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  1. Brissett will be starting somewhere next season.
  2. @Jlash I'm sorry Jimmy G is looking like the second coming of Nathan Peterman.
  3. N1 - No Action N2 - No Action N3 - Commute N4 - No Action N5 - Commute N6 - No Action N7 - No Action Killed by Dr. Pickle I think as I tried to throw my needle in the Incinerator.
  4. Who wants to do Game Threads this year? I could do some but they would not go up until like 7pm Sunday nights because of work. Not that it matters since it seems like Friday is the deadline now. lol
  5. Who killed me? I did nothing to anyone all game. I even tried to toss my needle of Ebola into the incinerator.
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-UIdSU9_KObYk1yhnCBW_HCnad0NU70i bcb1213
  7. Fair enough. I think they pushed back the start of preseason this year. If you want to run it on the 26th go for it.
  8. Ravens slot CB Tavon Young could miss the entire season with a neck injury. I'm sorry @SwoleXmad I was thinking about signing him in RFA. Evidently that was enough for the injury jinx.
  9. Singapore Sub $500 Cuts Edge Duke Ejiofor $450 2