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  1. Frank Clark Situation

    Yeah great point about Green. It’ll be interesting to watch his progression. And I agree about trading down. That would make a ton of sense to try & get more picks. Suddenly it might be a really exciting draft now for the Seahawks. I didn’t understand not taking a 2nd for Earl last year & was disappointed to see that whole situation end so badly, so this is such a big win for the team to get such great compensation here for Clark. It’s really nice to see. Hope you guys hit on those draft picks 👍 Chance to really add some nice talent now.
  2. Podcast; Earl Bennett Interviews Tommie Harris

    Hey thanks man. This was really great. They covered a broad range of topics. I really enjoyed it!!! Appreciate you sharing it!!
  3. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I agree. I think it’s a good fit. I liked him when I watched him last year. I like this signing.
  4. TABT

    Lol! Nice! 👍
  5. TABT

    Well spoken Shane. I agree with you. The whole situation was completely overblown. The girl was never hurt, and there is a major double standard being applied here. She’s an adult and should also be held accountable for her actions. - Were you able to pick up Spencer Ware?
  6. Prop bets: What do you think?

    Howard over under 1100 yards rushing? - Over Over under 7.5 wins? - Under. - hopefully I'm wrong, but it's a tough division & I believe we'll need to get some experience in games before everything really starts clicking in the offense. Wins will be great, but I think the progress with Mitch is the real goal for the season. I believe 2019 is realistically the goal to be a playoff team if everything comes together the way we envision it to. Allen over under 875 yards receiving? - Over - 55 ypg adds up to 880. I would think that should be easily attainable More INTs MT or Bears D? - MT - if this actually winds up being the D, then we should get more wins than I anticipate. That would be incredible. It's hard for me to see that though. Our DB's aren't exactly ballhawks, so I'm not expecting a lot of INTs. Plus, I really don't expect Nagy to limit MT this year. I think it's fine for him to go through growing pains & make mistakes out there. This whole year should be dedicated to him getting experience & learning the offense & getting more comfortable... he's got all the skills, so whenever the mental understanding catches up with the physical tools, we're gonna have a great QB. I love that clip of Nagy last year in week 1 when Hunt lost the fumble, & Nagy instantly came over to him on the sideline & encouraged him & told him "it's not how you start, it's how you finish". That's a perfect attitude for Mitch & it'll enable him to keep moving forward & focusing on the end goal. Nagy & MT just seem like a match made in heaven. Who will be 2nd leading receiver? - A. Miller - (I'm hoping) Floyd over under 8 sacks? - Under, but I have no idea. I don't envision us getting great pressure on the QB this year..
  7. Did the Packers slip up in round two ?

    Definitely agree with this. Great posts. I totally agree with everything you said there. Josh Jackson was a steal at 45. Honestly, that was the one player I was hoping you guys wouldn’t get. Coming away with Alexander, Jackson, AND a 1st for next year makes Gute seem like a magician. That’s one heck of a job.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Lol I remember that conversation but can’t recall what he said..
  9. AZ Final Mock

    This is exactly what I'm hoping for. A small trade down netting us extra picks would be huge. I also prefer Landry to Davenport, so I'd be excited. Moving down from #8 has the potential to give us a great draft. .. I'm assuming if Nelson falls to us, then he'll be the pick, but if he's gone I'll be disappointed if we don't try to get better value by moving down. Nice mock.
  10. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Lol man I let out a good laugh too!! It was funny!! ??
  11. Outside the box draft

    Lol this was funny & entertaining. Definitely nothing wrong with having some fun! You’re posts are often “outside the box”, & I think that’s cool! ?
  12. 1 Week Out Mock Draft

    I think this is a very realistic and well put together mock. And the 2nd round trade down certainly is a strong possibility with Pace. However, I personally wouldn’t be very happy about taking Davenport at #8. I want to maximize the value of having the eighth pick, and even if this scenario happens with all 4 QBs, plus Nelson, Chubb, & Ridley being off the board, then I still think we can find a solid trade down partner to add an additional pick or two. There should be high interest in all the top DBs & LBs. With Ward, Smith, Fitzpatrick, James, & Edmunds all on the board, I would expect a team to covet one of those players enough to get a reasonable trade offer. The ideal situation would be to still land either Davenport or Landry a little further down in the 1st round. If Pace is really sold on either Davenport or Landry & doesn’t want to take any chances, then I get it, but I just don’t think that’s good value. This just seems like a year where trading down could really benefit us.
  13. Saints sign WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    Yes, I totally agree. This seems to be the only logical conclusion to draw. We are all well aware of how much space they have with the cap & I certainly never said this was a cap decision I believe you misunderstood my last post. Since you were incorrect about the tender money being guaranteed, this is where it should be obvious to see that Pace’s only mistake was to not use the 2nd round tender. He obviously didn’t feel comfortable guaranteeing money because of injury concerns. This is why I completely agree with WindyCity’s assessment of the situation. It seems to be a market misread by the Bears when they chose which tender to use. And it’s not “foolish” to realize that it became a financial decision after they wound up being in the position where they had to decide on whether or not to match the Saints offer, which did contain guaranteed money. So I’m not sure what point you were trying to make. In my previous post, I was trying not to be hard on Pace about this because he obviously has had much more information than myself, & there may be things I am unaware of which contributed to the Bears decisions. And overall I think Pace is doing a very good job. My previous comments about the salary cap were simply said as a compliment to him as something I think he does well as a GM, and that it seems like he’s going to continue to keep us in good shape for the future, which is awesome. I didn’t want to just be critical, w/o recognizing what he’s doing well. Making a mistake with the Cam situation might hurt, but Pace still has us in a great position to be an up & coming very good team. That’s all I was saying. Just trying not to be overly critical since I believe he’s done a lot of great things lately & we definitely have a lot to be excited about.
  14. Saints sign WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    All the Meredith info is interesting & maybe it was a tougher decision for Pace than we all 1st anticipated. And he had to place the tender before free agency, so maybe that complicated things. But in hindsight, I do believe that he should have gone with the 2nd round tender, simply because it was not guaranteed money (correct me if I’m wrong). That would have ensured us having complete control & getting more time to assess Meredith’s health (without any risk of dead money). Of course, it’s also true that this could have complicated Pace’s decisions on how to fill out the WR roster if he didn’t know if he could count on Meredith. But we’re so thin at WR & he obviously was a talented player, so I just think that would have been a much better decision. Most of us assumed Pace chose the lower tender so that he could match an offer & keep Cam under contract for a reasonable rate for multiple years. But if he wasn’t going to do that, then it seems silly to not have retained control with the 2nd round tender. There was nothing to lose & everything to gain by doing that. Of course, like I said this is all hindsight & I don’t know what their thought process was.. So it’s easy for me to say this now.. & Who knows, maybe Pace regrets using the lower tender now. It’s hard to say. One good thing that I think is apparent about Pace is that he’s going to continue to be very responsible with the salary cap. And that’s a really big thing. Then we can continue to build the team & move forward even if mistakes are made sometimes. No one is going to make every perfect decision. The big picture of the future of this team looks to be in very good shape right now imo. So I’m hoping we can have a great draft. I’d LOVE to see a trade down in the 1st round & grab a couple more high end picks.