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  1. Can not wait, so many new things: - Get to see OBJ healthy for the first time in over a year - Saquon for more than 4 plays and how the offense will look with him in it - How the offense will look in general with all the weapons we have, and how they will all get involved in the game. - Bettchers defense in full action with all the new pieces and being a 3-4 Just can't wait Go Big Blue!!!
  2. Ok fair enough I wasn't aware the line was that banged up, I knew they had quite a few injuries but 11 lineman to pretty much play 2/3 games is pretty crazy. But still to go over 2000 behind even your full starting line is a crazy statement. But maybe Gruden will run it more now cousins is gone. I don't think 1100 yards would be too farfetched and maybe 5-6 TDs.
  3. Oh dear ? I've heard of bild prediction's but this is something else. Your top running back last year had 603 yards at 3.4 yards a tote, how can you believe that your going to have any running back go 2000 behind a very similar line especially with the teams you play this year.
  4. DT R.J. McIntosh selected by Giants 5.139

    Wow really going in hard for lineman, alot of talent in the DT room now :-) with Harrison and Tomlinson already entrenched as starters just need one of these guys to pan out. Plus Bettcher loves to rotate his lineman so the more bodies the better.