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  1. He was injured the week before and was questionable to play. I think the only reason he was in there was likely as a diversion because of Beasely's broken leg he was playing on.
  2. Some interesting sites. RAS Charlie GBN Draft Network SPARQ - although this looks out of date
  3. My BB begins with all the players that decide to go back to school that I liked the year before. Currently 2022 has no one on the list since almost everyone declared. I then use about 5-6 different sites to compile a list of players to start from. I normally go back and add a player here and there to my board each week. Which is generally in position groups and not in a numerical order. I pick guys that I like and as the draft approaches assign them a BDL round I am comfortable selecting them in. It's very ameba like and not in any order. I even have guys already sorted that will be
  4. Too many things to list out here.
  5. I have 5 Edge on my BB thank you! But a Kwity Paye ain't one.
  6. I was pretty much done last week due to work and needing a break. wasn't paying attention.
  7. I know of it because it was high on people's lists for 2020 but I am not familiar with it.
  8. You'd have to go a long way back to Reid's philly days for when they drafted a 1st/2nd Round WR other than Hardman. The handful that have been drafted in the last 10 years have been 4th-6th rounds.
  9. I mean right now he just has to beat out Chad Williams and the ghost of Antonio Callaway. Literally no other WR on the roster next year.
  10. I'm hoping Hardman can be WR2 next season.
  11. I have one WR on my BB and it is not Bateman. If things fell that way I would jump on Pitts. He and Waller would be unstoppable.
  12. I hope so. I would much rather face that KC defense over Buffalo's.
  13. 2 yds and a cloud of dust. Run 40 sec off the clock.
  14. If they make it I may have to get that Pewter Gray TB12 jersey. It will sit awkwardly in my closet with my Stafford and Garoppolo jerseys.
  15. 15 Min left. This will likely come down to the last possession. I know I am the only one probably rooting for the first Team to host the SB in their house.
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