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  1. No duplicate bids in FA solves that problem.
  2. TD vulture Javonte Williams could be had for the right price. (Only 1 Tag) Hightower is also on the block. Dont'a Hightower [11 GS]: 55 tackles (8 stuffs), 6 coverages, 3 sacks, 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles, 2 recoveries.
  3. GG. Defense finally did something. I build my team to win against my division. I am currently 3-2 and the 2 losses were by 2 pts each and one was fluky where I should have had a FG attempt made.
  4. Sorry. I don't have a list. Last stuff I have is from 2019. @wwhickok probably has a better idea as I think most have been his.
  5. Next Sunday August 1st Noon I believe. There is a trade deadline each season that starts at Week 12, and is in affect until after the Taco Bowl.
  6. GG Swoosh. Those Squirrels always get me. I was hoping without Kyler I had a chance since last time he threw for 3 TD's and ran for 3 TD's.
  7. Deion Jones...What a bargain. These LBs getting paid.
  8. They have to not have played a game in 365day and be a Free Agent to be able to cut them freely.
  9. GG. It was a nail biter. When Ebron Fumbled and I missed that extra point in the first half I was worried. Juice showed up finally for this game though.
  10. Maybe my last place Defense will show up this week. Continually losing by 2-3 points when you have the best O in the league is a little maddening.
  11. GG @RandyMossIsBoss @TheKillerNacho Why not attempt the GW FG here? My Try is set to 37? Q4, 0:21: Ryan Succop kicks an onside kick! Recovered by the Freiburg Venom. Q4, 0:16, 1st & 10 on the FRE 47: Matthew Stafford passes the ball to the outside and completes to Eric Ebron for 16 yards. Tackle made by Tre Boston. Q4, 0:03, 1st & 10 on the IND 37: Matthew Stafford throws incomplete deep. Casey Hayward on the coverage. End of game. Predators edge out the Venom in nail-biter Score: IND 31, FRE 29 MVP: Alvin Kamara
  12. Siberia - Cold Australia Outback - Wildfires/Benefit the Koalas Madagascar
  13. GG @El Ramster Just couldn't overcome that first half deficit. See ya for the rematch.
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