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  1. There isn't a time limit for these so starting on a Monday is better as people tend to be off for the weekends.
  2. Since we go into the normal long summer dead period now with nothing to look forward to until the Shark Tank, how about setting a date for the Summer Owners Meeting. July 23rd not work for anyone? Gives people time to propose anything else. For the new Owners. Anything decided on in the meeting wouldn't effect the 2018 season as it would apply to the 2019 season as most teams have already made plans for this season. Edit: If you want you can send me any new Ideas in a PM as @Ragnarok is crazy busy right now.
  3. GG @RandyMossIsBoss kept it close early at least
  4. BDL FA 2018 Week 3 Cuba offers Edge Jerry Hughes - 3 years $10,800 total ($3,600 per) Int Fletcher Cox $69,000/6 years (11,500 per) CB Kenny Moore $501/2 years ($1002 total) CB Bryce Callahan - 2 years $1,526 total ($783 per) LB Preston Brown - $1,600 per 2 years ($3,200 total) Int Adam Butler $501 per 2 years ($1002 total) Orlando offers: LB Christian Kirksey 3 years/$3,800 per year LB Dylan Cole 3 years/$501 per year CB David Amerson 3 years $900 per year Oklahoma City bids: Int Stephon Tuitt - $20400/4yrs ($5100/yr) S Andrew Sendejo - $3200/2yrs ($1600/yr) Portland Bids CB Jason McCourty 4250/2 (2125/yr) Int Shelby Harris 2500/2 (1250/yr) Edge Brian Orakpo $6200/2 (3,100/yr) LB Vince Williams $2502/3 ($834/yr) Wichita Bids Int Al Woods 2 years 1600 (800 per year) Edge Adrian Clayborn 6000/3 years (2000 per) Long Beach CB Bashaud Breeland 3000/3 1000 per year CB EJ Gaines 3 years 6375 $2125 per Louisiana Bids: LB Danny Trevathan - 7500/2 (3750 per) INT Sheldon Richardson 12600/3 (4200 per) LB Anthony Barr - 15000/3 (5000 per) INT Johnathan Hankins 1950/2 (975 per) DB - Adrian Colbert - 1800/3 (600 per) INT - David Onyemata - 1800/3 (600 per) S - Patrick Chung - 3120/2 (1560 per) CB Vontae Davis 4750/2 (2375 per) CB Justin Coleman - 3600/3 (1200 per) CB Kyle Fuller - $38,000/5 ($7600 per) Camden offers: CB Aaron Colvin 3 years $12,300 (4,100/year) LB Blair Brown 2 years $1,300 (650/year) S Bradley McDougald 2 years $3,600 (1,800/year) Hawaii offers Edge Ezekiel Ansah $31,500/4 years ($7875/per) Ivory Coast CB Malcolm Butler - $14,000 / 2 years ($7,000 per year) LB Wesley Woodyard 2,800 / 2 years(1,400 per year) Singapore Bids CB Jason Verrett $30,000/5 years (6000) Sydney Bids: LB Mychal Kendricks 5000/2 (2500/yr) Rome offers S Barry Church 2 years 5200(2600 per) LB Navarro Bowman 2 years 1200(600 per)
  5. Portland - $2,016 in cap space Long Beach - $2,567 in cap space
  6. As FA is coming to a close please remember to update your Depth Charts in the thread.
  7. Hopefully those results bode well for improving the 1-7 Home record from last year.
  8. You're not getting rid of me that easily!
  9. OK Lists and stuff should be updated. Got home and had no internet last night.
  10. BDL 2018 FA Week 3 - DB/DL/LB

    Singapore Bids CB Jason Verrett $30,000/5 years (6000)
  11. 2018 BDL FA Week 2 Orlando offers: C Mike Pouncey $6,000/2 years $3,000 per year QB Philip Rivers $83,100/6 years $13,850 per year Portland Bids OG Joe Dahl $1,503/3 (501/yr) OT Kelvin beachum $6,400/2 (3,200/yr) OT Will Holden - 2 years $1,302 ($651/yr) C Matt Paradis $10,500/3 (3,500/yr) G Josh Sitton $9500/2 (4750/yr) Louisiana bids: OG Brandon Fusco - 3400/2 (1700 per) OG Connor McGovern 1400/2 (700 per) G Joel Bitonio - 38400/6 (6400 per) LB bids QB DeShone Kizer 2 years $1500 (750 per) C JC Tretter 2 years $6,700 (3,350 per) OT Charles Leno Jr 3 years 16650 (5550 per) Wichita OG Jack Mewhort 2 years 3250 (1625/yr) Seoul offers G LDT $32000 /6 ($5333 per) Singapore Offers C Weston Richburg $23,750/5 years (4,750) Camden Bids OT Cordy Glenn 3 years $21,000 (7,000/year) QB Alex Smith 3 years $28,200 (9,400/year) Cuba offers OG Parker Erhinger - 2 years $1002 total ($501/yr) OT Demar Dotson 3 years $9141 total ($3047 per) Rome OT Donald Penn 2 years 7300(3650 per)
  12. @WFLukic is the starship for all of your alien reptile flat earthers? Its funny because they don't believe Australia exists.
  13. With so much Chaos I decided on the tiebreaker option. If Dome had chosen another player's time then we would have won. FWIW my assigned time would have also resulted in no points no matter AM.PM.
  14. After the first week of FA I realized that if I was going to make a suggestion to increase the min bid from 40% to 50% of the RL Salary I should put my money where my mouth is. Basically it ends up there anyway for the sought after FA and just takes away the minimum increase back and forth that always starts the process. It should reduce the dithering and pay the lowest tier guys a bit more. Also 50% is so much easier math wise. For those not paying attention to the owners meeting topics. To help curb the Salary creep on 3 Ups I've proposed reducing the 85% requirement to 75% (Again easier math) Which should be more than enough savings where we don't have to balloon the cap into the stratosphere. Just writing ourselves a blank check every year isn't the answer IMO. Tighter, simpler contract rules should achieve the same effect.