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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Check thy last bid.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    First wave of week 3 FA signing are in the books. Looks like 9am is the next deadline for the second wave. Cuba should go for one more Cook to have them all in the kitchen.
  3. tcmd - Sign Up Thread

    Since Dome is out ill take the Saints. No new name at this time.
  4. Singapore bids TE Darren Waller $1,503/3 years ($501/yr)
  5. The Freiburg Venom would like the opportunity to play the Tacoma Thunder in London Week 8. @TheKillerNacho
  6. Mafia Registration Thread

    Please remove me from the list. Thanks.
  7. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    OK I think all the bids are up to date now in the roster sheet for Defense week except for the one open bid.
  8. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    For which bid? nvm. I was going by the winning bids listed in the 3rd post. Haha has been corrected.
  9. BDL FA Week 2 WINNING BIDS!! Anchorage LB - Avery Williamson - 7500/2 (3750 per) LB - Jaime Collins - 3000/2 (1500 per) EDGE - Jordan Jenkins - 1002/2 (501 per) LB - Elandon Roberts - 1002/2 (501 per) S Justin Evans - 3/2100 (700 per) Berlin S - Lamarcus Joyner - 15750/3 (5250 per) Camden DT - Timmy Jernigan - 3000/3 (1000 per) LB - Todd Davis - 5000/2 (2500 per) Carolina Cuba LB - KJ Wright - 17400/4 (4350 per) INT - Jurrell Casey - 16200/2 (8100 per) INT - Arik Armstead - 13569/3 (4523 per) Gotham Hawaii LB - Demario Davis - 12000 (4000 per) S - Anthony Harris - 26000/5 (5200 per) Hungary EDGE - Mario Addison - 11250/3 (3750 per) INT - Danny Shelton - 1545/3 (515 per) CB - Crevon Leblanc - 2025/3 (675 per) Ivory Coast CB - Patrick Peterson - 45995/5 (9199 per) New Orleans EDGE - Calais Campbell - 16000/2 (8000 per)INT - Geno Atkins - 17000/2 (8500 per) OKC Portland S - Shawn Williams - Portland - 5650/2 (2825 per) Edge Dee Ford 34,200/4 (8,550/yr) Rome INT - Gerald McCoy - 8000/2 (4000 per) LB - Jordan Hicks - 20000/4 (5000 per) S - HaHa Clinton Dix - 20500/5 (4100 per) S - DJ Swearinger - 12090/3 (4030 per) S - Tre Boston - 1503/3 (501 per) Seoul LB - Shaq Thompson - 23,080/5 (4616 per) LB - CJ Mosley - 34,000/4 (8500 per) INT - Maliek Collins - 1503/3 (501 per) DT - Grady Jarrett - 56000/5 (11200 per) INT - Eddie Goldman - 17400/3 (5800 per) Singapore EDGE - Preston Smith - 26000/4 (6500 per) Williamsport EDGE - Michael Bennett - 12600/3 (4200 per) INT - Tyson Alualu - 6000/4 (1500 per) S - Sean Davis - 6000/3 (2000 per)
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    It should be when you make the bid but players don't get added until you win. I haven't checked last week's stuff because I got back late last night from vacation but will double check stuff today.
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Week 3 is now open for bids. Spend all those dollars.
  12. These are the current highest bids. Most likely to be updated in the evening when I get home from work. OPEN BIDS Camden TE Jared Cook 2 years $10,000 (5k/year) Cuba TE Mo Alie-Cox 2 years $1002 ($501 per) Anchorage Gotham WR Devante Parker 3/3k (9k Total) TE Kyle Rudolph 3 years $16,200 (5,400/year) Hungary WR DeSean Jackson 3 years 14952 (4984) ICBR TE Delanie Walker $9,500 / 2 years (4,750 per) New Orleans Bids: Portland RB Tevin Coleman 2 years/5,000 (2,500/yr) Rome Singapore TE Darren Waller $1,503/3 years ($501/yr) Williamsport TE Maxx Williams 2 Years @ $501 per/$1,002
  13. Here is a link to the Free Agent Pool for the BDL. Please remember that 2019 Rookies are not included in FA and will be available to be added to rosters during the Shark Tank in August. The players name should also be a link to Spotrac for help in crafting the initial bids that must meet the 50% salary floor. I will post winning bids in this thread as they process. WINNING BIDS!! Anchorage WR Nelson Agholor 2/2,000 (4000 total) Cuba WR Brandin Cooks 3 years $34,110 total ($11,370 per) RB Damien Williams 2 years $5,810 ($2,905 per) Rome TE Tyler Eifert. 2 years 4000(2000 per) Williamsport WR Randall Cobb @ 2 years $2,500 per/$5,000 FB Roosevelt Nix 2 yrs @ 875k per/$1,750
  14. BDL Free Agency occurs much later than they NFL because we like it that way, Normally starts the end of May/Early June. This gives time for all the contracts to settle down and also teams to add those last few pieces they need for the upcoming year. The 2019 FA Schedule (on a rotating basis) 1. OL/QB - The Essentials Week (June 3rd-June 9th) 2. DB/DL/LB - Defense Week (June 10th-June 16th) 3. RB/TE/WR/FB - Skill Players Week (June 17th-23rd) Basic Rules Free Agent Deals and Extensions can range from 2 to 5 years. If a multiple year contract the lowest yearly salary is $501 A team’s active bids may not exceed the salary cap. In FA a player will continue to be bid on until 48 hours has elapsed from the previous bid. The initial bid has to be within the week of that position groups free agency period. If an offer stands for 48 hours without a new bid then that player will automatically be signed by the winning team and locked on to your roster for the current year. You cannot take a bid back so please bid accordingly and make sure you have the cap space. Please try not to edit your posts as we will be using the timestamp for bid verification. If you do edit your edit time will be the official start time of the bid. The League Minimum is $501 per year. In FA a player will continue to be bid on until 48 hours has elapsed from the previous bid. The initial bid has to be within the week of that position groups free agency period. Any bids on FA players must be a minimum of 2 years. Any bid on a player has to maintain a 50% basis of their real life salary To be a 4 year contract, salary has to be greater than $1,500 To be a 5 year contract, salary has to be greater than $2,000 and maintain a 60% basis of their real life salary. For contract totals that are $5,000 and under the current offer needs to be beaten by at least $250. For contract greater than or equal to $5,000 but less than $10,000 the current offer needs to be beaten by at least $500. For contracts greater than or equal to $10,000 but less than $20,000 the current offer needs to be beaten by at least $1,000 Contracts greater than or equal to $20,000 the current offer must be beaten by $2,000 For every extra year added you must add at least 85% of the leading bids salary to the total contract size. For every year decreased in a offer in free agency, you must increase the yearly salary by 5%.