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  1. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    To piggy back off of this
  2. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    Heading up from Newport this weekend. First game that I'll be at that I am not taking clients that I have to appease. Any good tailgates?
  3. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    We finally done with the everything is alright? Yes. We are a good NFC team. Yes. We have massive problems. Both can be true but this board seems like they can’t. (except Flounch you’re just always angry)
  4. General Season Talk

    This is where I am at. I'm not saying give up on Goff or that he needs to be replaced, but I am worried. And I think that's okay. We haven't looked right all season.
  5. Week 4 - Rams vs Buccaneers

    I'm upset. And worst part is there is no time to be upset. I have a "desperation team" theory of teams that are 1-2 and can't afford to be 1-3. Those teams went 9-1 this week and the only loss (Falcons) was to another 1-2 team. Chargers and Giants were the only favorites also if I recall.
  6. Week 4: Bucs (1-2) at Rams (3-0)

    So the one organization they try and take shots at, is the one with two full time female coaches....... good job Secret.
  7. TNF: Eagles at Packers

    At the risk of being viciously attacked.... I kind of like the Eagles in this game +4. I love betting against the public and 72% of the tickets are on the Packers. I don't think the Pack offense is that great, but at the same time, Eagles DBs aren't world beaters either and they're banged up. Not sure what to think, but I'd go Eagles ATS. Maybe a teaser opportunity.
  8. Week 4 - Rams vs Buccaneers

    Now that's more like it!
  9. Week 4 - Rams vs Buccaneers

    That defeats the purpose of the greed part!
  10. Week 4: Bucs (1-2) at Rams (3-0)

    Hello Pirates! Just some thoughts from a Rams fan. No disrespect meant by any of the following. We have played down to our competition all year. No offense, but this is the game I am hoping we break out of that in a big way. Playing no preseason, expected rust vs the Panthers. Saints was going to always be an emotional game. SNF away at a rabid Browns stadium I always expected to be tough. Coming 3-0 out of that is huge. This game, we have no excuse but to execute. You have a solid, but struggling team coming to the opposite side of the country. Jared needs to get in the groove. His home splits make me hopeful. There is no more excuses so I expect a big win. Rams 38 Bucs 20
  11. Week 4 - Rams vs Buccaneers

    My Need for Greed of the Week (just made that up and I'm sticking with it): Jared to have 300 yards.
  12. 3-0 but don't trust them.

    We are the 7th best rushing team, 123 ypg and 4.3 ypc. Although from an eye test, it does seem that way. We look more nervous to run the ball. Some of that falls on OL.
  13. 3-0 but don't trust them.

    Yes? Does that mean I am supposed to expect him to regress? I feel like asking to be the equivalent to last year that's not asking that much.
  14. 3-0 but don't trust them.

    I am much more nervous about the Rams than others. Our O is averaging a TD less/game, but the D is giving up a TD less/game so what would you rather have? This week is the game where Jared needs for it to click or I will officially be scared. We have given the rust excuse, but now we are approaching 1/4 of a way thru and you get a TB Bucs team at home. A SNF game on the road is always tough, but you need to figure it out this week because it won't get easier @ Seattle vs Niners and @ Atlanta.