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  1. Lmao I love this comment! 😂😂 Some people here don’t realize how good of a sense of humor Windy has!! 😂 His sarcasm is always on point!!! 👍
  2. Lol this is so true. Neither QB can hit a deep pass.. Of course not really addressing the o-line in the offseason didn't help them, and it certainly didn't help the run game either. I still like Mitch but honestly I've been happy for him to get a chance to sit for a while behind Nick. It might be the best thing that's ever happened to him... It's what I wanted for him during the first couple years of his career. But we know how that went. You can't take a kid that raw & unexperienced at #2 overall & have no plan in place for how you're going to develop him. .. I know, I know.. they ha
  3. Randall!!!! Man I forgot about him! That’s actually a great name to bring up. Totally agree! Man he was fun to watch! Such a likable guy too. Yeah I would have loved to see him win a Super Bowl. I thought they could do it in those Reggie White years. I always pulled for them when Buddy left the Bears to coach in Philly. I still can’t believe that 98 Vikings team didn’t win that game vs the Falcons. That was such a disappointment. We got robbed from seeing that Broncos Vikings matchup.
  4. Completely agree with you. I was gonna bring this up but I saw you already did, & you worded your post better than I could have. Vick had that type of “WOW” factor & cult following you need to be mentioned in this type of conversation. He was doing things no one had ever done before. It would take this type of unique talent & swagger, along with a bunch of championships .... to ever be considered “Jordanesque” Bingo!!!!!!! Well said. I think it would have to be an extremely athletic QB who was a dual threat & incredibly exciting to watch. He’d have to take
  5. yeah, I've been tuning into their live stream too.. it's not bad... no death stories lol.. but lots of criticism for teams selecting RB in 2nd round..
  6. That's exactly how I felt too, was happy to see the Jets grab him.
  7. Mike Wallace ? He started out pretty good but then AB showed up. Wallace expected a big contract extension & turned down the Steelers offer, holding out for more, so the Steelers turned around & gave the contract to AB instead lol & that was the end of 60 Minutes in Pittsburgh! 😂😂😂
  8. I really enjoyed this interview & thought a few of you might like it too (if you haven’t already seen it). It was posted on the Bears YouTube channel a few days ago. My brother just sent it to me & I thought it was FANTASTIC. You guys know I’ve been a fan of Mitch & will always pull for him, but Foles has the qualities we need right now, and this little interview really shows his character in a genuine way. You clearly see his humbleness, but it’s accompanied by an extremely confident & strong understanding of who he is & what he brings to the table. I have a ton of admirat
  9. @VanS Yeah I have the same opinion about Jeudy. I think he’s being overvalued. But almost everyone else seems to love him. Thanks for posting the video with Simms. It was interesting to see he agreed & has him ranked lower. I knew he had predicted Lamar as the top QB, but didn’t realize he also had Mahomes as the top. That’s pretty impressive. I liked how he really emphasized Lamb as being the slam dunk #1 receiver in the draft. I whole heartedly agree with this. @CWood21 Not sure why you feel the need to state your opinion as factual. Nobody’s gonna be right all the time. I’m
  10. @jumbo I would love to see this type of approach with trading down & I’d be happy doing it with both 2nd round picks (unless of course there’s a player who falls to us that we can’t pass up on). I’m very confident we’ll trade down with 1 of the 2nd round picks. However, I’d be surprised if Pace did it with both. Nice job putting this together. 👍 It’s always fun to look at the possibilities & think what you’d do if it were up to you.
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