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  1. False. Topics 1, 3, 4 and 4a are all applying to the 2018 season. Only Topic 2, which has now been replaced was going to go into effect in 2019. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1feTqcetrf_PUk17jVcenO_gZD2nhaQ4rRrxDp0VDL-o/edit I still don't understand where you are getting this One Calendar Year implementation from. That would mean everything we just voted on wouldn't go into effect until 2020 because a Calendar year would be July 2019. Next season for a lot of the stuff was implied because we changed the fundamental rules for things that could only happen next year. The only reason is is so cheap is because I am being forced to use $8.5K of this years salary cap on a year round 3 up to avoid the Pheltz Penalty clause for rookies. I'm actually paying Hunter more over 6 years than he would get over 5 years along with the Pheltz penalty if I had to wait so the only thing it would penalize is my cap space. I'm not sure if you are understanding the year round 3 Up. Once FA started this year in 2018 (May) you could no longer use the 85% 2018 3 ups. And no one has since then. All 3 Ups going forward starting with 2019 are 75% per the vote. If I had waited until December and done this no one would have batted an eye. But I didn't want to take the chance I'd overspend on Waivers and have to suffer the Pheltz Penalty. Ya'll are basically saying it is too soon to implement something we voted yes on but if everyone is going to be able to take advantage of it I don't see the issue. I'm actually hurting myself by doing this now because I have no cap space left for more than a couple of waivers and will be a non participant in the Shark Tank. But it's how I'm choosing to spend my cap. Next Seasons 3 Ups (2019) are open now they are the only ones you can use, still limited to 3 of them until 2019 FA starts (June). After June 2019 FA then the only 3 Ups you could use would be 2020 3 Ups. The Year for the purposes of Year Round in 3 Ups is FA to FA so June to May normally. So why shouldn't everyone be able to benefit from rules applied to the 2019 season. What you are basically saying is that teams with Cap space this year should take a penalty for signing guys early. We made a decision to change the 3 Up discount from 85% to 75%. There wasn't a year assigned to that change because but even if there was 2019 3 Ups would be the logical place to start and I am using a 2019 3 Up. It's irrelevant IMO when that occurs because I am using my cap how I see fit this year and a large portion of it to basically pay a player more over 6 years than having to wait a year and pay them less over 5 years. See point one under the first quote to refute this assumption. Rules aren't in Limbo. They are actually codified pretty well right now here. Including all the updates from the owners meetings. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PMWi_mLXhAdtxZF2PYBlXzqmtrQfDF1xx1v3_o8F-uA/edit
  2. I'm fine with this as well because it would also invalidate the pheltz rule.
  3. The other solution to this which would make those voicing their lament against using 2019 rules with 2019 resources is to have the Ruling Committee repeal this antiquated rule that isn't doing anyone any good and is the only reparations we ever require being paid. This is such a limited use rule because it effects only a handful of players each year.
  4. Congrats @Scalamania I know Tate didn't help out that much but glad we worked something out.
  5. That's his opinion. I interpret is to be using a 2019 resource so I should get the 2019 benefit. Otherwise it's an unnecessary Penalty just used to cost me more cap space in the future. He's also salty about the whole Mewhort thing.
  6. This "Loophole" that people think I am taking advantage of is only going to be open for this year. And is open to everyone with Cap space. Going forward it will just be come the norm. The Year for purposes of 3 Ups has always been FA to FA. So Once FA started this year all 2018 3 Ups became void. Any 3 Ups used after FA started would use 2019 3 Ups. I believe the 75% change will actually cause more 3 Ups to be used which is a good thing. Barely a third of the teams used all of theirs this year because of the higher contracts. Btionio should have been signed for like $8K-9K/yr as a 3 Up this year but went to FA and got less money in $6K/yr
  7. I don't think Frederick's 3 Up offer is valid because he has 3 years left on his current BDL contract. A 3 Up is for a pending FA which we have always defined at 0-1 year left. He can wait 2 years and use a 2021 3 up for the same effect.
  8. Actually Hunter cannot be 3 Upped at the same rate next year. Which is why I am doing it now. Because of this dumb rule, which penalized JLash and Bitonio this year. Basically what this says is that because Hunter is still on his BDL Rookie Deal he's a special 3 Up case in that in order to use 6 years to spread contract over I have to 3 Up him this year. If I wait until 2019 I can only offer him a 5 year deal and have to account for the entire $72M extension so he would be more expensive if I waited. I save cap room with the intention of 3 Upping him this year. The 75% thing is just a bonus be because that's what we voted 2019 and after 3 Ups to be. You can use a 2019 3 Up now if you have the cap space. It doesn't net you any other advantage that spreading out the deal for another year to get minimal cap space ($1K) . You will still be down a 3 Up in 2019 and only have 2 more available.
  9. Nope. I've done some of the positions but not most. None of the Rookies that weren't drafted are on the list either.
  10. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    Thanks. I got all my guys. I know I'm 1 player over my 20 limit. I will cut someone before the season starts. Waiting to see who makes it through final cuts.
  11. Approved: Bcb, MD4L, JLash Abstained: Ragnarok
  12. Absolutely I'm paying the player 13.5 times his salary this year with the new contract. I'm doing it now to save some cap next year and paying the player more overall over 6 years versus 5 years. Because if I wait till next year I have to pay the Pheltz penalty.
  13. So should it revert to 75% next year? There are never going to be any more 85% 3 ups. That was pretty clear by the voting and because all 3 ups will use 2019 resources and beyond.
  14. So if I use a year round 3 up it won't be a 2019 3 up that counts against next season?
  15. The original 2% cap thing wouldn't have gone into effect until next year. The new trailing thing is replacing it. The reason I am able to use the 75% 3 up amount is because any 3 up will be a 2019 3 up since it is after FA.