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  1. I have no idea who I want yet but I hope we do not select an offensive player until about the 6th round unless the value is too hard to pass up. Off the top of my head right now we need... another DE, DT, 2 Linebackers, safety and cornerback. I for one would be absolutely fine not taking a offensive player in the draft potentially if it makes sense not to.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/07/reports-early-season-schedule-wont-focus-on-interconference-games/ Debunked. Guess we will find out tonight what the truth is.
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/04/nfl-announces-all-2020-games-will-be-in-u-s/ Don’t have to go to London so that’s good in my opinion
  4. I was gonna say this but figured you'd bring it up too. Its a fair point and potential plan. Odell is only 27 though and we know what he brings to the table. The pick might have to be Jeudy or Lamb if that was to actually happen and assuming that one of them is still on the board. I wouldn't be upset if we traded and got 13 to do that, I am just saying I wouldn't do it right now.
  5. It would be cool to have the 13th pick as well but I wouldn't be ready to give up on Odell yet. Our skill positions are on point right now. Hopefully we can maximize the talent this year.
  6. They just traded that pick for Deforest Buckner from 9ers. Wow. Stuff flying today.
  7. No reason to dump Njoku. I am excited to see him and Hooper together and what they can do. He's too young and affordable just to give up on him.
  8. Don't have the link but it looks like 4 years and 44 million for Hooper with 23 million guaranteed per Espn's Vaughn McClure
  9. Just give me Jack Conklin and Anthony Harris to start and I will be happy. Probably wishful thinking but I can be optimistic.
  10. We could come close ish if the nerds spend the money. Assuming these Free agents would come here... 1. Jack Conklin - RT 2. Anthony Harris - Safety 3. Jordan Phillips - DT Draft: 1. Andrew Thomas - LT 2. Antoine Winfield - Safety 3. Robert Hunt - RG That's a great start. Still need another edge rusher, linebacker (or 2) and a TE. So we gotta sign some more guys than I mentioned and draft to fill some holes/get depth in the later rounds. I am all about fixing the O line so we can better utilize Chubb, Beckham, Njoku and Landry and give Baker more time and
  11. Thank you and I thought so. Love the FB pick in the 7th.
  12. Notable Free Agents: 1. Anthony Harris - Safety 2. Case Keenum - QB 3. Jack Conklin - OT 4. Jordan Phillips - DT Draft: #10 - Andrew Thomas - OT 2nd - Antoine Winfield - Safety 3rd - Adam Trautman - TE 3rd - Marlon Davidson - DT This would have to make you happy all day? Or maybe you would take an Edge guy in the 3rd if we got Jordan Phillips in FA
  13. Posting a topic for about the 3rd time. I decided to throw together a half done mock offseason to see how people like the start of it and how they would finish it. Figured this could be a different way to look at it and discuss before free agency starts. Do you like how it starts? If this is what happens, how would you build upon/finish it? Notable Free Agents: 1. Anthony Harris - Safety 2. Case Keenum - QB 3. Jack Conklin - OT 4. ? 5. ? Draft: #10 - Andrew Thomas - OT 2nd - Antoine Winfield - Safety 3rd - ? 3rd - ? 4th -
  14. Heck no. I would say a 4th round pick for all the reasons everyone has already mentioned. Too many uncertainties. If Washington wouldn't take it, who cares; plenty of other ways to get a tackle for this year and beyond. Plus there is no reason to make our TE group even thinner than it already is.
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