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  1. Looks like the IR Stash is starting early this season.
  2. My strat has always been run the ball, play good defense and beat the teams in your division. Seeing results this year for sure.
  3. Dee Ford is not on Freiburg's roster this year. Miami Sharks I believe. I hope King Henry will get in because of his rushing stats but his receiving stats put him at 2,155 total yards at 16 total TDs. Derrick Henry [16 GS]: 359 carries for 1,685 yards (4.69 YPC, 27 LNG), 14 touchdowns, 3 fumbles. 43 receptions for 470 yards (10.93 YPR, 22 LNG), 2 touchdowns, 4 drops. That is after laying this egg in week 16. Derrick Henry: 11 carries for 24 yards (2.18 YPC, 6 LNG), 0 touchdowns. Derrick Henry: 0 receptions for 0 yards (0.00 YPR, 0 LNG), 0 touchdowns. Luckily Chris Ca
  4. GG @El Ramster Urban decided to rest King Henry for the playoffs it seemed. Hopefully that works out.
  5. DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS Norway over moose Rey over Rio venom over papermakers RC over squirrels conf Norway over Rey Venom over RC nacho bowl venom over norway @TheKillerNacho Here is my playoff prediction.
  6. First round hit rate is at least about 50% so you should be fine.
  7. I actually believe this will likely go down as one of the worst NFL Draft Classes of the last decade. I am hoping to hit on 1 guy and I will be happy.
  8. I mean Hunter didn't even factor into 2020 and my other Front 7 Starters and Bench guys had 65 sacks. How much more getting to the QB consistently do you need? I even drafted 2 more Edge that landed in great spots. I would say that TE is probably an area I need to address just didn't like any in the draft this season.
  9. Starting LG for the Chargers now. Cheap deal and Bozeman may be moving to C. Hedging bets. If I hadn't landed Green in PFA I would probably have 3 Upped Nick Gates too. There is only really one half way decent LG in FA and Andrus Peat and Feiler are about the same to me starter wise and Peat has a higher salary and will likely rise due to someone else needing him.
  10. I listed him as a CB but he's been rumored to be switching to Safety. Was on my shortlist at the end to play S.
  11. Singapore Sentinels 3 Up #2 Matt Feiler OG NFL Deal 3 years $7,000 per BDL Deal 3 Years $5,250 per https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/los-angeles-chargers/matt-feiler-14895/
  12. Teams this year started spreading out the Signing Bonus into voidable years to get under the cap. You can do it over 5 years.
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