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  1. Let him walk away from highest D player ever. Do not cave to QB money. I'm fine with recouping a 1st and 3rd next year. That, or he is a Ram for 4 years and doesn't play. He has zero leverage. I'm all for a player getting his money he is worth, but that number is potentially crippling.
  2. So I've just talked to a friend who is an NFL agent and he laid down how CAA has royally f***ed the AD situation up. If you look in the CBA Article 8 Section 1 (b). A player shall not receive an Accrued Season for any League Year in which the player is under contract to a Club and in which he failed to report to such Club at least thirty days prior to the first regular season game of that season. This means AD did not accrue a season last year and will not accrue a season this year if he does not report by August 6th. In the following section, it highlights how any FA with less than 3 accrued seasons will not be UFA but will be a RESTRICTED FA. This is massive because by AD holding out last year with 2 years left, he will now be a RFA which means a team will have to pay him that massive number he wants AND give a first round pick to us (because of course that will be his tender). What team will be willing to do that? We can keep AD with 2 tags for the next 4 years. (If this was common knowledge and I'm late I apologize)
  3. Only reason for the team to leak now is because the pressure of every one saying "but what about Aaron Donald?" and the blame being placed on the Rams. By leaking those 21 and 25 figures, the majority of people who understand the cap will shift the blame from the Rams to AD for a deal not being done. Just speculating. Personally, if he wants QB money and highest paid defender ever isn't enough, well then see ya. Don't think any team gives him 25/year. That's the kind of deal that can ruin a team for a long time.
  4. Not sure who the guy is, but Eric Geller on twitter is claiming Rams have offered 4 year 21 mil per year and have no problem making him highest paid defensive player ever, but his team is "insulted" and want 25 per. QB money. Hell no. Tag him twice and let him walk for that.
  5. Saw a wild stat (I didn't double check so with a grain of salt), that Gurley's 15 APY would be the 67th highest paid in the NBA and 70th in the MLB. 15 million a year is obviously nothing to scoff at but just thought that was insane. James Harden will make Gurley's entire guarantee next year alone.
  6. Draft Discussion Thread

    mood for this draft
  7. Draft Discussion Thread

    Love it! Hahaha Optimism!!!
  8. Draft Discussion Thread

    Exactly that's what makes the draft fun! hahah if we all didn't care until they played a down, whats the point of even paying attention? Obviously I and every one else is going to be very wrong on some and right on others. Thats what makes this process so fun and entertaining
  9. Draft Discussion Thread

    Provide reasoning for your optimism instead of just saying we’re crybabies? The projected vs actual for these picks are laughable
  10. Draft Discussion Thread

    I know what they meant by all in for one year because this is awful...
  11. Draft Discussion Thread

    Yeah but I’m basing it more on the value of the players we’re picking where we’re picking. Obo Griffin Hurst were all there
  12. Draft Discussion Thread

    Most disappointing draft in the Les Snead era? I’d say so
  13. Draft Discussion Thread

    So much talent on the board.. Disappointing
  14. Draft Discussion Thread

    Wow... they must really believe in Littleton and Ebukam....
  15. Rams Forum Welcome & Introduce Yourself

    Who is your favorite Rams player? Past or Present?: Favorite past player, Torry Holt. Met him a few times and super nice. Current is Johnny Hekker.What do you do?: Dairy commodity trader in Newport Beach. Cheese mostly. What other teams are you a fan of?: Huge Arizona Wildcat. All sports. Rams, Mariners, Lakers, Ducks.Do you play sports? If you've hung up the cleats, inform us of your glory days when you used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.: Played everything in high school in Texas. Best was powerlifting because I was a late bloomer and in a low weight class. Reliving glory days with beer league softball and flag football.Who is your dream girl? (those that are married, go ahead and say your wife! That way she doesn't beat you senseless when she browses through you history): Normal dream girl: Kassidy Cook, USA diver at Stanford (I'm recently graduated, not that creepy). Celeb dream girl based solely off looks: Jennifer Aniston.What do you like to eat?: Chipotle. At least once a week. Steaks, chicken, fish.What other hobbies do you have?: Recently started surfing. Still horrible. Love cinema and movies. Used to act.Why did you choose your username?: I was a member on the old site, but it was about 5-6 years ago and I had used my full name as my username (can't be a keyboard hardo with my real name displayed). Been lurking for a while and decided to rejoin. BTFD is Bear TF Down (Arizona Wildcats) 16 (grad year). Also Buy The F***ing Dip.Name one really cool event in your life.: For 3 years at UofA I was a football manager for the WR's. Nick Foles actually got my brother the job who, in turn, got me the job. Got to travel with the team, run practices, meet scouts and help with pro day. Beating ASU and winning the South was a cool event and subsequently the Fiesta Bowl was not. I know Dane Cruikshank decently well (some of you throwing him on your mocks) and good friends with the Jones family (Cayleb and Zay).