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  1. its not click bait. I am providing access to a 7 round mock.
  2. "this isnt 7 rds".....but it is, this is the 1st of 7......first sentence of the post....
  3. i have them getting a tackle. There are more picks and explanations at the link
  4. Here is the 1st round, plus the 1st picks of teams not picking in Round 1. For full team by team breakdown, go to https://youtu.be/kRGXVYKFQjE and please subscribe. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Trevor Lawrence Clemson 2. New York Jets - QB Zach Wilson BYU 3. Miami Dolphins (from HOU) - OT Penei Sewell Oregon 4. Atlanta Falcons - QB Justin Fields Ohio State *TRADE* 5. Denver Broncos (from CIN) - QB Trey Lance North Dakota State 6. Philadelphia Eagles - WR Jamarr Chase LSU 7. Detroit Lions - WR Devonta Smith Alabama 8. Carolina Panthers - LB Mic
  5. 1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow QB LSU 2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young EDGE Ohio State *TRADE* To DET: 9th ovr + 20th ovr To JAX: 3rd ovr 3. Jacksonville Jaguars (from DET) – Isaiah Simmons LB/S Clemson Simmons has all the versatility in the world to play everywhere on the defence and he will do just that. He is a problem for offences. *TRADE* To NYG: 7th ovr + 69th ovr + 2021 6th rd pick To CAR: 4th ovr 4. Carolina Panthers (from NYG) – Jeff Okudah CB Ohio State Carolina needs a top level CB, especially with how s
  6. The way the draft works out, I do not see the teams signing Cam and Clowney changing their draft strategy all that much despite the signing. ROUND 1 1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow QB LSU 2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young EDGE Ohio State *TRADE* To DET: 5th ovr + 26th ovr To MIA: 3rd ovr + 149th ovr 3. Miami Dolphins (from DET) – Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama 4. New York Giants – Andrew Thomas LT Georgia 5. Detroit Lions (from MIA) – Jeff Okudah CB Ohio State 6. Los Angeles Chargers – Mekhi Becton LT Louisville 7.
  7. ROUND 1 1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow QB LSU 2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young EDGE Ohio State *TRADE* To DET: 6th ovr, 37th ovr, 2021 3rd rd pick, 2021 6th rd pick To LAC: 3rd ovr, 2021 5th rd pick 3. Los Angeles Chargers (from DET) – Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama LA seems to be the most likely landing spot of Tom Brady but is a very short term fix. With Tua's injury's, sitting for a year would be extremely beneficial. This gives another shot in the arm to a franchise in need of a boost for their overall fanbase. 4. New York Giants – Jeffery Okudah
  8. I just feel with the trade down, it opened them up to trade back to get a 5th year option on their next pick, which would make sense for them to do. I do feel like Thompson, Adderly, and Rapp are virtually inter-changable, its just a matter of who fits what teams own taste.
  9. I agree. They oddly can go a lot of places yet are really at no risk of falling off in terms of production on either side of the ball. I just went safe with an aging center and losing Saffold.
  10. I think that's the point I made exactly. As an Eagles fan you drop those names and feel good....I see those names and think not having Odell won't be that big a deal against that group lol
  11. i keep hearing they are maintaining a 3-4 scheme. They might be. Even then, I still think they would be willing to move down cause Allen does have the skills to play OLB and then go to DE in passing situations and be basically Anthony Barr 2.0 (who they almost signed)
  12. REMAINING FA PROJECTIONS: S Eric Berry to Dallas DT Ndamakung Suh to Seattle or Indy ROUND 1 1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma This seems to be the general consensus. New coach new QB is the usual theme of drafts and this one should be no different. 2. San Francisco 49ers – Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Acquiring Dee Ford made this decision much easier. Buckner and Williams will be a problem on all 3 downs and will create nightmares planning wise considering the complimentary talent on the edges. *TRADE* To NYJ: 4th ovr +
  13. Alexander is like 37 yrs old. Milano can definitely be a pass rushing linebacker and even if he isn't, Edmunds and White are so athletic it will allow them to play big more often. There is plenty of logic for a team to take this draft version of Roquon Smith. White is not a backup in this scenario, Alexander gets bumped to a situational pass rusher which at his age is the best way to get maximum productions out of him.
  14. Green Bay invested 2 major FA contracts in EDGE rushers. Prior to FA it was an easy pick but post those signings there isn't a pass rusher need anymore. There is more pressing issues now that they invested in Preston, Zadarius, and then Amos at Safety.
  15. Whats silly about taking a LB who is better than both of the them? Also there are 3 LB spots to be filled and Milano can drop to be more of a pass rusher on passing downs which allows them to slide an athletic DE inside.
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