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  1. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Watching Hernandez' doc on Netflix. Some stuff that I never knew happened. It's a good docco.
  2. Embarrassing levels of frothing in that thread.
  3. I could get an accurate BF% reading, I haven't done that before. I'm about 13 years into resistance training so not sure I'd be building right now in a def, but that would be nice
  4. Bowl Season- Prospect Discussion

    Apparently it's an awesome WR class?
  5. Best Games of the Decade

    For me, 49 was this, because of the barren (for us) years since 04. Since the Eagles SB we had so many frustrating playoffs, 49 felt like a monkey off our back after people saying we'd never win one every again.
  6. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Classic case of the running and grind-you-down team needing long scoring/time consuming drives. They can do it too! Keep captain lazer arm off the field as much as possible. I remember from the game where we held the Chiefs to 9 points in the half (at the peak of their ridiculous offensive season) it was a lot of jamming on Kelce from heavy linebackers at the line, then passing him off, we kept the pocket tight deliberately (pass rush wasn't great), we were disciplined on screen plays and Mahomes over-threw some passes. Kelce was certainly frustrated. In the second half (because it was inevitable with that offense), he unloaded on us and we started suffering from breakdowns of communications in the secondary. Not sure how relevant it is here, but I'd certainly take note of how we dealt with Travis.
  7. Do you like the NFL more now, or ten years ago?

    10 years ago because it seemed slightly harder. Hits less scrutinized, more power-based and I could be wrong on this but there seemed to be more outdoor in cold weather games. Whereas now there's indoor super stadiums appearing in cold areas (MIN, DET...). Long live Lambeu.
  8. Would I: No, personally I wouldn't. Could we: No, I don't think we could right now, and especially given the way we slice up salaries Would OBJ come here: Noooo wayyy. He may say he'd love to work with BB/TB but when he see's his Brandon Lloyd salary he'd run a mile
  9. Why did Americans lose interest in space?

    Because you figured out that, in this case, you had a bigger penis than your main rivals at the time (Russia). NASA's budget in the 60s (% of fed budget) averaged about 2.5% including getting up to 4.41% in 66 Since the collapse of the Sov Un, spending has only got above 1% of fed budget twice (around the same time as the collapse). Since then, 0. something % every year. Last year; 0.47%. That's undoubtedly far too simplistic and only one reason, but there you go. Not to mention as we get more polarised, spending has found a lot of opposition from certain groups. edit: oh, you actually meant fiction. Crap.
  10. YoYo So, have actually stuck to a planned calorie deficit since the onslaught of food and booze that is Xmas. It's a phased plan, but currently I'm in about a 400cal deficit, eating at 2250 cals. I've mostly hit the protein macros and usually go slightly over on fat, and never usually hit carb allocation but that's ait. Hitting gym hard as ever 4 x week (mostly compound lifts). First week I dropped 3.5lbs, just completed second week, no further loss. Is this just standard and to be expected? Too little a sample size, and weekly fluctuations occur? Or is it possible I've done something wrong? Merci. TO ALL.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Best thing about forums like this is that we can all bring knowledge of something not everyone is potentially aware of. That includes you Bzane keep on keeping on!
  12. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    I predicted TEN by 7 over us (bingo) Predicted BAL to struggle with TEN (claiming that...bingo) This time, I'm struggling, but I reckon both will be able to move the ball on each other but I'll go with Mahomes' rocket show shining through late on. Close victory.
  13. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    I'm gutted. Loved watching him play. All the best to LK. No doubt he made the right call for himself.