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  1. All free Agency team Vs your division

    2nd, but if you gave them BB, they'd win it.
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I hope you're right.
  3. Patriots acquire Michael Bennett from Eagles

    Damn, this means I'll have to like him now...
  4. So when does Gruden trade him?
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    He kind of transcends tendencies and film though, for me. His tendencies are to rocket the ball with lazer-like velocity. One of those things where you can't really scheme it away. Even when we beat them twice, he got his - it's inevitable. Your offense will have to score more than him. You can scheme his weapons, but again - that throw can turn covered receivers into viable targets
  6. NFL All-Decade Teams, Decade-by-Decade

    Oh my god. Fair play to you, OP.
  7. Are we taking our draft positions? So, for NE at 32nd overall - wouldn't be trading TB or Gillmore. Don't think we'd replace their value at 32nd this year.
  8. Who stays? Who goes?

    Gronk D. McCourty J. McCourty Hightower Flowers Trent Brown Hogan Patterson Dorsett Malcom Brown Shelton Slater Cannon
  9. A lot of HOF-related threads. Just wondered what your opinion on the whole thing is, as I've never really got on board with it.
  10. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    I can only speak for myself, but I would have been angry at Tom for not getting out of bounds quicker. A QB should be expecting to get blown up if he's ambling to the sideline like that, Glad he wasn't injured though, and hope the kid isn't too down - he didn't exactly have much help. I was surprised by the lack of plays that usually kill us. Might have to rewatch, and correct me if I'm wrong - but were there many sweeps and screens? When I've seen LA play this year it is obviously PA galore, but also tons of jet sweeps, tosses and screens. When I knew we were facing LA I was like "oh....sht" quite literally because of the offensive playbook (from my perspective). I guess you could attribute it to lack of TG? Also, the O-line. Not sure what happened to LA's OL. The play where Shelton tackles CJ in the backfield for a c.5 yard loss - watch Whitworth. Just kind of sits down. What was going on? TBH, I was surprised our DL had their way with that OL, who I thought was the best OL in the league (bit of an OL nerd...). Wade destroyed Josh McD, and that isn't getting enough air time. Brady said it was really hard, and it did appear to be the toughest game offensively for us all season. It was only after Josh literally inserted a formation that wasn't in the playbook (22 personnel spread, Hoss Y juke x 3) and one that Wade hadn't seen, where we could get anything going. Wade played an absolute blinder. All the best
  11. Who will finish as career passing TDs leader?

    Fair play to 10-heads for that 539. Impressive number, despite being in those kind of offenses conducive of passing TDs.
  12. Todd Gurley

    Going to snowball now, and they will lose draft picks
  13. His social media is pretty fun right now. Merciless.