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  1. Stevenson surprises me a bit, I think he could contribute immediately even if it's just pass blocking Other two make total sense. Raw.
  2. If it's a fundamental technique flaw, would this not have dropped him down the rounds?
  3. Looks pretty smart to me. Simulating nasty little pass rushers getting their nasty hands all over the ball
  4. The elbow thing looks weird when you freeze frame an image, but if that's how he's grown up throwing, and that's his technique that makes the ball go as far as it does with as much accuracy as it does, is it really an issue? Has it led to injury before?
  5. I'd agree with that, but when I've tried having this conversation with GB fans I get told that a) there were no pieces to help now available at the time, or b) they did in fact get help now just in later rounds, Dillon for example.
  6. Round 1: No. 15 – Mac Jones, QB, Alabama Round 2: No. 38 (from CIN) – Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama Round 3: No. 96 – Ronnie Perkins, DE, Oklahoma Chris Rump, DE, Duke Round 4: No. 120 – Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma Rashad Weaver, DE, Pittsburgh Round 5: No. 177 – Cameron McGrone, LB, Michigan Round 6: No. 188 – Joshua Bledsoe, S, Missouri Round 6: No. 197 – William Sherman, OT, Colorado Shi Smith, WR, South Carolina Round 7: No. 242 – Tre Nixon, WR, UCF Only three changes. I've been on record saying I think this is BB's strongest dr
  7. I want it to be Nick Bosa. But actual prediction is Trevor Lawrence or Chase Young
  8. It's in every team's power to make the playoffs by winning their division. Disappointed, but surely not 'cheated'
  9. Dotson is good in pass pro at least. 1 pressure given up (not sure how many games he had)
  10. What the hell have Pittsburgh done with their line!? There's got to be a twist coming, surely?
  11. The number 1 just listed the other 4...makes this a bit easier Ramsey, Gilmore, Alexander, White, Howard/Humphrey
  12. Probably been done to death, but do we know why exactly he wants out of GB? Seemed like this is following a season where they all hooked it up pretty good
  13. Jesus... What accounted for that then? Secondary still looked good for a turnover, must have been the increased fumbling a big part?
  14. 1. Mahomes 2. Rodgers 3. Watson 4. Brady 5. Wilson 6. Allen 7. Prescott 8. Stafford 9. Herbert 10. Jackson 11. Tannehill 12. Ryan 13. Burrow 14. Cousins 15. Carr 16. Murray 17. Mayfield 18. Roethlisberger 19. Garoppolo 20. Fitzpatrick 21. Hurts 22. Tagovailoa 23. Dalton 24. Wentz 25. Lock 26. Newton 27. Winston 28. Hurts 29. Goff 30. Darnold 31. Bridgewater 32. Trubisky
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