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  1. that article/tweet is crap. 49er fans say the author is always making stuff up. Just ask them. Beleiving Cecil Lammey is as reliable as trusting Craig Carton. The greater likelihood if any of this is true, is that it was a swap of #23 and Sam (+ other picks too) for #12. And perhaps the Jets were to throw in more. It's easy for any irresponsible schmuck on Twitter to say the jets were offered a first round pick for Darnold.
  2. the 2021 draft is rich... extremely so... in IOL and not too shabby either in depth at OT. Great draft for OL coming. Lots of deep talent.
  3. Most of those "options" ignore just how awful Darnold is. I get that some people believe he is salvageable. I Don't. I understand that this must be painful for you. Think of it this way. Darnold's ceiling is to be a .500 starter for a couple of years followed by "good guy" career back up. It's just not worth exercising and paying that 5th year option and not worth the pain of wasting another season on him.
  4. there is no way that Sam or his agent would have ever done that. Sam and his agent: No 5thyear option? We'll take our chances as UFA thank you very much. As terrible as Darnold has been, he would get more as UFA than any "bridge deal" with the Jets. Unrealistic.
  5. where did Dyami Brown go? Was Simi Fehoko around in rd 5 or 6?
  6. He went at 68 to Atlanta in a similar mock. No way he gets past Atlanta there ifnthey haven't already selected a back. He'll be gone by mid rd 3. Chance of dropping to rd 4 absent a scandal or med issue: nil great pick.
  7. I just started the thread and haven't seen the full mock. I love it all so far. Again, I dont know who was on the board, but you've remained realistic (chart wise, the actual haul for Darnold was the equivalent of a 3rd rd pick) and picked players at CB TE I've been rooting for the Jets to get on day 2 or 3. Now back to the reading the drama unfold.
  8. Hey, I put in a request, but so have others. I'd like to be in it this time if possible. Was involved in the other one until I had to back out due to life getting in the ay. Excited there is another. I like draft-only format better.
  9. Beat me to it. Was interested in Jets.
  10. the most basic adblock.com blocker for chrome. but this is on my laptop, not phone.
  11. My ad blocker seems to work well on this site
  12. maybe a "Go Fund Me" is in order.
  13. can't trust coach/GM speak this time of year. Schefter is speculating because there has been no decision on Sam. Plus JD and Saleh will be talking up Sam for the next 6 weeks to inflate that trade value. So whether they trade him or not, expect to see abundant Darnold praise from the Jets FO and then don't be surprised if they do move him.
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