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  1. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    It doesn't matter what they do in the regular season. Andy will get outcoached and choke in the playoffs like usual
  2. MLB The Show 19

    What are your thoughts on this game so far?
  3. berry is about to get 86'd
  4. Trade Brown for what?

    They also didn't need mack. lol
  5. Trade Brown for what?

    What about the Rams. They have some cap space next year and they tried to get Mack this past offseason.
  6. Knocking on the door

    Odell signed a huge contract extension this past offseason
  7. 2019 Team Needs

    Cowboys in no particular order. QB Dak looks terrible Left tackle. Smith has lost multiple steps WR we have a bunch of scrubs. Beasley and Gallup are the only ones worth moving forward with TE we have 4 jags safety position. depending on the ET situation
  8. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    Sergio sells cars at a dodge dealership in Austin
  9. MLB The Show 18

    I haven't seen a thread about this game. Discuss