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  1. He's not well. Can anyone look at that man and see a well person? That's without seeing him talk!
  2. Strange! good one. Really don't know how to call this one. (Apart from the loser getting 17 of course)
  3. Not to put too fine a point on it; Skip Bayliss is a F***** C***
  4. Zach Martin down. The tank will be complete, Dallas
  5. My only prediction is that both teams will play like they too have been on the turkey and beer all day
  6. Oversaw an 11 win season. Can you see Matty Rocket-Scientist doing that?
  7. Patricia couldn't organize a brothel outside an army camp
  8. Ha yeah. But if they were back here, they'd probably improve our D...😑
  9. Brady is pissing me off with his walking off without handshake. It's not a huge deal, but he IS happy to shake hands when he wins, and it's getting boring keep hearing about it everywhere. He should just reluctantly shake the hand and move on.
  10. Aside from the preference to watch this game on TG, I fail to see why Steelers fans would be mad at this. Ravens facility is closed now, you have an extra three days of practice on them. This WAS going to a good game, now it won't be.
  11. Easy Cardinals win. I'm struggling to find a reason why they will punt. Even if we cover Hopkins and co, do you really expect our LBs to keep Kyler spied up? 🤣
  12. I think this would be good enough; Robinson (from Chi) / DeVonta Smith (draft pick) / Meyers / Harry / Byrd or Edelman. That will maybe put the unit in the top 20 or so, looking to gel and climb up rankings.
  13. Let's say instead they had one of the following QBs (below). Would they still be as good? - Watson - Dak - Jimmy G - Cousins - Ryan
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