm good with this. Layne is a really good player Everyone knows my hatred for O'Donnell yet I'd rather use that extra 7th on a kicker or a skill position (how about a depth rush linebacker?) I'd use a priority UDFA on O'Donnell's replacement though
  7. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Right, and if Howard is running well, maybe they can trade him then. Good point on the timeline.
  8. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Except many Packers fans have said he was better in his first two years (when they were good) and not good in the following two years (when they weren't good and there were whispers of dysfunction), so yeah, perhaps the final two years threw off his game. I don't know why you clowns are in this thread. If he sucks so bad, leave it alone. I know you're all psyched about the great Adrian Amos and his hard hits, but we're content with a decent safety who's play will be potentially impacted in a good way by AP and PB players all over the defense. Like Amos he'll be one of the worst players on the defense. It's fine. Aside from a fan or two of the Bears, no one in Chicago is thrilled with this signing. We know he's nothing more than a guy. In time you'll realize the same about Amos.
  9. Rapoport: Chicago is a Destination

    Cool stuff to read. It's good to know how awesome the culture really is. Now, it's time to win consistently and win big.
  10. Free Agent Rumors

    Or #Horrible4Herbert
  11. Free Agent Rumors

    I can see him trying to re-sign Lynch. I think everyone's favorite bad player Bruce Irvin could be an option. Hell, maybe Acho comes back on a cheaper deal. I know how much the locker room loves him.
  12. Free Agent Rumors

    Barrett signed with the Bucs
  13. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Yes, easily
  14. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I agree that Henderson has that big play ability on tape but after his underwhelming workout I can't help but wonder if he was cruising due to the competition. I think Jacobs has that big play in him because he simply runs through people in the open field. Sanders had a great timed 40 but perhaps he plays slower. This is the issue. There are a ton of IF's and no obvious game breaker in the draft.
  15. 2019 Draft: Targets

    I think you're giving Landon Collins a little too much credit here