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  1. Singapore Rookie Report - Week 2 (Probably a biweekly thing) 1.11 - Jaycee Horn, CB - Starter looking like the real deal so far in Carolina. Grade: A 2.6 - JOK, LB - Rotational player right now that is learning and should be a good WLB once he gets it. Grade: B 2.13 - Odafe Oweh, Edge - Talented athlete that is showing that he can perform in the NFL when given playing time. Played 77% of the snaps in week 2 and won the game for BLT. Looking forward to the next few weeks. Grade: A- 4.2 - Dillon Radunz, OL - Was hoping he could be a future OT but had some issue in camp and is
  2. No with the short term IR of min 3 weeks a player can be inactive and then later come back on your roster active once they heal up. If you are making extra claims for that IR player then you may be stuck over the limit when they come back and have to cut someone.
  3. It seems to be the year of the Hamstring injury. Stretch people.
  4. Just be sure to watch that roster limit when they come back if you make extra claims.
  5. When updating snap counts it's nice to see an increase in almost 90% of the roster.
  6. I would also recommend rationing the rookie use at receiver and just hoping they do well each week. Boyd and Jones are known quantities and can get you votes. Situational use is fine but relying on them each week will probably be a bumpy road.
  7. Azeez time for the Trappers. I don't think the Hippos can get enough pressure on Burrow this week so he had time to hit his weapons. I think you should be starting David Andrews at C though. Ben Jones is JAG. Anchorage 24 - 17
  8. I think Cuba's OL doesn't lose much with their new lineup. I think it's a close one but Carr has enough to will them to a win. 24-21
  9. Cancun wears out by halftime. Going with Lancaster and the missing man formation on defensive bench. 21 - 10
  10. Gotham is sadly a about to have the biscuit wheels fall off the Gravy Train with all their injuries on O. I think the Jazz do enough this week at home to get a close win. 35 - 28
  11. I like the Firebirds roster hopefully their secondary will settle down soon. Have to go Camden this week. 28-17
  12. JJ3 is on Fant but close enough to the line to make some stops in the run game.
  13. It will be good to have a team back there again.
  14. I will try and get all my voting in tonight. We are leaving for a lake house after work tomorrow and I don't know what the wifi situation will be like there.
  15. I'm enjoying it so far. Reminds me a little bit from a few years ago when I didn't have cable and would watch the online NFL.com show with the former NFL morning crew and different players sitting on a couch and react to the different games.
  16. Getting ready to watch the Mannings on ESPN 2 as I liked what I saw on the highlights from week 1.
  17. Berlin at home for the obvious reasons. It's going to be a war of attrition all year long it seems.
  18. Josey Jewell and Brandon Graham out for the season. DId we lose anyone else this week?
  19. This is probably the game of the week. I'm just hoping it's close.
  20. Man the Sentinel on Sentinel violence continued after I went to sleep it seems. Oweh is looking good at least.
  21. Yeah just saw he had a hat trick today. Glad he is getting back on track.
  22. Sentinel on Sentinel violence you hate to see it.
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