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  1. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    I would say Tunsil has lived up to the draft hype, actually. He is a really good LT and just got paid accordingly. If you can find a franchise LT at pick 11 or wherever he went and he ends up as a top 7 NFL LT, I'd say that's living up to it. The only reason he was traded was because 1) Miami was trying to lose, 2) they weren't going to trade him and 3) Bill O'Brien went ape**** and traded everything for him, making it a deal that MIA couldn't pass up Regardless, that's semantics. As you said passing on him for Floyd was unintelligent to say the least.
  2. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    Well that's fine but comparing this to Cleveland is a little odd. They are the bottom of the barrel NFL franchise. Of course I'd rather be a Bears fan than a Browns fan. Discontent should be building in those two spots, but discontent isn't quite thinking they're "losers." It's a moment thing. Seahawks and Packers fans might be weary of what's ahead, but in 10 years they'll remember these runs for the rest of their lives, and imo, in a positive way. I could argue that. Reid is loved in KC. Carroll is loved in Seattle. Hell, Shanahan is loved in SF... and none of them have had success like the 4 coaches you named.
  3. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    When they traded up that year I thought for sure it was going to be for Tunsil
  4. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    To clarify, I'm uncommitted, football illiterate, and hateful of the franchise because I don't think they're going to have a great 2020? Do I have that right? Not really. I mean, is it too much to ask for to have a Seahawks-like run? Since week 1 of 2012, their worst year was 9 wins. They won a SB and appeared in another. They won the division 3 times (IIRC). I would doubt their fans think of their team as "losers" because they've only won 1 championship in 8 years. No one predicts failure for their favorite team to sound smart. I'm embarrassed when my in laws, who couldn't name you 5 NFL franchises, ask me how I think the Bears will do in the upcoming season and almost every year I say "eh, probably 7, 8 or 9 wins." That sucks. I don't do it to sound smart because it probably will happen, as you said. I say it because this franchise has almost entirely stunk for 2.5 decades and it's not only predictable but it's sad. When they are good, I'm thrilled to be wrong.
  5. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    Why would being pessimistic about a team we live and die for be "cool?" If anything, that thought process is "lame as hell." Watching them be successful once every 5-8 years is "lame as hell." It's not cool at all to be a Bears fan, it's embarrassing as f*** and that is "lame as hell"
  6. NFL, NFLPA Considering Individual Player Opt-Outs

    I keep wondering something similar, except what happens if a team has a huge breakout the week of a playoff game or even the Super Bowl? Bizarre times indeed
  7. Best/Worst Bears games you've ever attended

    How did I forget the playoff loss in 2018 to Philly?
  8. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    No question about it. Cohen was great in 2017 and 2018. I'm saying if he is now what he showed last year, he is useless. My concern is his quickness and agility are deteriorating but hopefully he was just having a rough year & Nagy's playcalling weren't helping the cause
  9. Season Predictions

    2 shoulder issues in 2 years isn't promising no matter the arm. Perhaps it's a mental thing now and one was being favored. Who knows? Hopefully this coach is helping I agree with the rest
  10. Best/Worst Bears games you've ever attended

    Best: 2006 NFCCG 2006 playoff win vs SEA 2010 playoff win vs SEA (Cutler to Olsen to open the game) Bears putting up 50 in a win vs Tennessee in 2012 Hester's 2 TD game vs DEN in 2007 (stupid f***ing Sauerbrun) Cutler to Hester for the game winner in 2009 in SEA (fwiw that 12th Man thing is no joke... those fans are LOUD) 2013 win vs BAL. Long storm delay and the Bears won in a mud bath McCown's MNF win vs Dallas and it was about -15 Worst: Bears beat SD in 2011, find out a few hours later Cutler's thumb is f***ed 2010 NFCCG The Broncos game in 2011 when dumba** Marion Barber didn't stay in bounds 2005 playoff loss to CAR 2004 loss to HOU... it was like -10 outside and the Texans were supposed to be freezing and the Bears managed to score (IIRC) 5 points 2012 loss in GB. Big home win to open the season vs IND, Marshall ran his trap, and the Bears got embarrassed (only game ever that I've seen in Lambeau) More to come as I think of them
  11. Season Predictions

    Very true on MIN. It doesn't mean the match up is overly favorable. Playing that many playoff teams doesn't strike me as easy. Well I don't think the Lions are going to be awesome or anything, but it's hard to be worse than they were last season, right? There were only 2 worse teams. If Stafford recovers I can't see them losing 12+ games again
  12. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I agree. Miller makes a ton of sense. You have to think this unofficial freeze around the league is still virus-related.
  13. Season Predictions

    That's what we said last year, though. "Defense won't take the ball away as much but the offense will definitely improve" and instead all of the s*** got worse. OL got worse, QB got worse, Montgomery wasn't as good as we thought/didn't have any lanes, Cohen stunk, TE's blew, and the playcalling was below average. How do we know the QB situation will be better, or Montgomery and Cohen aren't what they showed last year, or the OL will continue to be terrible? TE's will be better, but better TE's comparatively won't necessarily result in a 1-2 win increase. The schedule is always hard to navigate. Some look difficult, some look easy, but it never works out that way. For instance, the Bears play the Saints, Texans, Titans, Packers x2, Vikings x2 this year. They were all really good last year. They also play Atlanta, Tampa and Detroit x2, 3 teams who will definitely be better. Sure, they play the Jags and Panthers and Rams this year, but that's only 3 games. We'll see. Makes no sense for me to argue SOS and then argue it I did hear Trubisky is working out with some coach who studied him and found something with his shoulder levels were off or something like that. Maybe that'll help? I want you to be right, trust me. I just can't see it, and that sucks because last offseason I was literally counting down by the day until week 1.
  14. Season Predictions

    To a tee, exactly where I'm at. I don't think they win more than 6 games. Only way out is a miracle Trubisky turnaround or the D has a season like 2018 where they take the ball away a zillion times