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  1. Is the chocolate bar every night or what?
  2. Are you referring to the Peninsula, as in the hotel?
  3. The best steakhouse is Joe's Stone Crab. Be sure to book a reservation. Chicago Cut gets most of the publicity but Joe's is better. It's on Grand which runs underneath Michigan Ave. @dll2000 says to go to Wrigley. I say go to GRF and watch a contender Plus, River North has overtaken Wrigleyville as the cool spot to be (consequently Joe's is in River North). Loads of bars and restaurants. Each time the Hawks won the cup, 90% of their never ending party was in River North. @G08 is right- Pequod's is really good. Don't fall into the Giordano's, Gino's East, etc trap. For my money,
  4. I have a 1 year old- if you recall she was born right before last year's draft and I was posting about it- and it's my first, so any advice is appreciated
  5. The Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna offseason was one to remember
  6. No, but he had a few injuries specifically shoulder injuries. Eventually those catch up to you. I applaud him for playing through it
  7. And unfortunately Johnson is going to be heavily relied upon when he hasn't been able to be heavily relied upon for a few years now, going back to Utah. I'd much rather have a great pass rush than a great set of corners because I firmly believe a great pass rush helps good corners look even better, so perhaps Mack/Quinn/Hicks/Nichols can shine like 3/4 are 3 years younger (or just better, in Quinn's case) and it'll help out JJ, Vildor, etc. If I had to rank the top 3 positions that are huge question marks, CB is definitely making the cut.
  8. Yeah exactly. I ponied up $600/ticket for mine. It's been over 15 years since I last went to Vegas. My liver is going to hate me
  9. The Bears/LV game on 10/10 will be 75% Bears fans easily 😅
  10. I'm not necessarily arguing one way or another. I'm just saying that there's no absolute guarantee an AH stadium will hold 80,000+
  11. Something to think about- Vegas' new stadium is only about 3,500 more seats than Soldier Field. Just because a $2B+ stadium is built doesn't necessarily mean it'll hold 80k plus fans.
  12. And the crazy thing is that Arkush says idiotic things at least twice a week, so for that to be ranked so high, it's really saying something
  13. She is the worst. It's hard to be the worst mayor of Chicago in history but here we are. Also, the Bears were "relevant" past October 2 out of the 3 years. Good call, Beetlejuice.
  14. Maybe Tonga has been underwhelming off the bat. Either way I'm trying to figure out what his problem is. Did he not miss football last year? Is it contract related?
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