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  1. I just traded away a $10K per year LB. Don't need another one.
  2. I think half the league is on the LB/S plan this season.
  3. IMAX for me and it was awesome. I just finished rewatching on HBOMax and it was still good and didn't seem as long. I actually do like the book and the original Lynch version of the movie so this was familiar to me.
  4. https://www.nfl.com/injuries/league/2021/REG7 Good lord at the guys OUT this week.
  5. That's fine I can do 7 of them if someone can do mine.
  6. Send to @Whicker Antartica @ Death Valley Singapore @ New Orleans Anchorage @ Cancun Seoul @ Raleigh Send to SirA Cuba @ Berlin Gotham @ Ivory Coast Lancaster @ Hungary Camden @ Rome @PR @RedGold @EaglesPeteC
  7. Singapore Sentinels Sub $500 Cut INT Tyler Lancaster Singapore Sentinels $500 1
  8. Yes. Eventually. It's one reason why I haven't always submitted an extra claim.
  9. If they come back then they are back on your roster.
  10. I can probably do a couple. Just not week 12 obviously.
  11. We also have the double Game plan option with people taking turns.
  12. Almost halfway through the season Gents. I will say I am pleasantly surprised that no one has missed a game plan yet on my end.
  13. I think Hungary has a little more firepower this week. 35 - 28
  14. The Nightmare defense makes a few more stops in a high scoring game. 35-30
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