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  1. It’s not Lamar!!! Happy dance!!!

    Ouch. Whoever is playing #2 is gonna get shredded all year long per usual. Haven’t been decent there since Cro was here for a year. Thankfully, we have two stud pass rushers in Golden and Jones who can attempt to cover up some of that position’s weakness.
  2. It’s not Lamar!!! Happy dance!!!

    Rosen in a lot of ways reminds me of Carson Palmer. His footwork, his delivery, the type of ball he throws. And like Palmer, I think a lot of his success will depend on his health and our O-line's ability to keep him upright. We'll see if this year's OL is any good, but moving forward I think we definitely need to continue to make improvements there. Love the Kirk pick too. Heard Mike Mayock say he questions his ability to catch in traffic but I actually think that is one of his strengths. The dude catches everything, even contested balls. Interested to see the creative ways Mike McCoy can get him the ball.
  3. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 15

    Josh Allen