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  1. Yeah but someone with worse record could claim him before us, but definitely worth trying
  2. Tennessee could definitely use some help on pass rushers.
  3. loved it. We can work something out in the off season. Lets cut Beasley and trade for a pass rusher Get Dean Pees back as a consultant and he will be 100 times better than whoever is calling the defense
  4. Its not a factor/ Let me tell you Vrabel. Its a big factor and no wonder why you and your buddies in Houston defense was so bad.
  5. Seattle just traded for Carlos Dunlap. Bengals will get 7th round pick. Make a move Robinson.
  6. I will be pissed off if Robinson doesn't make a move. Baltimore,chiefs,Tampa and now Seattle added players to their rosters. These are winning record teams and I don't buy this BS about cap of whatever. We are built to win now and this defense ain't taking us to the promise land.
  7. Beasley is not coming back but Clowney I could see it as longest numbers make sense for the team. No way we are paying him anywhere near what he thought he was worthy.
  8. we are paying butler almost 14 million this year so that's very within our limits
  9. don't care what you guys say but gotta make that kick.
  10. Steal of the draft. Good thing the cap should be up by the time he gets off his rookie deal. He will be one of the highest paid player in his position, somewhat over 20 million a year.
  11. They were saying if you are Asymptomatic you could play after 5 days depending on how you feel. So we could have most of our players ready for this game plus some recovering from injuries as well. I don't see NFL postponing this game either. As far as punishing us as longest they dont take draft picks away from us we will be fine.
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