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  1. Not necessarily. Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Saints, and a few others pay their QB's top dollar and still figure it out. Seattle is a weird example for you to use to prove your point. They've been to the playoffs 8 years in a row or something. They still find a way to pay really good players a ton of money. I'm going to take my chances with the Bears trading for Watson. I don't trust Pace to find a QB better than him. I don't trust any Bears GM to ever find a god damn QB. In fact the only time I trust Pace is in rounds 2-7.
  2. The Bears would have to gut the team if they were to pull off this acquisition, but I'd rather have a QB and worry about the rest as opposed to having a lot of the rest and no QB, as it's been for the majority of the last 4-5 decades. Watson isn't unhappy in Houston because they stunk this year; he's unhappy being the FO isn't listening to a thing he's saying and those same people are quite clearly idiots AND it's not because of that
  3. This move buys Pace another 5 years and Nagy another 3
  4. Not that Dwayne Haskins will likely ever amount to anything, but it's hilarious how an organization like Pittsburgh brings him aboard in a win-win situation for them but the Bears don't. Foles in 2021!
  5. And of course- for now- 2022 is thought of as a weak QB class 🤪
  6. 75% of this fan base is meatheaded and I can guarantee that 100% of them are PSYCHED
  7. I wonder if they can get a 4th rounder back for him. A team like Tennessee who doesn't do well against the run or get to the passer yet is ready to win might be a fit
  8. It should be Desai, so it won't be
  9. As long as they keep bible thumping racists in charge I'm not sure anyone is turning their fortunes around
  10. 32 GM's would take their roster over the Bears' roster. The Bears were 1-6 or 1-7 against playoff teams. They blow Smith, Nichols, Mooney, Montgomery, Kmet, Daniels, and Johnson all come to mind in terms of good, young, cheap Bears
  11. With the way the GM drafts and attacks FA, with the way the D is getting worse and worse and with the way the playcaller calls plays, they could be bad still. And plus, neither would Miami. Miami's roster is currently twice as good as the Bears' is. Watson makes them a top 3 team in the AFC
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