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  1. I think we’re ok. We were two plays away from the game last year and have much the same team. No major losses we shouldn’t already be able to replace. A high impact defensive player in the first round or anywhere along the way and I see a solid team. And it’s not an old team. I believe this team could become dominant with the right pick or picks at CB, DT, or another speedy aggressive ILB/OLB. I’ll trust that the FO have a plan. I believe this will be a long drawn out player acquisition season because of our cap situation. I think the FO finds itself at a bit of a crossroads. Th
  2. Underestimated is the locker room impact of moves like this. These guys all actually get along and losing both Jones and Williams would have been a real blow. I have seen myself the impact of unpopular moves on championship teams. Losing great team players for the new hot guy who turned out to be a bust and a pain. Tight teams win more. I understand that this will not weigh heavily in a GMs required hardheaded approach to contracts , but it is a factor and will be weighed into the equation. I agree that this years contracts and structures are going to look wild because
  3. I have no clue about the ins and outs of coaching, but before Leonhard came to Wisconsin, watching the Badgers on defense was like getting a root canal. A sense of foreboding pervaded. Leonhard changed that.
  4. JK Scott has become a liability and not just because he would fail to tackle a mannequin. Not his job. He will not be the only punter in camp next spring. You can see patience draining from MVS teammates and coaches. Time running out.
  5. One of those announcers questioning the Packers manhood was Greg Jennings. So there is that. But they were really laying into them. And they certainly were deserving of the criticism yesterday.
  6. If I’m Williams I’m walking around slapping the side of my head and muttering hang on to the ball, until game time.
  7. Metcalf will be a star, Donald is a star.
  8. What is the Vikings play here? Is there something wrong with Ngakoue? If they dump any more I would be a very unhappy Mike Zimmer. That will almost certainly mean management is moving on a different path from win now and that can be a Head Coach killer.
  9. RIP Gale Sayers. One of the greats. A transcendent player whose time was way too short.
  10. Being a first round draft pick in the CFL the Packers may have been doing this kid a favor.
  11. We had a stiff north wind every day of April here in NW Wisconsin. If you live within range of Lake Superior’s Icy cold waters that means a month of offshore winds and cold. At least some years south winds will pop up for a few days of warmth. The only good to come from it is no bugs, yet.
  12. After this I no longer believe Mike Ditka was insane. I’d trade the works for Simmons or Young.
  13. Everyone will drop one. The best pass snatcher that I’ve seen was Sterling Sharpe. His hands were like a steel vise. Him catching passes looked like a toad catching bugs. Except, sometimes when he would curl and get the ball between the letters he would drop them. I hope Funchess balls out in practice though. That is big if you work with Rodgers.
  14. Every year the experts have a bunch of smaller skill position players going in the 1st. And every year the run on big people begins and the experts fall on their face.
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