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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Say you're a defensive coordinator, and you have a major weakness. Say that weakness is crossing routes. a) Which players are usually responsible for covering crossing routes in zone ? b) How would you go about fixing that weakness?
  2. Is this the end?

    I hate sentences that start with "now". Anyway, the answer is; Probably not. It could be though. We don't look good in any aspect of the game, but we WILL get good later in the season.
  3. Again; Crossing routes. CROSSING ROUTES. This makes 5 of the last 7 teams we've faced that have ruthlessly exploited this weakness, and have handed us a dramatic controversial close win, a win in which we looked second best of most of the game, and 3 losses. We cannot defend the crossing routes. Also run defense was appalling, but that's obvious. Hightower looks like he's playing in ice-skates. Offensively, it's just not good enough. No one can get separation - starts and end there. Edelman will help, Gordon MAY help. Michel was rough, Burkhead is made of cookies. I think we'll beat Miami, but only because it's up North and it's unlikely this Miami team go 4-0. Not because we're good, or anything, because we really aren't right now.
  4. Hunter2_1 Favorite Team: New England Patriots Week 3 Pick: New England Patriots
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I really want the Vikings to ditch the cool, futuristic uniforms and adopt a real retro, steely, cold, hard uniform - really play into the VIKING theme. Hell, all grow beards and long platted hair whilst you're at it. Come into the stadium on a long boat! What do you reckon Vike fans?
  6. Depends how. Honestly I just rule September losses out - like they don't count. It's November, December and January where we become the Pats everyone hates. But that said, yeah that will suck big time because Lions are tragic.
  7. I'll take the Jets, because Hue sucks. I want Cleveland, but....
  8. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    @marshawn lynch What do you say?
  9. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    TBH, from what we've seen, Hue doesn't command any respect whatsoever. Players, as evidenced in Hard Knocks, feel empowered enough to blast into his office demanding answers. BB commands far more respect, and maybe he's the type that needs a firm hand. I say maybe because none of us actually know what he needs and how.
  10. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    Relatively, it's harder for Gordon. Toss up, if Gordon learns playbook and stays clean - he goes off. Matthews is a safe bet for steady production season-long and right away
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    We were wrong to hype him after 8 starts.
  12. Well, if they did have even an average QB, I don't think they would have beaten the Packers had A-Rod stayed in the whole game. As it actually happens, both games they've played, they should have put the opposition out of sight in the 2nd half. Maybe that does happen with even average QBacking, yes.
  13. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    Yep. Now, about your 99 other problems...
  14. Is Sony Michel the Answer at RB?

    Either constantly injured and cut for everyone Or a piece of offense that is a Kamara-lite. I guess that means I consider him boom or bust, but I think if fit, with our athletic OL and creative passing game, getting him into space, he could produce monster games. If fit.