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  1. Rams Salary Table

    None of what you said is what I said. I don't like the money for what he has done.
  2. Rams Salary Table

    Troy Hill extended today. 2 years 8.25 million. 5.25 base with a 3 mil bonus for over 52.5% of snaps. Played 42% last year and 24.8% year prior. I don't like this one personally. Not for a 5th CB. Behind Talib, Peters, NRC and hopefully Long.
  3. General Season Talk

    Something they in passing mentioned as a joke but is kind of real. Does the NFC West have the best looking coaches in a single division in the history of sports? Kliff, McVay, Shanahan plus Carroll looks great for 67
  4. General Season Talk

    McVay was on Pardon My Take today. I love that man. Highly suggest the listen.
  5. Jrry32's Post-FA Mock Draft

    If he lasts to 31 we better be doing backflips to hand in the card. Pipe-dream IMO
  6. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Apparently Bears are asking for a 3rd and no one has offered above a 5th. A 4th would get it done probably but I would not want to give that up for a year personally.
  7. Free Agency News & Rumors

    All done
  8. Eric Weddle plans to sign w/ Rams

    Paying him less than half of what we paid Joyner? I'm stoked.
  9. General Season Talk

    Not expected to resign Saffold that's a bummer. But go make your money dude. Thanks for helping pull us out of the depths of hell.
  10. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Uncle Rico. Shame he didn't get a chance
  11. RamFan24 First Mock Offseason

    That's wild! I don't doubt you but man I never really saw him be effective to the point i thought "damn that's a day 2 pick". Maybe it is because he was the only good player on our D minus Colin Schooler. We shall see!
  12. RamFan24 First Mock Offseason

    FWIW it is PJ Johnson (btfd16 = bear tf down class of 16) and he is no more than a round 6 pick IMO
  13. Jrry32's Second Mock Off-Season

    I like this a lot, but I am guessing this is assuming Whitworth comes back? Or are you all in on Noteboom?
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Rams money starting to come in