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  1. Bro, you've got some of the most amazing scenery in the country. Olympic, Cascades and Mt Rainier parks are f stunning. Nice post though.
  2. Dakota more clutch than Wentz?

    Sometimes, but sometimes he creates it all. You can say someone catching the ball is out of the QB's control, but placing the ball in stride and making it easy to catch IS in his control. I agree it's an over-done phrase, but I also think it's in the QB's hands quite often.
  3. Not sure. I think he's starting to get a bit uncomfortable with him. I initially thought it was Hogan not getting open, but he's actually been open a fair bit.
  4. The Recipe of Losing

    Has anyone else noticed the pattern of our losses this season, and many losses in recent history? It's consistent, and It goes a little something like this; Step 1: Bad Start One week after falling behind 14-0 and later 21-3 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, we were down 13-0 in the second quarter against the Lions. Versus the Titans, the Patriots again had a bad start: the 58-yard kickoff return which helped them take the lead. We found ourselves down 17-3 by the time the first quarter came to an end. Step 2: Third Down This has been a pattern from last season, too. The offense is ranked middle-of-the-pack no matter the distance it has to cover, while the defense is one of the NFL’s worst in stopping opponents on third-and-mediums and third-and-shorts. On the year, the two sides are ranked 14th (39.7%) and 26th (43.1%) when it comes to conversions on third down. The one time we overcame it recently was vs PIT who KILLED us on 3rd down. Not looking forward to that. Step 3: Field position TEN started three of its six first half drives on New England’s side of the field. Titans had to go 10 fewer yards on average This is the new entry to the bank. We are 28th in field position, which is alien to us. Last year we were savage, and were the best in starting field position all year. Step 4: Brady locks on When TB locks on to only 3 people, you know he's uncomfortable. It's his biggest tell. It's not the same as targetting someone who is dominating (J White in SB), it's the forcing it like we saw with Gordon and Edelman. The antidote is starting strong. When we start strong and get a lead (games vs CHI and GB was the model for this) - we tend to win.
  5. The Other Games Thread 11 *Bye Week*

  6. I think it's about time that Thomas E Brady started throwing to people he doesn't like, if they're open. How many forces to Gordon, when Hogan and Allen are open? There's 3 I can think of.
  7. 2018's Offensive Explosion: What Gives?

    Some good answers above, so I wont reiterate. Maybe offer a different perspective; key defensive injuries? No more Shazier, D Jones, J Bosa, E Reid etc. Some of those made it very tough to play offense. QBing is at an apex, but why? I suspect if you answer this, you have the answer for the OP as well. Why is QBing at an apex this year?
  8. Do the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year with Wentz?

    He COULD have played as well as NF, but probably wouldn't have, considering that was the greatest QBing performance we've faced...maybe ever? If we're assuming Pats do exactly the same on O and D, I'm going to say no. Brady torched their D, and we were all waiting (even BB was) for NF to do SOMETHING to hand us the initiative. But it never happened. One of the games you just have to hold your hand up and say - we done everything, and more to win - but he's bettered it.
  9. TNF GDT: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

    VanS also created the "we are sleeping on the Raiders" thread. Oh dear. As for all the 'Rodgers is done' hot takes - don't worry Packer fans, the more you go through these, the better it tastes.
  10. Who are the top 5 RB's since the year 2,000?

    1. LdT * 2. Peterson 3. Faulk 4. Alexander 5. Bell * The NFL and its affiliates apologises but the acronym LT has already been taken and retired by the true LT; Law Tay.
  11. week 11 pick em

    Not tracked my record, but... Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Cols Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants Houston Texans @ Washington Redskins Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Rams
  12. That looks well covered, doesn't it. Can't spot the isolated defender here. It's an Ohio concept on the left, with 2 receivers and 3 defenders - if the safety takes Edelman. There's even a 4th available (the right LBer who looks to be back pedalling) And it looks something like a follow concept on the right, with a deep dig. Again, well covered. Corner backing into his deep zone so has Hogan, can't tell if the defender near Allen is blitzing or covering Allen, but even if he's blitzing, there's the rat (safety/LB) there to pick him up (that's probably what is happening). White should absolutely been in play
  13. We've posters from all over the country. I'm interested to know what your favorite and least favorite things are about your state (or state of your choosing). I'm not a native, but I did live in Maine for a while. So; Top 3 things about Maine: 1. Outdoors. I love being outdoors, and Maine can offer a lot of outdoor wilderness and space, including lots of biodiversity. Acadia National park would be an example. 2. Food. Seafood is my fav. Guess Maine is known for it's Lobster, but I don't care. Just cram it all in my face. Shrimp, Salmon, Cod you name it. 3. Friendly people. Everyone knows everyone (can be a bad thing) and it's got a community spirit feel. Worst 3 things about Maine: 1. Weather. Summer is two weeks, and I like hot and sunny weather. Bummer. 2. Lack of opportunity. There isn't a diverse industry here, no mega-city or commercials ops. It's a lot of local government, services or trade stuff. 3. It's too quiet. If you're a young adult, you want a bit more nightlife and perhaps some lively bars and neighbourhoods etc. It's ok for a quiet night on the local craft beers, but...meh. Your turn