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  1. Sean Davis and Mike Mitchell, for me. Good times. Real answer; hard to look past Reed and Pollard, or Thomas and Kam
  2. I think something inbetween would be nice....lol I don't buy the whole QB needs to be a runner now, but I do think with a subpar receiving corps, a QB who CAN run for first downs is such an advantage.
  3. I dunno about Lance. I personally wouldn't draft him early, but I wonder if Mahomes has blinkered scouts a bit. Lance has the raw materials to be an athletic QB with a rocket arm who makes plays all over the place. Im torn between teams considering him a late 1st, early 2nd type...or if he'll be taken in top 15.
  4. So many mocks now have Parsons slipping. He was gold dust about 5 months ago
  5. https://www.patspulpit.com/2021/2/26/22295109/nfl-mock-draft-patriots-seven-round-quarterback
  6. A trade up mock This comes from Pats pulpit guys. What do you think? NE trades S. Gilmore to Arizona for their 49th overall pick (they just lost PP) - Trade 15th overall, 46th overall and 2022 1st round pick to Cincinnati for the 5th overall pick and 6th round pick*, 5th overall; Zach Wilson, QB, BYU - 2:49; Jabrill Cox, LB, LSU (coverage LB) - Trade 3:96 and 4:145 to Philadelphia for 3:70 to pick; Jevon Holland, CB, OR (met with him virtually, 20 picks in 2 years, ball hawk, 6'2) - Trade 120 and a 5th to Atlanta to move up to 110 to pick; Tom
  7. Well, they certainly have a type.
  8. 92. High 90s reserved for QBs like Rogers and Mahomes who are top two in MVP talk, are as athletic as they are smart, rocket arms but also good touch etc. Almost perfect. Brady was elite (hence 90s), but some of the deep ball picks, a few mistakes, defense winning a few games and just not being those two above (which isn't a criticism at all). Would put him 3rd or 4th on the year. Rodgers, Mahomes, Watson, Brady - probably
  9. I'd prefer a rookie, but I'm willing to see what Cam looks like with a better squad overall. Let's give him 2 good wide receivers and see how he goes. Or a good receiving TE. If he still can't produce - he should retire
  10. That beats my expectation. I think the way we 'improve' our WR corps this year is a 4th rounder and a FA like Keelan Cole
  11. Phil Perry's Mock; 1st round 15: TRADE - 15th overall + 46th overall + 2022 2nd round pick to Atlanta moved to 4th: Zach Wilson, QB 2nd round recoup the 2nd round pick by trading Stephon Gillmore to 49ers 43; Walker Little, T (considered one of the best players, not just tackles, in football in 2018. It's a Gronk-like pick. Robbery in the 2nd round) 3rd round 96; Benjamin st Juste, CB (he has us working on CBs in FA too. This guy is a 6'3 corner) 4th round 120; Marlon Tuipulotu, DT (Lawrence Guy comp) 139; Hunte
  12. Bill Reid, Payton, Tomlin, Shannahan, McVay, Carroll, Harbaugh, HERE!
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