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  1. Given our history of 1st round picks, I would rather trade for a sure thing top 5 QB in Watson than roll the dice taking a Gholston, Milliner, Lee, Pryor, Coples, Wilson, etc.
  2. Unfortunately the only way some of these happen is picking a new fav team to follow.....
  3. I would rather take this road than draft Fields @ 2. Ultimately, I believe the head coach should decide on the QB. If bringing someone in who thinks they can turn Darnold around, great. If not, then let the HC take their QB.
  4. Without TLaw, no big name coach is coming here, and I want no part of Fields or Lance. Bring in Smith trade off the #2 pick for a QB needy team and go from there. What's the worst that could happen with THIS franchise?
  5. We saw what he did in Miami. I don't see that as a fair comparison to Gase and Arthur Smith being the OC for 24 quarters w/Mariota. And I see the past 1 3/4 seasons with Tannehill, 53 TDs and 11 INTs
  6. Not necessarily, but 6 games isn't a big enough sample size to make that determination
  7. Well, to be fair he was the OC for 6 games with Mariota starting.
  8. Next HC is probably Arthur Smith. He fixed Gase's last failure, hopefully he can do it again.
  9. Just roll with James Morgan next year. It's not going to matter, this team is going nowhere until the Johnson's sell.
  10. Doesnt matter, the Johnsons are the owners.
  11. Time to put 30 nfl teams names in a hat and draw a new favorite team screw this team.
  12. We need to bring back Greg for the 4th quarter please
  13. With the pats virtually eliminated from the playoffs, yes I definitely see them laying down for the jets to avoid us getting the franchise QB. And losing the #1 pick in week 17 is the absolute jets thing to do.
  14. Yep, I think the Jaguars have a chance at home against the Bears. If we go into week 17 0-15 and Jax is 1-14, we need to pull a UofM and say 75% of the team has COVID or start James Morgan at QB.
  15. Hopefully that was our Mo Lewis moment.
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