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  1. What prospect damaged himself the most?

    Was it Cardale Jones that decided to forgo NFL entry for another year in college, then fell off a cliff, was replaced and his stock plummeted?
  2. I think they keep him but he's buried on the DC. Probably see flashes of him in obvious passing downs.
  3. This Ain't Pats Talk

  4. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Great entry for this thread. Nailed it.
  5. Saturday Preseason Games

    How sensitive.
  6. Year in review: How did your 2016 FA additions perform?

    WR Nate Washington (Texans) - (D) Nothing to report DT Frank Kearse (Redskins) - (D) Roster depth WR Chris Hogan (Bills) - (B) Made some excellent plays, stretched the field, was great on comeback routes, lit a few teams up. Superbowl winner. LB Ramon Humber (Saints) - (D) More squad depth LB Shea McClellin (Chicago) - (C) Decent option on pass rushing downs, solid if unspectacular. Superbowl winner. DE Chris Long (Rams) - (B) Exceeded expectations and was used a lot more than we expected. Genuine pass rush. Superbowl winner.
  7. USA Today 2017 NFL record projections

    Paul, you appear to have missed the 2017 off-season narrative. Raiders are destined for the AFC Championship Game. Just to let you know.
  8. Saturday Preseason Games

    He should start. Too many question marks over Watson's accuracy. Some awful throws.
  9. Saturday Preseason Games

    Nice to see Raiders' secondary make Goff look like Rodgers for a drive
  10. Pats rookie DE Derek Rivers may be done for season

    A first...what's that? How about Amendola instead?
  11. Pats rookie DE Derek Rivers may be done for season

    How about Graham?
  12. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    Poor INT from Jimmy G.