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  1. This was my point. At this point he just seems to be arguing for argument's sake. Nothing to see here.
  2. Better prospect and better pro QB are two different things. Prospects are projections of what could be. I would argue that he is the superior prospect.
  3. I don't think that Rattler is the athlete that Fields is. He is also not as big or fast as Fields. Fields was also very accurate in college and as you yourself have stated, Rattler's decision making is a step behind Fields. I believe that the original point was that we would take Fields over any prospect coming out this year. Just like you we are working on the information that has been presented with us. That being said, you have not brought up a single prudent point to counter this projection. So I ask...What is your point?
  4. On the flipside...do you think that any of the qbs in the upcoming class is as good of a prospect as Fields?
  5. That was not the 3 yard routes that EVERYONE was running on Sunday. Not apples to apples. Robinson was not given the opportunity to do anything. That was more Nagy then Ramsey.
  6. Do you honestly believe that Mooney does better against Ramsey? Ramsey would have eaten Mooney's lunch, dinner, and whatever else was left in his refrigerator.
  7. I think that when it comes to football, Nagy may be slightly Intellectually Disabled.
  8. Yeah, that happened against me so needless to say I am not as happy as you are.
  9. I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not. Nothing about his performance screams "good pickup" to me. Maybe it was "just a bad game" but nothing he did do anything to inspire hope.
  10. You'll be fine with one QB to start until you hit a by then you can just swap whoever your worst player is for that week for a QB.
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