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  1. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    It's a good win, in hind sight - a very good win. Hands up if you thought this was an L after the 1st period? Really good to come out of there with a win. The D really stepped up after surrendering our longest drive against for EIGHT YEARS! The issues remain on O, and hopefully...HOPEFULLY Wynn alleviates a lot of that. We still don't know what we are. We really don't.
  2. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Oh god, what a legend Bill is. Eat S Lane. One of the dumbest people on earth, I'm sure of it. (Good job he's an awesome lineman).
  3. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    1 single bad player. Why wasn't Williams considered in some sort of way? I'd have given up some D talent for someone who'll enable us to run 4 YPC and TB an extra 2 seconds
  4. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Yeah it's terrible. We can't really blame TB for anything really, as there's just nothing to work with.
  5. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    When the hell is Wynn back
  6. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Good job we had 2 weeks to prepare
  7. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    @CP3MVP thoughts?
  8. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Out of 1 seed too if we lose
  9. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    That's so true, actually.
  10. NFL Week 11 GDT

    I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm asking that people recognise we ain't all that
  11. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Good luck D line
  12. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Their OL is the iron f curtain.
  13. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Yeah, can everyone stop ranking us number 1. We're actually no where near as good as you think. 9th or 10th is appropriate for a team with a good D, and a way below average O, who also have kicking issues.
  14. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Yup, same.
  15. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    The Bennett thing coincided with us actually playing good teams. He wasn't effective anyway, plus snaps were low apart from G1. Brown, yeah. We could use him and his psychotic tendencies right now