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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001103006/article/lsu-qb-joe-burrow-ill-play-for-whoever-drafts-me Good. I always hated players pulling that "I don't wanna play for you" baby BS from Elway to Eli to whoever. Plus OL issues notwithstanding, the Bengals are a better situation to go to than most places he would go IMO.
  2. Online mock draft worth a hoot?

    I say that and immediately find this in another thread: https://nfldraft.theringer.com
  3. Other than the 800 posted here by people that is. Draftek is about the only one I've seen that I consider worth reading. The big media (CBS, USA Today etc) are generally lame if not laughable. Walter football used to be pretty good but IMO has faded badly. Others?
  4. NFLPA Fact Sheet on new CBA

    Yeah I don't know how they could afford eye exams and glasses on those paltry salaries (which are only going up about another $100K ish; which of course would never cover it). Talk about laughable
  5. Stupid. Playoff already diluted enough. All about money of course.
  6. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Rivers to the Colts? Yeah it's just speculation from a player no less, but some valid points about the coaching history etc http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102202/article/melvin-gordon-thinks-philip-rivers-will-sign-with-colts IMO Rivers should retire. He's all but done
  7. Browns add former GM Grigson as consultant.

    Good, bring in more incompetence to the Browns. Any team mr race card gangsta thug Garrett is on I'm all for screwing up. I'd even root for NE against them now and that's saying a lot
  8. Buccaneers New Uniforms Confirmed

    You haven't watched much football then. Jags, Seahawks, and Oregon U all blow them away, just off the top of my head and that's just current stuff, not all time ever But yeah, TB was long overdue to correct a mistake that tried to correct a mistake lol
  9. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    People are such idiots. They will try to stir up anything even when nothing is there. I don't ever remember a top QB pick ever going "OMG YES I SO HOPE THEY DRAFT ME YES YES" He's cool with whoever drafts him. That's it. Get a life.
  10. QB Rankings

    Maybe because teams win and lose games, not just one guy? Or because it's only 3 games, not an entire season, never mind a collegiate career? Need I go on?
  11. A QB of the future when you still have a stud, even one in declining years, IMO almost never makes sense. I like Eason but he would be my last choice. Try to get one more title from Brees, he can't have more than a year or two left. The Saints made it clear that Kamara is not (or will not be used as) a "bell cow" guy, which some of us suspected anyway. So take Swift, who is more physical but also has speed and can catch and so give defenses nightmares having to defend both. Brees can't go downfield as much now anyway.
  12. Cardinals expected to release David Johnson

    Not to mention idiotic. This society's obsession with acronyms is RFS. As for Johnson, I warned FFers not to fall in love with a one-year wonder, but did they listen.....
  13. Do you wish the NFL was less popular?

    As opposed to figuratively proving your point?
  14. Do you wish the NFL was less popular?

    Like baseball's not overexposed Yes. Pro sports in general, a massive, emphatic yes. If it all went away tomorrow I'd applaud. Love to hear stories about ex-NFLers now scraping by as TE coach for Podunk Middle School lol
  15. Brady to the...Titans?

    FWIW https://www.foxbusiness.com/real-estate/tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-massachusetts-mansion