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  1. Panthers Draft '18

    I think Taylor Moton is going to compete for the Norwell position. I'd be happy with OL, though. You can never have enough good OL on the roster
  2. Marty Hurney Named as Panthers GM - *nopeemoji*

    Hurney 2.0 has done a good job thus far. He crafted a decent roster post gettleman. I think this coaching staff will have quite a bit of influence on the draft. Just don't blow it! His midseason moves looked terrible at the time but they ended up being great... So... That's it...
  3. Evaluation of Hurney 2.0

    So, now that the dust has settled from the KB trade I would like to know what are your thought on Marty Hurney 2.0. It appears that most of the moves he has made have paid dividends thus far. Early on the Panthers were torn on which kicker and punter to keep. Palardy is hands down the correct choice from every aspect IE age and performance. Gano has performed well above average missing only 1 kick. Butker was my choice, but like John Fox would say, "it is what it is". One of his better moves was the trade of Kaelin Clay for Kevon Seymour. Seymour has straight up out played Worley and now the Panthers have Clay back on the roster. Now we come to the Benjamin trade... minutes before the 2017 trade deadline, the Carolina Panthers traded KB to the Bills for a 3rd and 7th round pick. Social media went crazy, but again, I was ok with it because he appeared to be slow and out of shape. Fast forward 2 weeks and the Panthers offense now resembles what they looked like in 2015... again without KB... All in all, I'd have to give Hurney a solid A considering he came in at the last minute following the Gettleman debacale. We've yet to have that typical "headscratcher" move that Hurney is notorious for making. I think Hurney has earned a full time job as GM again. Next up, another Hurney draft... which means a pro bowl 1st round pick and then 6 unforgettable picks... Let's just hope he doesn't obsess about another Armanti Edwards.
  4. 53 Man Roster- Cuts

    This just goes to show you how very few positions are truly available on an NFL roster. Cox played great in the preseason, but there just isn't a place for him in Carolina. Some one will scoop him up. I'd be shocked if he made it to our practice squad.
  5. Joe Haden?

    https://www.google.com/amp/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/29/browns-trying-to-trade-joe-haden/amp/ This would solve our Worley sucking issue. Joe Haden could be available. Would love a strong move like this...
  6. Panthers at Jags TNF 7:30

    I'm losing faith in Anderson. He doesn't seem to see the field very well. All in all it was a decent performance by the Panthers. Oline dominated and the RB's all played well. I feel like the defense is 1 CB shy of having a truly dominate unit. Worley is suspect and teams are picking on him. Go Cats!
  7. I wish there was a "like" button in the new forum. Consider this post, liked...
  8. Thanks for your candor. The Panthers sure were shaking in their boots in a practice game last night. We appreciate your concern for our players...