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  1. the most basic adblock.com blocker for chrome. but this is on my laptop, not phone.
  2. My ad blocker seems to work well on this site
  3. maybe a "Go Fund Me" is in order.
  4. can't trust coach/GM speak this time of year. Schefter is speculating because there has been no decision on Sam. Plus JD and Saleh will be talking up Sam for the next 6 weeks to inflate that trade value. So whether they trade him or not, expect to see abundant Darnold praise from the Jets FO and then don't be surprised if they do move him.
  5. I'm thinking that the front office will play this hand that way... and lead everyone to think that... until they get a 3rd round offer for Sam and then, just like that, he'll be gone. Don't want to saddle our new HC and OC with a QB who at best might be able to reach mediocrity from the bowels of the NFL where he is now. Anyone expecting Sam to rise from the bottom to the top is really reaching. I don't want to wait another year just to see if he can ascend from league worst to a JAG. Waste of all our time. That's a year we will never get back as fans. I understand the logic (and cap e
  6. make sure to bolt your lectern to the floor and hide your laptop. Anything can happen while you are out
  7. A MUCH better eye for talent than Rex had.
  8. But that face! Tell me it wasn't the most punchable face in the NFL?
  9. We couldn't be much more predictable than we have been in recent years and under multiple regimes. "Predictability, Brian Schottenheimer is thy name." For one.
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