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  1. For a large man he was running fast as f***
  2. Kelly just got 12-15m a year from LSU. I think 2-3 NFL head coaches are in that bracket. No way Bears give that to Harbaugh
  3. That super prestigious school hired those jamokes because the AD and president were complete morons. Urban Meyer literally thought he aas getting the job but the prior administration kept Clay Helton. Think Phillips/McCaskey but the college version.
  4. Schools have infinite money it seems. Harbaugh will take the interview as a ploy for a huge raise with UM
  5. Correct. They decommitted from OU because they love Riley and they want to play for him, so they'll probably committ now to USC. USC hasn't had a coach who kids desperately want to play for. Now, they do. They haven't been sought after by teenagers because Sarkisian was an alcoholic and Helton is a total bum. Kiffin got great recruits; he was just an immature doofus
  6. Oklahoma is only the better job because USC had slapsticks like Clay Helton and Steve Sarkisian coaching them. The recruiting in California is ridiculous; OU has already lost the #5 RB, #2 QB and #1 WR in the 2023 class and all three were from California. You can bet at least 2/3 commit to USC now. If you have a good recruiter there, USC is a top 3 job in the country.
  7. The Rams are crap Ol' overrated boy who was only s***ty because he played for the Lions is clearly not that good
  8. Would you rather make more money living in southern California or less money living in Oklahoma? There's nothing weird about this.
  9. Nice gameplan with a 99:1 pass:run ratio, a**wipe
  10. What are you confused about? You said there's a difference between not being ready to play and not being good enough to play. I started with acknowledging that it doesn't appear he's ready to play. I'm not sure that's why Love was inactive. I believe they did it that way so he would sit and learn without question. You might be better than Tim Boyle I didn't know that was sarcasm. You were beating the "play Dalton" drum pretty hard all offseason
  11. Was Fields ready to play? No Has he been good enough? No (you said the same during the Ravens game when you said Dalton is better right now) I'm a big fan of his and I thought he should've gotten every snap all preseason long (maybe the answers to the above 2 questions would be "yes" if he did) but aside from the Steelers game and some of the DET and SF games, he's been underwhelming
  12. 100% agree. It just shows "he isn't ready right now" is cliche garbage. If he truly wasn't ready to play, he should've been inactive every week similarly to what Green Bay did with Love last season.
  13. Correct. The issue here is: who's doing these interviews? If it's Pace, that essentially means he's back for 2022.
  14. Did the report actually say Nagy was told? Or does it say the Bears have made that decision?
  15. Too short of a week to fire him prior to?
  16. I've never heard of this guy or patch.com
  17. That's easier said then done. They don't have a ton of draft picks (no 1, no 4) and their cap situation isn't great. Trading Mack would've been nearly impossible, but Pace holding onto Hicks & Robinson can be looked at as nothing short of moronic (although if there is a positive, maybe he was hoping to keep them around to sneak into the playoffs in order to bolster his resumé in the eyes of McCaskey because he knows he has to to keep his job).
  18. Maybe if the Bears had a top 20 pick, sure
  19. Nice OL, secondary and WR group, a**wipe
  20. @Madmike90 Wouldn't a reason to go for 2 there be to force a made XP? I know it's Tucker but more XP's are missed now than ever Also, Dalton didn't audible on the WR screen on his first drive, which was the first screen of the game (naturally)
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