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  1. It doesn't matter, we're west ham. We are the team that prove that cliche '2-0 is a more dangerous scoreline than 1-0' to be true. We'd beat a top 5 club then get melted by Newcastle. If there is a Fergie time, there should be a Hammer time where we give up leads in the 90th+ mins. That said, Everton are our bogey team. We have an abysmal record against them. I think Lukaku scored against us for something like 6 years in a row lol I guarantee we will not finish top 4. I'd even say 6th is likely. It's still a great unexpected season from us though. Don't finish
  2. I've seen Spurs twice lose their heads and focus more on chopping people down and generally being brats. Two is enough for a reputation, IMO. Clowns.
  3. I'm upset!! Actually I'm not, I think that's fair and I predicted about middle/upper middle. I'm higher on the Mac pick than you, due to sheer need. Barmore and McGrone my fav picks, the value is great. I'm lower on Perkins than you. Overall, best grade I've ever given our draft...
  4. Yeah RM looked awful. I watched 20 mins, realised how bad RM looked everywhere and turned it off. Easy for Chelsea. Arsenal were a joke too. Created enough chances, but started a must-win game standing off the opposition. They should have been tearing into them. Arteta won't last next season
  5. 2019 1. Ravens, 2. 49ers, 3. Bucs, 4. Saints, 5. Chiefs 2020 1. Chiefs, 2. Bills, 3. Titans, 4. Vikings, 5. Packers I expect we see at least 2 new teams again. Things move quick between seasons
  6. Yeah man. I've tried Pats Pulpit and Reddit but I just keep coming back here...
  7. If you're looking at graph of all the greats in cricket, it would look a fairly stable trend, then you'd have a huge spike where they'd need extra screen for bradman, then come back down again. As an England fan I'm sooo grateful it was before my time Anyway...ahem...back to American sportz
  8. Greatest in team sport is Don Bradman (cricket). If you're a good batsman and have a 10 year career at the top of the order, you average 40+. If you're an elite batsman and kill attacks off and win matches for your team, you average 50+. The best batsman today averages 61 and he's almost impossible to get out. Bradman averaged 99.94. Would have been 100 but England actually tried to kill him by bowling the ball at his head and it proved the only way to stop him beating you. It would be like Messi scoring hattricks every single game and the only way to stop him is if Sergio Ramos
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