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  1. New jerseys leaked?

    I don't disagree whatsoever. Unless it becomes a trend, rather than a one off. This isn't an anomaly. It's reoccurring.
  2. General Season Talk

    Super hyped because everyone has us written off, still super nervous about the defense and OL.
  3. New jerseys leaked?

    Haven’t grown on me even a little bit. Also talked with someone who works with Demoff and said he laughs at Fire Demoff and people disliking the logo and uniforms. Kind of a red flag if someone feels so secure they don’t give a ****
  4. New jerseys leaked?

    I don't like these MS Paint jerseys at all. Oh well. Just win.
  5. General Season Talk

    I have no reason not to trust it, but I just don't believe anything anymore. Probably because this world has made me cold and bitter.
  6. 2/3. OL has to go back to 2018 to get my blessing. OC is just exciting just to have one. DC is new too but exciting.
  7. General Season Talk

    Isn't this the same thing that Rams Today said Friday?
  8. 2020 Schedule

    Pats Jets are home so it’d be really weird to stay on the east coast
  9. Too Early 2020 Season Prediction Thread

    Bummed the Broncos got a rough schedule
  10. All time career wasted team

    Completely agree on RB. Cam Akers can be a HOFer still don’t like taking a 2nd round RB.
  11. All time career wasted team

    So many RBs. Steven Jackson, Barry, Adrian Peterson, Fred Taylor. Sheesh.
  12. 2020 Schedule

    First 6 weeks are brutal. And all 3 east coast games during that time are early.
  13. General Season Talk

    This is like people who root for spikes in states that reopen so they can be right...... no matter what you think, root for success.
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    Not the kids fault honestly. 100% on the team. Not to mention Anchrum is probably 21. Pace stopped playing for the Rams when he was 10 and we were in our abysmal streak.
  15. 2020 Schedule

    Also from the leaks it looks like the AFC-NFC to start was premature