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  1. bump. I filled the original opening and now, just had another GM depart unexpectedly. Please consider if you are looking for a great league. I've been running it for 20 years.
  2. Sadly, I have to agree with your analysis. I had such high hopes or should I say "Hype" hopes for Mims. We'll see how the rest of the summer goes for him but it hasn't been good since Atlantic Health opened its doors this year.
  3. I read that Fant has never played G.
  4. Well 3 weeks after filling one vacancy, I now have an unexpected 2nd vacancy. Hi everyone, I have an open team in one of my leagues. This is the 21st year for the Quarterback Sneak league. Each team gets to keep two players that they drafted as rookies in previous years that will cost zero draft picks (similar to dynasty). In addition, each team has the option for up to 2 more keepers costing early round draft picks. As an added incentive for filling this open team, the league will allow this team to Keep 3 players without sacrificing a draft pick instead of two for the year
  5. 20 year leagues. Most original GMs. We added IDPs 6 years ago (we start 5: DL, LB,LB,DB,DB). Ever since, it has been difficult to find replacements. I guess many people are frightened of IDPs? SIlly, b/c it adds so much fun and its so easy. Our platform is RTSports. Each team keeps between 2-4 keepers each year. Open teams have rock solid keepers. $175 - $200 entry (undecided) with 100% payouts. PM me (include your email) or email questions to dcat 4939 at yahoo dot com
  6. I run three 12-team keeper leagues and two of the leagues have an opening with really good keeper options. One will have CEH, Mike Evans, Ekeler and justin Jefferson. (Very nice) The other will have Dobbins, Swift, Mike Evans and Jeudy. Starting lineups (15 starters): offense: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K defense: team Def, DL, LB, LB, DB, DB + a pair of Flex positions (RB,WR,TE,IDP) Currently, entry fee is $175 and payouts are multifold (all money is paid out). PM me if you have an interest or questions. Dcat (David)
  7. Crowder's market value was about $5-6, maybe $7 per year... way under his $10 contract here. It was either get cut or take the deal. He will be a UFA in 2022 and if he performs well, JD could possibly get a comp pick if another team pays him about 6 or 7 million.
  8. whoops. Wrong profile. PFN (Pauline) had Echols ranked 5th round, CB #27 Pinnock ranked 7th rd CB # 33. JASON PINNOCK CORNERBACK 3.27 GRADE 7TH-FA PROJECTED ROUND 33 POSITION RANK 263 OVERALL RANK A three-star cornerback out of Connecticut, Jason Pinnock also played wide receiver and competed in track and field at Windsor High School. He saw extensive playing time on special teams as a freshman for Pittsburgh, contributing to a 43-game career that included 19 starts. His 3 interceptions in 2020 were a career high, with one sealing a win for the Panthers over Louisville. POSITIVES N
  9. same here. Tony Pauline at PFN had him ranked 33rd and rated as 7th/UDFA: https://profootballnetwork.com/file-uploads/PFN-NFL-Draft-Guide-2021.pdf Echols is a well-rounded cornerback who plays disciplined football and played within the system at Kentucky. His thin build is a hindrance, but Echols has enough skill and ability to line up in dime packages at the next level. PFN’S BEST NFL FITS Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills times pass defenses. Reads the quarterback’s eyes, makes his move to the throw, and possesses good hands for the interception. Aggressive and fires u
  10. Same here. Only the pump nowadays is going to cost closer to $2500-$3000 when it goes. We replaced ours about 20 years ago. It was $1,300 then.
  11. I've been cashing in on the Knicks for the last 6 weeks. Who would have ever thunk it? THere is no team that is better in winning back-to-backs in the NBA. The $$ won on Knicks has almost compensated me for all the losses in college hoops betting. Almost back to even. Go Knicks!
  12. that article/tweet is crap. 49er fans say the author is always making stuff up. Just ask them. Beleiving Cecil Lammey is as reliable as trusting Craig Carton. The greater likelihood if any of this is true, is that it was a swap of #23 and Sam (+ other picks too) for #12. And perhaps the Jets were to throw in more. It's easy for any irresponsible schmuck on Twitter to say the jets were offered a first round pick for Darnold.
  13. the 2021 draft is rich... extremely so... in IOL and not too shabby either in depth at OT. Great draft for OL coming. Lots of deep talent.
  14. Most of those "options" ignore just how awful Darnold is. I get that some people believe he is salvageable. I Don't. I understand that this must be painful for you. Think of it this way. Darnold's ceiling is to be a .500 starter for a couple of years followed by "good guy" career back up. It's just not worth exercising and paying that 5th year option and not worth the pain of wasting another season on him.
  15. there is no way that Sam or his agent would have ever done that. Sam and his agent: No 5thyear option? We'll take our chances as UFA thank you very much. As terrible as Darnold has been, he would get more as UFA than any "bridge deal" with the Jets. Unrealistic.
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