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  1. Drafts over.. Dez maybe now??

    The cap space will be the issue. Ill have to look into what they have left. They need around 9-10 mill to sign the draft picks
  2. Drafts over.. Dez maybe now??

    I know they said they are not interested in his services .. pre-draft.. But consider this, we have SS, Odell and Evan as our key targets. Depth at this point is VERY light. What would it hurt to give this guy his 1 yr prove it deal and come play for us. Reports were he turned down a multi-year offer from Baltimore. He's on a mission to inflict pain upon his former team and stay in the NFC East. I think it would be a good move for us. I think he's a passionate guy like how Odell is. The 2 of them would know how to feed off each other.
  3. QB Kyle Lauletta selected by Giants 4.108

    Well, preseason competition for backup QB should be interesting....
  4. G Will Hernandez selected by Giants 2.34

    Ya I can see this happening. Dude has been awful.
  5. G Will Hernandez selected by Giants 2.34

    Ya I'm a little anxious about our right side of our line. I think today well see an offensive tackle get selected with our 4th rounder. Does anyone know whats up / why Tyrell Crosby out of Oregon hasn't been taken?? Seems everywhere I'm looking he was ranked 2nd to mid 2nd rd talent... Was there a medical issue he has ?
  6. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Anybody know whats going on with Tyrell Crosby ??? Seems like everyone is passing on him. Was there a medical issue ?
  7. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Ya Carter was a solid selection. Im fine with that. But Hill is more than likely a rotational guy. I feel this a pick we couldve gotten in the 4th. In a draft where we have few picks we had to make each one count since its apparent DG and management are looking to win now. I get it that we need depth i just think that there were better selections for us at that pick. i thought for sure it would've been an oline prospect
  8. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Not a fan of the BJ Hill pick. A 1 gap DT?? With that high a pick we take a depth pick?? Why we pass on Tyrell Crosby or even Orlando Brown is questionable.
  9. G Will Hernandez selected by Giants 2.34

    Hellllllllll to the yes!!!!! This guy was who i wanted!!!! U go DG!!!
  10. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    Now its time to get the Hog Molys. Lets get Will Hernandez from UTEP tonight and solidify that left side
  11. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    Happy to see this kid taken by us. I really had thought we were looking at a QB when Darnold was passed on by Cleveland. But hey we got a guy whom is an extremely rare talent. Well see what happens. Now Gettleman has to address his hog molys. Im thinking Will Hernandez or Connor Williams is up next. I prefer Hernandez because of how much of a road grader he is.
  12. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Ya I like Rosen honestly. I like his arrogance / self confidence. He gives us that nastiness and aggressor mentality that Eli doesn't have. I just don't see us going with Mayfield at all even if hes available. Due to size and pure pocket presence Id go with Rosen or Darnold. Well have to wait and see. I'm excited either way. The draft this year really gets interesting when it comes time for us to pick. Lemme ask you though, would or should we consider a trade down with Denver to #6? .. I was reading they are bigtime into Saquon for their pick. Do we pull a trigger if there offer is decent?
  13. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Wow good to be back on this site again. I think were going QB at #2. After everything is considered, if we stay pat I think we cant pass on a qb. Eli's near his end. With every thought going across the fans mind about Barkley... how much time do u get out of a RB? In the NFL the life expectancy of an RB has been 4 yrs, 5 tops. In the short scheme of things yes Barkley gives us a dynamic RB that we've not had since Tiki Barber. But at what cost? He's in and Elis done in what another 2 yrs ? ..And then were back to square 1. Then Davis Webb? He has shown nothing to me of any relevance that warrants us not taking a QB. And with Geno Smith signing elsewhere I just don't see us passing on what could be a once in a coaches lifetime pick of a possible franchise QB to replace Eli when he's done. Any GM if he wants to stay employed (and any head coach for that matter) has to have that franchise guy. I know Gettleman has said he's happy with how Manning has kept himself in great physical shape, but even that said, age will still catch up to him. I look at this scenario of picking 2nd as what we saw years ago with the Packers and having Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers being available in the draft. Favre eventually gave his farewell and Rodgers stepped in and the team hasn't missed a beat in a very long time. That's where I see us going. And lets be real as well, Eli hasn't been playing like the Eli we remember from 2011 or even 2007. No Eagles or Cowboys teams have a fear of us at all with him anymore. We need a fresh bit of optimism with a new gunslinger waiting in the wings. I think Josh Rosen is the guy we should go after. And in rd 2 and so forth, load up on oline protection. Now onto...Odell. If we trade him (which I don't think we will)... I can see the the Browns as the only team having the means to handle a trade. Now id be happy with Clevelands 4th pick and 2 2nd rd picks from them with a 2019 1st. Could u imagine if we were able to pull this trade? Id go with Rosen, Barkley with my firsts. Take Will Hernandez in rd 2, and 1 def prospect and 1 WR in rd 2. That would be enough for me if u ask me on the whole possible trade scenario