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  1. On Monday, I was able to live with the call (not the whistle), but bringing this back into my memory makes me so so so mad now that it wasn't called a TD. WTF.
  2. We should be facing Mostert this week too. Idk about Jimmy or Kittle. Don't sound good from quotes though. Aiyuk, Trent Williams and more on the rona list.
  3. McVay is going to make me so gray getting conservative so early
  4. a screen call in that position...... and it freaking worked hahaah
  5. Watching Ramsey interviews and quotes this year, seems like he’s matured so much. Maybe it’s new location, coaching, teammates, just him, or a little of it all. But it’s cool to see.
  6. Four division games vs two.. that's tough
  7. Not real confident about this one. Hope I'm wrong.. 23-20 Bucs.
  8. Technically yes, but what I am saying is they have a much much easier path. Only their two division games look questionable. Otherwise it's NFC East and the Jets
  9. To be blunt, this was bad for us. Seahawks have the easiest remaining schedule in the league.. Arizona wins, we control our destiny playing them twice... this wasn’t great.
  10. Getting a little tired of the “why did we let go of GZ”... 1. He wasn’t really GZ last year 2. It takes two... you can only sign a free agent if he wants to be here. He clearly wanted to be with Bones.
  11. Another ticky tacky “complaint” is capitalizing off turnovers. More of me playing devils advocate for small improvements, but I feel like it can take you from NFC West Champs to beating the Chiefs in Tampa.
  12. I want to softly complain how it feels like we sort of get complacent and conservative with leads too early, but McVay is 31-0 with a halftime lead so what do I know.
  13. So the only McVay losses to Seattle were a Kupp drop TD and a GZ missed FG.... please lord give me the Dec 2017 type game... my heart can't take it
  14. Not really NFC West related, but TB and Chicago losing was also massive as they are primary WC contenders
  15. Maybe I am weird but I like the disagreements as long as they stay civil. I can't stand the Rams reddit because it's all just pictures of gear, or people all agreeing with each other. There is very little substance.
  16. All of his flaws were on display the first drive. Am I ticky tacky? Sure. But he has his play calling struggles. edit: not sure why were never allowed to criticize McVay or Goff
  17. I was agreeing with you. But I think where McVay can hurt Goff with it, I think those other QBs can overcome it.
  18. I stand by that McVay is an incredible coach, incredible play designer, average play caller given situations. I think Goff is so nervous to F up that he fails to trust himself and make last second kills and call his own plays. Maybe he will gain that skill. The ones you mentioned plus EASILY Watson. For one year and one year only? Everyone on that list. Probably not this year Brees. I think McVay could coach and design better to each one. (Again, those two stipulations. Play calling is different for me.)
  19. No offense intended but I think you're nuts. Don't just think about the QBs think about those QBs and then put them with McVay..... Oooohweeee some of those would light **** up
  20. 23-20 Rams. Rams fall early 10-0 and then get going. Tua has a solid 200, 1 TD and 1 pick. Also, Kai Forbath! We will see!
  21. I haven't ever seen heat effect this team. They practice in heat all year and actually this year, the humidity was higher than Texas. Cold is a different story.... we are straight *** in the cold my dude
  22. IMO Jacksonville has a far more pressing QB need than the Giants. Less invested also.
  23. Been waiting two days for this post and this is not what I expected.... But this is!
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