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  1. He's not a prolific passer, and never has been nor will be. But the original argument (I've been told that guy is just LV's version of....*those kind of posters*, so I'm taking with a massive pinch of salt) was that he CAN'T throw. The goalposts keep getting moved. It went from Cam can't throw to 'well he's not that good' to 'well Ryan put up 400 as well'....this is silly talk. If anyone thinks Cam CAN'T throw - just turn on the highlights...he can throw. He's not Ryan, Wilson, Rodgers, Brady, or Ben or Goff or whoever, but the dude can rip it. We do need the run game back though this week 🤨
  2. the Steelers defense has blitzed a stunning 61.7% of their snaps through two games, according to Pro Football Reference. That is just over 14% more often than the next-highest blitzing team, the Miami Dolphins (47.5%). The Baltimore Ravens finished first in the league at 54.9% last year, for reference.
  3. Slam Newton wearing JE Happily Miserable t-shirt. Love this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGAy4pOlWWw
  4. Same, and I'm not a fan of either. Going to be awesome
  5. I'm not too worried about that.. Andrews sat out of practice but should play Sunday, right? White is TBC The rest will play for sure
  6. I mean, nearly every day you prove your football knowledge packs about as much punch as a flea's bench press, but this one really amused me. Didn't even know that an NFL QB (your boy, no less) changes protection 😂. Fair play to Jrry for keeping a lid on that response. I haven't even busted out your quotes on Goff being 'trash' yet
  7. S&BP: Finish this sentence: The Patriots will win this game unless _________.PP: … the Raiders can do what the Seahawks did last week: consistently move the football against the Patriots’ defense. How did they do it, you may ask? New England played more zone defense than usual to account for Russell Wilson’s abilities as a scrambler. The expectation is that they will go back to more man-based coverage concepts this week, and Las Vegas’ pass-catchers simply have to win their one-on-ones if they find them. That might be easiest underneath, though. While challenging the secondary is a dangerous plan — yes, Wilson threw five touchdowns but he is a top-three quarterback in the NFL and has a terrific supporting cast — New England’s linebackers and “star” safety Adrian Phillips have shown some inconsistencies when it comes to manning their zones. If the Raiders can attack those by incorporating crossing partners and challenging New England horizontally rather than virtually, they increase their chance of winning. Likewise, if the Patriots cannot defend those, there is a realistic chance they will not win.
  8. Hahah! Deflecting because you know when you post your drivel, proving that you know nothing about football, it is on record and you can't defend it. Rammy: "But I have yet to see Goff change our protection. Maybe no one does that anymore, but I recall manning doing that a lot. " Jrry: "He does it all the time, Ramster." Rammy:"I guess so. Maybe manning was more of a character doing, like spend 30 seconds moving and shifting lol" Keep this stuff coming, Ram. It's gold
  9. So how did he get 400 yards last game, did he kick the ball?
  10. Not bad for some who you thought didn't even set protections 😂
  11. You said he can't throw. Now you're just moving the goalposts. Can he throw, or not?
  12. I hope the irony of that isn't lost on you. And it's no wonder your kids do it... GB one spot above ATL ...🤣
  13. This is probably all because Elky hasn't been around, to be fair
  14. Then you put them 1 spot above the Falcons...? 🤣 and don't have NYJ in the bottom 5....🤣
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