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  1. GB Pursued Mack Aggressively in 2018

    Their fans will tell you that the 2 Smith's they signed are better than 1 Mack anyway so it doesn't matter
  2. Will the Bears Defense Regress in 2019?

    The way I look at is this: even if they aren't as good, and odds are they may suffer more injuries thus they might be worse, the offense will undoubtedly be better and it'll even out. I'm not all that concerned. Losing Hicks, Mack, Jackson, Fuller, Trubisky, Robinson, Leno or Cohen would be the 4 worst injuries on each side of the ball imo.
  3. Worst Team Colors in Football- Official Vikings thread

    They still sell them. My in laws had them on the 4th
  4. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    Gould signed his deal today
  5. 2019 Season Preview (Pre-training camps)

    Skrine gave up 7.4 yards/target and a 63% completion percentage against. Callahan's was 8.4 and 67% respectively. LAC's OL isn't good, you're right, but they are so strong everywhere else. The Chargers were 4-0 without Gordon last year, IIRC. They'll be fine with or without him, imo. I feel like we say that about NE each year but unless Brady or Belichick die, they have as good of a shot as anyone else.
  6. 2019 Season Preview (Pre-training camps)

    I disagree on Skrine. Stats show he was better in 2018 than Callahan. Regardless good write up except you forgot the champs and the team that IMO is the best in football (Chargers).
  7. Bears Need More From Floyd This Season

    Mack seemed to be slightly worn out in the final 3 weeks likely due to a lack of an offseason catching up with him. Floyd was all over the field and his athleticism was on full display. I could be wrong but I believe Floyd and Hicks led the Bears in pressures in December + PHI game.
  8. Bears Need More From Floyd This Season

    I think Floyd is going to have a monster year assuming no injuries. He was better than Mack in the final 6 weeks of the season + the PHI game. I'm sure a lot has to do with Goldman, Hicks, Mack, and Smith but he was doing some freaky things on the field. Pagano is a little more creative than Fangio and I expect Floyd to benefit from it. With that being said, after 2019 he's one year away from FA (iirc) and perhaps if they plan on letting him walk with arguably more important players needing new deals soon, I'd bet they could get a good draft pick or two in return after this coming year if his season is too good.
  9. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    https://www.windycitygridiron.com/2019/7/10/20689606/robbie-gould-chicago-bears-san-francisco-49ers-explains-closer-to-my-family-quote-ryan-pace-packers Gould mentions Green Bay as a destination he'd be excited about
  10. Home uniforms 2019

    I believe the Ravens only stripeless pants are the black ones but I could be wrong
  11. Home uniforms 2019

    Because you can only have 4 jerseys and George loves the orange too much
  12. Home uniforms 2019

    On the topic of uniforms (see the Vikings thread), the Bears announced today that they will be wearing the following uniforms: Green Bay- traditional navy Minnesota- white throwback New Orleans- traditional navy LA Chargers- orange alternate Detroit- traditional navy NYG- traditional navy (except a gray facemask and plain white C on the helmet) Dallas- white throwback Kansas City- traditional navy
  13. Detroit Sucks- Official Lions Thread

    If you lived in Detroit you would resort to poking fun at other things/places too
  14. Worst Team Colors in Football- Official Vikings thread

    The jerseys are fine. It's the color scheme that sucks. Nothing screams manly men brutalizing one another quite like purple and yellow
  15. Worst Team Colors in Football- Official Vikings thread

    The road uniforms are great because they limit the amount of yellow usage. The purple, white, purple from head to knee is fantastic. Consequently have you/has anyone noticed that the purple on the helmets doesn't come close to matching the purple on the home jersey? One almost looks blue in comparison to the other.