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  1. One way to address the declining TV ratings

    Streaming, cost, product
  2. Bring two back from IR

    They have to wait til week 10 anyway, don't they?
  3. Week 7 GDT - Falcons Come For Revenge

    I reckon Gillmore will play, because I'm sceptical of him every being an unhealthy scratch in the first place. Just a theory though. Gilmore on Jones at all times.
  4. I would want to sack the best. It's like, would you rather take out the death star, or just shoot a few tie-fighters down? Would you rather conquer the North, or just take Dragonstone?
  5. Well if fully healed then fine. A rusty, still-not-100% throwing shoulder though? Still no, for me.
  6. Surely not. Why risk messing up their franchise QB's shoulder to possibly scrape 8 wins on the season.... Rest and come back with a vengeance
  7. Yep. We did it with Gronk, and it is worth it. One season isn't that long.
  8. Bortles' kryptonite is passing
  9. Week 7 GDT - Falcons Come For Revenge

    Although they let the league's worst offense / Jay Cutler light them up in the 2nd half. I'd be disappointed if we didn't put up 30. We'll need to.
  10. I really like Chris and wish he could have stayed
  11. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Meanwhile Kamara is averaging, what, 6 YPC?
  12. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    Grow up.
  13. Newton's is short passing accuracy. PFF stats show that he has the worst accuracy (in terms of putting the ball in a comfortable position for the receiver, i.e not stretching) when throwing behind the line of scrimmage or within 5 yards (screens, check downs and throwing hot etc). Maybe it's because he only knows one velocity when throwing; Lazer infused rocket propelled
  14. Bring two back from IR

    Was used more outside last season, and given a key role this season in the middle, with the green dot. I think BB sees a lot of potential there. I noticed a few smart adjustment signals in the KC game; so clearly given a lot of responsibility.