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  1. Bringing in Al Holcomb to be his DC potential. Switching to a 4-3? I think the personnel are there for it.
  2. We need a new discussion thread. 200 pages is immense.
  3. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    Flip also has the potential to bring in Josh McCown as a bridge QB for a Rookie. SInce he coached him in Cleveland.
  4. Predict the Pick: 15, Cardinals

    I went with Denzel Ward. CB is also a need and I don't see the value there at QB or WR.

    Update my choices to the above.

    Fan Favorite: New England Patriots Sub Forum War Room: Yes 1. Seattle Seahawks 2. NY Giants 3. Any Team
  7. It's what nfl.com calls him. Most players actually do have nicknames.
  8. I'm open for business trade wise. Willing to take on 3 downs and will listen to offers at least on pretty much anyone but JimmyGQ and Donald. Probably wait until after the SB before consummating anything just in case of sudden retirements.
  9. Does not being able to delete posts eat at you frogs?
  10. Caldwell fired

    Patriots haven't run a pure 3-4 in years. Patricia will make the best use of personnel.
  11. Done. Kyle Fuller is a UFA. Bears didn't pick up his 5th year option so he's a FA this year IRL too.
  12. Roto shows him as a FA but that may be because he was also serving a PED suspension. Some of this stuff works itself out closer to NFL free agency with guys getting tagged. If so it would apply.
  13. AJ Macaroon is also an RFA because he was on IR his first year. There may be a few exceptions like that. Looks like he's appealing his status but we won't know until Feb 18th. For now I'll list him as an RFA.
  14. Rome retirement party OT Brandon Albert (Really FA Cut) OT Brandon Albert $4,200/2 years