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  1. 2020 New England Patriots Roster

    If it's the last game before the playoffs and we need a win to get HFA, then I can see it. Realistic.
  2. 49ers RB Raheem Mostert requests trade

    Running Backs matter, they just have to be good enough to matter more. See McCaff putting the offense on his shoulder. Tell me he's inconsequential. But Mostert does not move the needle like that. We'd have him - what a great fit for NE (ST wiz, receiving back, YAC) but the recomp has to be lowww for SF. 5th or 6th?
  3. Cyberpunk 2077

    - Talk to ANY NPC - Not where near as clunky as W3 - You always have control, you can just walk away from dialogues etc - One mission had 7 different outcomes depending on the options taken by player - World is so f detailed - Day night cycle = 1 hour is 8 game hours. You can skip to night and there be no loading screens, noticeably fewer people out at night - It didn't feel overwhelming for her (in terms of quests). Not as cluttered as Ubisoft games - Optional tasks within missions - will change the entire outcome of the mission; need to put a lot of thought into choices - HUD is based on your in-game cybernetic enhancements. So e.g if you want to see your ammo count, you need that cyber upgrade on your body/internal somewhere - She says with caution given only a few hours of gameplay, but this is the most detailed and visually stunning open world game she can think of
  4. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    Every NFL fan should refute this bogus deflategate ish, because one day if their team ever get caught in the crosshairs, this blatant witch hunt stuff from the NFL could bite them and their team.
  5. Madden 21

    Yeah, nice try on the franchise mode! Actually it's not. Here's another ZERO EA. Bring on a competitor, please, for the love of..
  6. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Wow. Your team are Superbowl calibre and you're wishing injury on a player of a team that you're better than, overall? Eesh.
  7. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Checking back at my predictions I have NE as the biggest fallers. so, therefore.... @Hunter2_1 You clearly don't know what you're talking about, well done for demonstrating to everyone how little you know. Good job!
  8. Madden 21

    Same ish. Appeal to the mostly casual fanbase by putting out a cool cover of Lamar, get all the athletes to promote it and react to their madden ratings on Youtube - then the game is the same recycled, tired, lazy crap with no care given to certain modes and the animations are still awful.
  9. Super Bowl LV predictions

    The Norse derby. BAL win.
  10. Who has the best roster?

    You have an issue with Cleveland and TB being in there? They are stacked. Agreed about your OL and I really like Lewan, but otherwise you've said it yourself - an up and coming WR, a TE who has improved every year (I also really like him), you talk about the QB being a perfect fit - that's nothing to do with 'talented roster' that proves my point above about 'being greater than the sum of their parts'. Then you said it yourself about the only elite player on D being Byard. I think the lack of pass rush (as alluded to by Titan fans) hurts the roster on paper. Then you mention 'possibly' getting Clowney. So your case kind of admits why it's not a top 10 roster on paper. I could have put it on within the same ball park as the LA teams as you mention, but even they either have elite WRs, elite Pass Rush or both. I look at TEN as a scary team but not because of on-paper talent necessary.
  11. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    You've been well and truly Pass-Agg'd there...
  12. Cyberpunk 2077

    There's something about that dystopian future setting for me. Find it harrowing... Can't wait.
  13. Cyberpunk 2077

    OK this looks incredible.
  14. Camp Battle: Cam vs Studham - FIGHT!

    First of thousands, hopefully.