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  1. I've been wanting to touch base on this but work was busy this week so just getting to it now. What Bcb, JLash and I are against is double dipping on discounts. It goes back a few years when one of the previous owners PSU wanted to try and include part of a players RFA deal into the 3 up equation. Which is why we don't do that anymore. So we defaulted to the Avg salary on Spotrac for basing deals off of (casting aside Roto that was wildly inaccurate sometimes). So if you are wanting to use a 3 Up to get the contract discount this is just the cost you pay. The number you are trying to reach above $9,421/4 years through a 3 Up is just the wrong way to go about it by adding a cheap year and the 3 Up discount. What we have been fine with in the past is 100% deals as long as players get all the new money and current BDL money. So in this case for Hayward it would be $6,500 + $33,250 = $39,750/4 years = $9,938/yr. That's just a little over $500 off the number you were seeking and doesn't cross the double discount threshold. I'd be ok with this. I'll let @Jlash @Ragnarok @bcb1213 @MD4L give their thoughts on the matter though. No system is ever going to be perfect since we are dealing with different NFL teams crafting individual deals to suit their needs and not ours.
  2. @Jlash May want to update the Thread title with "FA 5/28/18".
  3. 8 Trade Mock

    I'd take that for the Pats.
  4. Approved: Md4L, SirA, Pheltz @Ragnarok @PR
  5. Approved: Rags, MD4L, SirA
  6. Approved: Bcb, JLash, SirA
  7. I considered Moore as well in the late 6th/7th.
  8. As always. I think I got some excellent backups this year. If I can get half of what I got from the 2017 class I would consider it a success. Also 8 Draft picks is a BDL low for me in 7 drafts. But all came in at a total of $3,990 so that's a plus.
  9. This was 2017. - The 2017 FA Schedule (on a rotating basis) 1. DB/DL/LB - Defense Week 2. RB/TE/WR - Skill Players Week 3. OL/QB - The Essentials Week So 2018 would be 1. RB/TE/WR - Skill Players Week 2. OL/QB - The Essentials Week 3. BD/DL/LB - Defense Week.
  10. 4.14 (62) RSoph #3 Jessie Bates III S Wake Forest 5.13 (77) Junior #24 Quenton Meeks CB Stanford 6.3 (83) RSenior #55 Martinas Rankin OT Miss State (TC) 6.11 (91) RJunior #53 Duke Ejifor DE Wake Forest 6.12 (92) Senior #7 Duke Dawson CB Florida 7.3 (99) Junior #1 Mark Walton Jr. RB Miami (FL) 7.11 (107) Senior #6 Genard Avery LB Memphis 7.12 (108) RSenior #5 DaeSean Hamilton WR Penn State (TC)
  11. Why trade your best players at these positions on cheap deals?
  12. Ted's on vacation but I'll take a look at it.
  13. It's also too much variance between BDL contracts. Some of the FA deals are super cheap so it's nor "Fair" across the board to include the BDL year in the equation and then get another discount on top of that. Like I mentioned to you I can see something simpler like 75% 3 Ups to alleviate some of the cap issues involved with a 3 Up.