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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001055124/article/what-we-learned-from-sundays-week-2-games I'm not talking content, but general writing ability, up to and including basic grammar. I realize most people probably don't care, but does it bother anyone else that these so-called professional writers "write" like a (drunk) 3d-grader? Has proofreading become optional? Don't they teach grammar in schools anymore? Most of you could probably do better.
  2. Auction sites: any good free ones?

    I've checked out several and disagree. What's better? Yahoo is comparable but their draft UI sucks. And NFL.com is a total joke.
  3. GURLEY?!?!?

    PS my comment was on Gurley and Chubb, not Kamara.
  4. Is RB deeper than ever?

    Yes as I said elsewhere IMO depth is the key this year. I won't be buying high on Barkley, I'll let people spend crazy money on those few top guys and spread the wealth on several 2d, 3d tier guys, hopefully one will break out (or repeat) like Lindsey etc.
  5. GURLEY?!?!?

    I wouldn't keep either for a first round pick.
  6. What will be the key to winning in 2019?

    ? "Shares?" I never heard of a league where owners could share the same player. I think depth is key this year. I see a lot of good but very few locked-in-great players. There aren't any "I just have to get that guy" players for me.
  7. General observations about FF 2019

    True Kittle should be up there but no way is he reproducing anything like last year, and I'm always a little leery of guys who have only done it one year. And you know teams will key on him big time. PS lol @ the word " s u c k " being censored.
  8. Who will have the #1 pick?

    lol - to be fair he saw a lot of stacked boxes given they had zero pass game. Not saying I expect greatness, but if he's healthy and Foles is somehow at least decent, they shouldn't be competing for a top draft pick next year.
  9. For most if not all positions this year, there are few if any single "gotta have him" sure-fire, crazy lotta pts guys like P Manning or A Peterson in his prime, etc. There are 2d tier guys which look very good, but all have numerous serious ? marks. For ex: QB - Brees and Brady are aging (Rodgers too) and you never know when they fall off that cliff. Plus they and the other stud Mahomes have fewer weapons, Mayfield looks promising but it's all speculation, Luck can he stay healthy, etc. RBs: similar situation with the obvious exception of Barkley. After that, start flipping coins on those 2d tier guys. WRs: this position looks better. Jones and Hopkins and several others are easy WR1 high draft choices, esp in PPR. TEs: there's Kelce and Ertz and then...a lot of rolls of the dice. If you're auction like our league has been the last 4 yrs, I'm thinking it might be a good year to lay back and ****** up a lot of those 2d tier guys, figuring some will be elite.
  10. Nick Chubb

    This is one of the few (the only) "handcuffs" this year. Seems these aren't nearly as common as they used to be. But if you have both, I see great things for the Browns' O and you should be in good shape.
  11. Who will have the #1 pick?

    Jags are one Fournette injury from competing. Not a believer in Foles at all and who's he throwing to anyway?
  12. Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

    Unless you actually remember that season and have enough of a clue to realize stats don't tell the whole story to put it mildly. They were competitive in many games that year. I'm not sure who the worst was, assuming it's even possible for one team to stand out above the others, but the 76 Bucs have to be on the short list. Incredibly, laughably bad.
  13. Auction sites: any good free ones?

    Wow I stumped the panel. I see that ESPN does it, I guess no one thinks ESPN's auction thing is good.
  14. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    I could win the lottery too. Not a hater. Who knows, he might shine. But history says it's unlikely. Expecting huge things from a guy because of a few great games has almost always proven stupid.
  15. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    lol @ "won the SB therefore great" thing popping up again. I'm constantly amazed how many people don't get that teams win SBs, not QBs.