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  1. Ouch. Whoever is playing #2 is gonna get shredded all year long per usual. Haven’t been decent there since Cro was here for a year. Thankfully, we have two stud pass rushers in Golden and Jones who can attempt to cover up some of that position’s weakness.
  2. Rosen in a lot of ways reminds me of Carson Palmer. His footwork, his delivery, the type of ball he throws. And like Palmer, I think a lot of his success will depend on his health and our O-line's ability to keep him upright. We'll see if this year's OL is any good, but moving forward I think we definitely need to continue to make improvements there. Love the Kirk pick too. Heard Mike Mayock say he questions his ability to catch in traffic but I actually think that is one of his strengths. The dude catches everything, even contested balls. Interested to see the creative ways Mike McCoy c
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