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  1. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    COME ON LETS F GO!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!
  2. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    That's a fantastic play. Chung
  3. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    Yeah, exactly. So boring isn't it.
  4. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    They've not got Haden, but they do have JJSS Rookie CB - Tom, you know what to do.
  5. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    This really does feel like 2015
  6. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    9 Touches for McCaffery including a TD on that drive
  7. Ever - you divorce the Pats every week, lol. Watch him divorce the Pats in our GDT this evening, it's hilarious.
  8. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    Started with Bill giving him the green dot and the middle, as we bumped Hightower to the edge, and he let us down, really. Wasn't fast enough to run people down, fell off of tackles and communication was lacking. BB stuck with him though and he's actually turned into a key cog. We enjoy his athleticism and all-round game.
  9. Bengals HC Marvin Lewis to leave Bengals

    We need a water boy....
  10. Story telling and plot feels rushed or non-existent. It doesn't really reward fans of the lore/universe when some nobody becomes goddess of everything. How long did it take elder Jedi like Obi Wun to master the force, for example? Rushed, give me lots of money now, people buy into it of course, done. 5/10
  11. This is the problem I have with movies in general at the moment. Lack of imagination, just after a quick buck. I've honestly moved onto low-budget, independent movies of late because if they have anything - it's a good, complex story line and imagination. Not taking any sort of high ground or anything, but I really dislike simple films....
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    All the stores closed?
  13. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    That's how I interpreted this; "He may want to inflate his legacy by letting the pats flop and become terrible after he's gone."