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  1. Congrats Bro! Good game. My team waited until the last game of the season to take the day off...lol.
  2. The year has been rough and surprising. I went from last to the championship round this year but I did have to pull off some big moves to get here. Good luck @HvacRaider
  3. I keep wondering if they just showing Montgomery highlights or if they are actually giving the ball this much.
  4. Agreed. Chicago Al always seemed disgruntled...lol.
  5. Yeah been hanging in the cut. I started falling this forum after I moved from Chicago to Houston. Probably sometime around 2004 or 2005 I believe, give or take a year.
  6. Congrats @Sugashane! I know I don't post as much as you guys but I have been here for a while and enjoy your post (I was here when Grrr, Jack, and Chicago Al were regulars).
  7. Fair enough. Who then would like to be a part of the tanking committee? I apparently said I would a year and a half ago and have no problem doing so. Who is joining me?
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