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  1. I'm surprised no one picked up that there was already another census taker in the game but he dies N2. @The Orca has been assassinated! He was Jace, Telepath Unbound (Gatewatch aligned) You begin the game with 3 loyalty counters (+1) Choose a player. You will learn the loyalty cost of the move they used this night. (-2) Choose a player. You will learn that player's alignment. (-6) Choose a player. You will learn how many non-town players were on that player's lynch wagon that day.
  2. Racks could only use the moves of his dead scummates. That was revealed the first time he was lynched.
  3. It costs 4 to use so I would have had to do nothing for a night to charge it once so it would have resulted in no kills for a night. Only reason we got to use it at all was racks started with 5 loyalty and you killed me D2. We even talked about sacrificing me on D2 to come to the same result or rack being able to use it.
  4. I am also out. Lots coming up soon.
  5. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Yeah the goal was to try and remove all the headaches of trying to find the best way to manage your roster and just have a plain set of rules to follow.
  6. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    5th year options don't work that way anymore. There is no averaging of the 2 years anymore. We voted to change that this past off season. BDL players basically play out their 4 year deals now (or 3 years + RFA) and then everything happens in the offseason. So even if he is tendered his 5th year you don't have any options this year. If he hasn't signed a long term deal by BDL offseason 2021 you could then use your 5th year option or of he has you have to 3 Up him next year. He is what the rule is now. 5th Year Options (Start of Off-Season until beginning of BDL FA) If a real life NFL 1st round player is tendered their 5th year option a team can match it at 75% without using one of their 3 Ups for the year.
  7. The nice thing about it is there is always something to do. Even when it's not your turn so there is hardly any dead time. I've heard it is similar to, but better than, Machi Koro if you are looking for a reference.
  8. Was able to get Space Base to the table this past week to see if the wife would like it. I only got about an hour tutorial at the con I went to earlier this month but had a good time and I like Engine building games. 2 player takes about an hour to play which is a good length for us. I went off of what was shown me and didn't do a deep rules study to just get a feel for things so we ignored some of the odder ship choices. I got some lucky roles at the end to seal a close victory. One the plus side the wife did enjoy it and would play again. She likes puzzles and part of the game is figuring out what are your best options to take so she considers it like a puzzle. I may look into getting the expansions for this now.
  9. Tortuga 2199 hit all of the stretch goals in the last hour or so. Now just the wait until August.... I happily added two new games today while hitting some of the more obscure stores in town that I only get to a few times a year. The 3rd Barnes and Noble in town but it's got the worst location because of traffic had Wingspan and I hadn't been able to find it anywhere. Got it for $42 since the wife works at one of the other stores. Went to 2nd and Charles a used bookstore that also has games. Got Onitama there for only $16 instead of $30. I'm likely headed back tomorrow with a few games that I don't intend to keep and trade them in for some credit to get an expansion for Arkham Horror TLC.
  10. Is it a betrayal if it was a willing sacrifice? You will look back on this as your downfall.