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  1. Very cheap. His cap hit for us last year was high 3's.
  2. Talking a lot on twitter about knowing his worth and responding to people about not settling so I don't think he's taking what I'd personally be happy to give him.
  3. We very much have gotten under the cap and were last night prior to the Brockers trade. Just because they don't announce publicly, doesn't mean they don't submit moves.
  4. Goodness I am such a Terrell Lewis truther if he can stay on the field... Terrell Lewis Hive this szn..
  5. Yeah I need to see the details otherwise on the surface this looks like a massive overpay. Okwara and Yannick got 13per and Barrett got 17... I find Floyd to be more like the formers.
  6. In addition to what BStan said, why would you pay him like an LT when you have seen like 8 games of him at LT. Just doesn't make fiscal sense unless he takes a massive drop in the average LT pay
  7. Goodness I hope we aren't in on Brown. Mentioned on ROD, but 1. Don't have the capital 2. Wants to play LT and LT now because pops 3. Will want to get paid next season like an LT even though we do not have a good sample size to see if he deserves LT money. Personally, pass.
  8. Our 104 is becoming 103. The league made a mistake and SF gets 3 picks over the next 3 years doe Saleh and Mayhew. Not two this year.
  9. Now surprise me and announce we traded a comp pick instead of 89
  10. Kyle Long back in the NFL. Have zero idea what his market will be but interesting at least.
  11. Definitely wouldn't want him at that price and I too am glad we passed, but I don't think these assessments are fair. Last 4 seasons? For sure been unhealthy. It would scare me immensely. But he's played in 136 of 168 games total career and just played all 16. Past his prime? Sure. Washed up? Hard disagree. He lead the league in edge pressures last year. He was double teamed at the highest edge rate last year and finished with the 7th best win rate. Just because we didn't get him and he went to a division rival doesn't mean we should diminish the player.
  12. I hate this stupid division. Draft OL.
  13. Would enjoy if we had the luxury, but just feel too many needs for where Eskridge will be picked. Obviously a lot of time between now and then.
  14. 5 moves save $50m. There’s more too I’ve seen but busy I’ll find later. We’ll have some money. Not much, but some.
  15. I want Quinn Meinerz so bad hahaha but he’s going to be over his drafted projections because of the Senior Bowl.
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