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  1. agreed. I'd want to see Bell humiliate the Jets. But also... I'd like to see the Jets knock a couple of his teeth out while in the process. It's OK to want both.
  2. per Schefter: Presumptive positive covid test for Jets offensive player. Team sent home
  3. give the points. Money in the bank.
  4. ANyone watching saw the obvious. The Jets were delivering late hits and basically the visuals looked like they were looking to injure. Particularly after Denver is still flinging the ball around with a 2 score lead and garbage time. THere was definitely something wrong to what we saw and it falls on Greg Williams. Again. Gase is just an arrogant **** who will never run plays designed to meet the skills of his players. Gase would rather try to jam a square peg into a round hole due to the holiness and sanctity of his precious "game plan", which Jets fans still have yet to see.
  5. Jets fan here. Greg Williams is a P-O-S and should be suspended by the league again, let alone fired right along with Adam Gase. Jets fans do not approve. The thought of having to see them on the sidelines or in the booth for the rest of this horrid season makes me want to vomit. That is all.
  6. Greg Williams is a P-O-S and should be suspended, let alone fired right along with Gase. Too many players have come out through the years and said that dirty hits after the whistle and inflicting gratuitious damage (risking needless injury). Not the right culture for this clubhouse and is the reason why Williams has never been and most likely never will be a HC. edit: not to mention his defense has usually been overrated. and this one is another train wreck.
  7. By the end of October, when we are 0-9, the Fire Gase movement will have spread faster than Covid-19 at an indoor crowded party. @ Indi - Loss 0-3 Broncos - Loss 0-4 Cards - Loss 0-5 @ LAC - Loss 0-6 Bills - Loss 0-7 @ KC - Loss 0-8 Pats - Loss 0-9 That brings Gase back to Miami to face the Dolphins. How appropriate would it be to see Gase fired before he even gets back on the plane from losing to Miami? Double digit Losses --------------------> INSTANT FIRING but... Woody and Cris Johnson.......
  8. This incident was the final nail in Gase's coffin for me. It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that gase is awful and must be shown the door.
  9. And it's not like he's using Ryan Griffin either, unless he is still injured (?). And last year was evidence that Darnold could click with TE when he and Griffin connected for a little while there. Gase doesn't use TEs as offnsive weapons. I have no idea why.
  10. Case in point: Mike Gesicki Stats at Penn State (2014-17): 129 catches, 1,481 yards, 15 TDs, 11.5 yards per catch in 45 games Stats as a rookie, with Adam Gase as HC (2018): 22 catches, 202 yards, 0 TDs, 9.2 yards per catch in 16 games (7 starts) Stats 2019-present: 62 catches, 730 yards, 6 TDs, 11.8 yards per catch in 18 games (7 starts) The far more tragic issue is that Darnold is doomed under gase as well. We will never know if he could have been good.
  11. bad hands, perhaps dumb as a rock too. Scott has better tape, some NFL exp and is the same size.
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