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  1. True. 1. Redskins mgt/ownership are spineless 2. Redskins mgt/ownership are completely brain-dead 3. Redskins/mgt/ownership were high and giggling when they joked about how they would leak this to the press- but then someone actually did Honestly ANYTHING would have been better. "The Washington Pigeons" or "The Washington Hair Dryers" - as lame as they are - are still awesome by comparison. LMAO @ this cowering to the race card team. Synder is such a loser, but that's not exactly news. I will root for anyone against them. Well OK against the Bucs and Pats I hope for a tie.
  2. Yeah I can't blame him for wanting more money (we all do) but I can't blame SF for telling him to F off either.
  3. No there isn't. You consider being a multi-millionaire "solidly upper class?" What are you, Bill Gates' love child? He's an idiot for his timing if nothing else (also for thinking he's as good as Buckner; he isn't). I get if the Chiefs cave, but I love if they don't.
  4. ugh. I get the reasoning of course but crazy times. And really I have to wonder if simply mandating masks wouldn't be enough? I get being safe but people still need to be able to "have a life" (including entertainment and just plain ol getting out of the house).
  5. This is why Belichick and Brady's names should always have an asterisk after them. Cheating is where they're the real "GOATs."
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/phyllis-george-former-miss-america-later-a-co-host-of-nfl-today-dead-at-70 Still remember the old CBS show. Laid the groundwork for ESPN and others.
  7. bomont

    Dalton to Dallas

    Weird. Helluva backup QB there. Really thought NE would make their move.
  8. If you mean "switched teams" of course not. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
  9. Well hey if you're gonna dream, dream big
  10. OK, so it's up to the NFL what to do with that extra money...offhand I'm not sure how that gets decided. Maybe he should have "taken the check" and gave it all to some charity instead. Either way it's still not in his pocket and quite a gesture. That's what "guys like me" think anyway (whatever that means).
  11. He sucks as a commish, but credit where due. I also get disgusted by charity shaming...and have to wonder about the people who do it, i.e. how much are they donating to charities, if they were making $40M a year would they voluntarily give up a whole year's salary etc. Armchair quarterbacks. puke.
  12. So happy I was listening on a podcast vs watching, it would have gotten extremely old immediately. I have to wonder if part of the viewing was that most people watching/listening actually prefer not having the 3 ring circus and just want the picks announced in a no-nonsense way. Maybe not, maybe it's all about being cooped up, but unfortunately even if true I doubt the execs are smart enough to consider it. Next year will be the circus back in town
  13. So...only 29 picks if he's starting? Good move by the Saints but I will be very surprised if he's ever more than a backup or desperation move by another team. As someone else said, 5 yrs in and he still makes so many dumb moves/throws.
  14. Just saw this on ESPN (bolding mine) Check out these highlights of former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm as his powerful arm leads him up the rankings in this year's draft.
  15. Yeah his size is hurting him, too bad a smart team will taken this talented player at this point and be glad they did
  16. Bears can't have all the fun lol
  17. 6'8" 320 is undersized? I agree he could put on a few pounds at that height but... Admittedly can't speak to the injuries or attitude though.
  18. Fromm is a classic game manager guy. Very smart, intangibles, just not the athleticism or cannon arm. I agree on the low ceiling but geez everyone being drafted now has plenty to not like, that's why they're still here.
  19. Who are you surprised is still there? OT Adams and TE Bryant from Washington for ex
  20. I'm not. IIRC there was first round talk but not #1 overall talk.
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