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  1. The Defense may pull this game out.
  2. No the game this week, I didn't expect to win. Thank you for your vote.
  3. Almost some Sing-Sing friendly fire action.
  4. Sell the #1 pick for a legendary haul?
  5. Just a reminder that this coming weekend there are no Game Plans due to the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. We will still have Waivers this week and next week as well but normally @bcb1213 posts Waivers on Friday if IRC. Week 12 Game Plans will be due by 1pm on Dec 6th.
  6. I'm waiting for the Friendly fire tomorrow night like you had today.
  7. Real talk, when I was much younger I think one year for Christmas we got plush Pinocchio's with noses that would extend out of the face. Since the normal mode was retracted when you extended the nose it had an unusual tip at the end. I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen now that I think back on it.
  8. I've actually only got one 3 Down (Richburg) for a change so will be a buyer in the 3 Down Market this season for a change.
  9. I was looking at potential FA targets tonight and man that SacTown Roster isn't losing too many non Rookie FA (10 maybe) and has 11 draft picks including PFA. Going to be some interesting decisions for @Counselor this offseason.
  10. I was talking with @Ragnarok about this last week. I was in PA about 20 min from Walter's for about a month and that draft happened the week after I flew home.
  11. With all of that being said there isn't an issue with the process it looks like there is a formula error in one of the Columns for OKC. The Adj.Wins total is showing them with 0 and they should have 3. That is what is throwing off the bottom order. I think this was added in to account for ties when we voted to include them a couple of years ago. @ny92mike do you have time to take a look at this?
  12. Totally not. We would livestream it if needed.
  13. It does. Never has happened. Neither has vote total ever mattered for a tie breaker for the playoffs.
  14. Ill send you the link to the nfl tie breakers when i get home.
  15. Its a mock that will be done 25 more times until tbe draft. Order right now is ehh.
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