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  1. Turf Show Times

    Any one know what's going on with that site right now? I unfollowed them a while ago because they had an incredibly condescending attitude toward fans, but now I just saw on Reddit it looks like it's a Seahawks site now???
  2. Eric Weddle announces his retirement

    I know our sentiments on his play, but man. What a fantastic dude. I wish him all the best in life after retirement. Thank you for your (entire, not Rams lol) career Eric.
  3. General Season Talk

    To be fair, we've acquired circus/big personality players before (Peters, Ramsey kind of) and were rumored to try and get him the first time around. Just playing devil's advocate, I don't see it happening. But weirder things have happened.
  4. General Season Talk

    They have completely given in to the engagement era and been so dramatic just to get clicks or replies. Then after they post a hot take, I see them go the "better than thou" or condescending route on some fans. I had to unfollow this week.
  5. General Season Talk

    Same thing was posted on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngelesRams/comments/eoryox/ive_got_info_on_the_new_rams_uniforms_coming_this/ Side note: Turf Show Times is far and away my least favorite Rams associated site. They are so bad. Idk why I brought that up because they've legit done nothing wrong to me but man. They are not good.
  6. Rams @ Cowboys Thread

    Definitely taken into account, but can't say for sure an actual number. I'll ask some bookmakers on twitter.
  7. Rams @ Cowboys Thread

    The line has gone from Cowboys -4 to pick em. I hope no one on our side is quite as cocky as the national media thinks this'll be a blood bath. I don't think they will be though since every week is a playoff game. Edit: somewhat surprising Vegas saw the Cowboys as the better team on a neutral field. Not an exact science, but home teams are typically given about 3 points.
  8. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    In the first half he did exactly this. Somewhere around 3-8 he faked a screen and went to Higbee and it worked beautifully.
  9. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    We are 20th in Passing DVOA. Talib went down. Johnson went down. Peters can't play man. The secondary is a need. How do you not see that? Who are you going to trade for top 5 on the OL? You can't just magically trade for Trent Williams and expect Whitworth to be a guard or switch his entire job to a RT? I'm curious what top 5 OL you would trade for without knowing the inner workings of the team or Whitworth's thoughts?
  10. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    Looking at this trade as right now and only right now is not the way to do this. 1. Who said we have no shot at the playoffs? The Niners are a good team with the best front in the league. We put up points vs Bucs. Gave up 48. We should have beat the Hawks. Gave up 30. Scored first drive vs Niners, and should have QB sneaked from the 1. OL is not great, but we did need corner help. Bottom line is we got better as a team yesterday through the trades. 2. Who said we were paying him? Like I said above, we went through this with Khalil Mack. Who is to say we don't sign and flip him? Wait and see. this is just you being Eeyore. 3. You'd rather have 2 complete risks taking at around 20-30 instead of a proven All Pro player and the best man corner in the league? That's on you. The way people overvalue draft picks is insane.
  11. Rams place S John Johnson on IR

    every time we take a step forward, here comes a step back.
  12. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    Wanted to sit on this a day before I commented my thoughts on this specific trade. Argument 1: "Oh you won't have a first round pick in 5 years". Oh, well those have just turned in to Goff, Cooks, Ramsey, Taylor Rapp and David Long. 3 Pro Bowlers and 2 prospects, all here for a while (save for Ramsey, 2 years for now). I'll take proven players >>> projects all day. Argument 2: The cap. It's like people don't think they have a plan? They offered the same deal the Bears did for Mack last year but our picks were going to be too low. The idea was sign, play a season, trade and recoup the picks with minimal cap damage. How is this any different? They'll make aggressive trades for cap relief. We were 20th is Pass DVOA. We needed help. We saved ourselves from forcing into a Peters extension while our best man corner went down. I'm convinced Peters held us back from playing man. Man is how you beat good teams. Look at what Mahomes said last week. Ramsey is signed for this and next year. We just got the best man corner in the game, who did not hold out until he got face to face with his coach. This is a great trade to win now. Now as for other trades. I see people complaining and wanting Williams instead. That's fine. We do need OL help. But I think they are all too sure that people are willing to move along the line. What if Whitworth doesn't want to play guard or RT? Switching to righty, when all you've worked is lefty is not as easy as you think. Now, if he says he is willing to move, I would not complain getting Williams.
  13. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    My guess is Chris Harris. Although don't forget we were in on Mack last year as a rental, sign and trade. If it's Ramsey, I see the same situation. The Browns guy who broke the OBJ trade said Trent to the Browns this week. Edit: Just looked at Chris Harris' contract. Not so sure.
  14. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    This is a cap space trade. Just wait. We got 570k and 800k players and drop 9mm. There has got to be more trades coming.