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  1. En Why Jay Points scored: 13.4/game (32nd) Yards gained: 1,335 (31st) Passing offense: 98-for-171, 965 yards, 4 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, -0.203 EPA (32nd) Rushing offense: 104 carries, 370 yards, 3 touchdowns, -0.121 EPA (20th) The unit is ranked worst in the league in points and has turned the football over nine times — all of those interceptions thrown by Wilson. If there is one positive, it is the fact that New York’s is one of just two offenses in the league not to lose a fumble at this point in the season. Defense Points against: 24.2/game (18th)
  2. Pro Football Network uses the very first line of their draft assessment to say this; 'Kirkland keeps a wide base in pass protection, and he plays with decent hip sink. His sheer width allows him to cover a large area along the edge. The Washington OG has an extensive reach, and his size makes it difficult for defenders to gain separation. On top of his sheer size, Kirkland owns stellar natural balance. He’s not easy to move off-base, and his footwork helps to channel and strengthen his balance.' Perhaps take another look. Onwenu is a decent comparison. 40 starts by draft,
  3. I think Carolina are probably in standby mode for this. They had 3 weeks of great Darnold, then 3 weeks of abysmal Darnold, the true Darnold is probably somewhere inbetween this. I think it's probably too early to say
  4. Does it ever happen where the home team wins every game before the AFC CG week? I'm always tempted to pick home teams (who by definition have the better record in that matchup) but I think if we looked at history, an away team usually gets a win in the WC/Div rounds
  5. So firstly, short term - Onwenu has to go to RT for as long as Brown is out, and Karras to LG. That was a bit better this week.
  6. It's changed how I think about the 2021 team exponentially.
  7. Hunter2_1


    Is this how you felt at the time? I recall you defending Goff hard...
  8. A massive overreaction that his "OL is opening up huge lanes for him". A couple times a game, sure, just like most offensive lines. He's also had a handful of snaps per game where a defender is in his grill immediately as he takes the ball. There's plenty of highlights of him trying/succeeding to hand off a defender that has busted through on him. There's plenty of evidence that he's decked below the LOS plenty of times per game. That said, he's not the MVP...he can't be. Campaign to change the award if you like, but it has to be Lamar or Murray or Brady so far.
  9. Our biggest issue on the day was TOP. Our D actually for the most part covered well, it's just they were exposed all the time. Here's the number of plays on all of our drives, ready? 3 4 4 3 3 3 3 5 13 Only one long drive...
  10. For me right now, it probably goes; 1. Arizona 2. Tampa Bay 3. LAR 4. Baltimore 5. Buffalo
  11. It was telling that Yodney got benched for allowing Mac to die. BB probably sees this season as development for his new franchise QB. Explains the play calling as well. He has to sort the OL out then, because if one thing can torpedo a QB it's a bad OL
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