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  1. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Haha! @SBLIII - Yeah, LAC is one of those teams that SHOULD worry us, with their squad and all-round talent, ridiculous DL etc. But through whatever reason (coaching prob) we don't ever lose to them. KC, on the other hand, you feel like they can beat us on a given day. Doesn't mean we are right, or that this means KC are better, it's just from our perspective - KC seems a bigger task. (Watch LAC destroy us now....lol)
  2. PFF - where do you fall?

    I listen to their podcast sometimes, and they certainly use the All-22. I wouldn't trust any analysis that didn't use that view. What did they get you doing?
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    where does it come from?
  4. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    What do you reckon their record will be?
  5. PFF - where do you fall?

    I definitely think it fills a void. Those two positions certainly are the two I think of most. I don't pay anything for it, so I haven't seen their workings out - but I do agree with their mission. A made up, but typical scenerio; non PFF; QB A throws a 30 yard pass into tight coverage, it is an inch perfect pass and puts the receiver in the best possible position to catch it and protect himself afterwards. QB B throws a 30 yard pass to a wide open receiver who's done brilliant route running to shake a defender. QB B gets same stat as QB A. PFF would look to penalise QB B relative to QB A, and I agree that should be the case. However, I haven't seen exactly how they do this, so I'm not completely sold.
  6. PFF - where do you fall?

    1. It is a network of fully justifiable data, analysis and research, complemented by a grading system that aligns largely with your beliefs about certain players/teams 2. It is mostly correct, and you can use a lot of their material as a tool or support for your arguments 3. Some of what they do can be used as a tool, but it's mostly ignorable and doesn't align with your opinions on players/teams 4. You are completely anti-PFF and see it as something like a gimmick, a scam, pseudo-sports-science etc 5. No strong opinions / Other (specify)
  7. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Flowers will help their pass rush. Lines up anywhere and gets pressure from all spots, even when he's the only one able to do it (without others stunting). There's 2 seasons worth of proof on that. I thought they should have drafted another one earlier though, yeah.
  8. Everything OTA's

    I jumped at the opportunity to post a Ron Burgundy meme, like a Raider fan not being able to contain his excitement that AB actually turned up
  9. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    No one has mentioned Daniel Jones/ Eli Manning's crew (sans Beckham) yet. Have they made a signing I'm not aware of yet? I think ARZ again though, but WITH clear improvement.
  10. Everything OTA's

  11. Yeah maybe they come here expecting an easy veteran-type retirement whilst earning a ring, but realise they have to completely re-evaluate the way they even think about the sport, let alone put up with the physical programme. ....that's one version at least
  12. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    See, I think the way BMT cuts is just too hard to overcome. Such agility.
  13. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Chicken Salad?
  14. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    Doesn't matter what names we get, we'll always be good with Bill.
  15. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    Yeah I reckon we've maintained. Got better in some positions, worse in others. 11-5, for us, is a pretty down year (haven't been that low in a while) - I expect 12.