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  1. How long have you been watching? It definitely happens
  2. Baseball is using LA and Dallas. The bubble isn't the city. It's the resort/facilities they're confined to.
  3. Would never ever happen. You can't play multiple games a day on grass.
  4. It'll never be neutral for all teams. Los Angeles probably is a good bet for one conference with that stadium, turf, California protocols, and access to resorts. Dallas would be a good bet too.
  5. Sweat has two cheap seasons left so probably them
  6. Troy Hill makes me feel bad feelings
  7. I'm in the minority, but I love bad football hahaha there's just something so pure about it. I'd rather watch two terrible teams go at it than a 13-3 Super Bowl. But that would never happen....
  8. Flounch is just a misunderstood angry elf. Sees everything in a bad light so that he is pleasantly surprised with the good. 😃. Every team needs a Flounch
  9. I hung out with McVay once. But maybe Rams OC Kevin OConnell? Depending the progression of the offense this year and the leagues love for people in close proximity to McVay.
  10. By the end of week 5. The NFC West: Rams: Bills, Giants, Football Team Cards: Lions, Panthers, Jets Niners: Giants, Eagles, Dolphins Seahawks: Cowboys, Dolphins, Vikings It won't happen because, ya know, football... but by week 5, a combined 19-1 from the NFC West is not impossible to see..... I f'in hate this division
  11. Lane playing is a big deal as provides more ability for the RT to be one on one while doubling inside. Sanders will also be better on pick ups than Boston Scott. Should be a lot closer than people are overreacting after week 1
  12. At some point, if we don't sign anybody, do we frontload someone to get relief on the backend during these big deals? We have 7.7, obviously can be used to improve elsewhere or a trade but if not, maybe give Woods a raise this year?
  13. My thoughts is this won't be the same Eagles team as week 1. I may have even felt better if they had won close. But they got smacked in the mouth and will now have an edge to not let that happen again. They got Lane back, Miles back and presumably Barnett back. There is no reason to get big in our britches for this game. They've had our number. Need to come out and make a statement.
  14. My identity is blown.... I make the schedules...
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