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  1. Not a fan. Don't see the need to spend $10 million on Wolfe then draft A.J. Epenesa. I'm a fan of A.J. but save the $ for Aaron Jones of Clark next year. WR in second. No problem. There will be 10-15 WRs that go before that pick so predicting who will be there is impossible, despite what some people say ^ Don't like 3rd round RB value. There are 3 down RB's that will be on the board until the middle of 2nd round. Then there is a no mans land. I think there is value in the 5th - 7th round. We have Aaron and Williams, we can pluck a NFL starter early or a complementary back late or undrafted Love Biadasz. Gives us flexibility with Lindsey Not a fan at all of the later rounds. You hit positions but few players I see falling that far or on GB board. Players fall for unexplained reasons but there are a lot of unexplained in this draft.
  2. Okwara went #22 in CBS sports Mock draft.
  3. Undersized Edge Rusher? I take it you just make things up in your head and pretend they sound smart. Lets see who was an edge rusher with similar height weight ratio's at the combine. Von Miller Height: 6-3 Weight: 246 Khalil Mack Height: 6-3 Weight: 251 You might say "Okwara is 1 inch taller", I say "its an inch!" If you don't know the unit of measure just look down, its about that size.......
  4. Bring Back: - Tyler Ervin ($1.2 million) - All EFRA's (Lazard, Lancaster, Tonyan, etc... $2-3 million) - Lewis ($1.5 million) Free Agent wish list: - Paul Richardson / Tyler Gabriel . Slot WR - Damon Harrison. DT - Logan Ryan / Damarious Randall Draft: #30: Jalen Raegor School: TCU Position: Wide Receiver Class: Junior Height: 5'11″ Weight: 195 Excellent footwork and skills upon release and pivot points of route tree when defender is forced into commitment. Great at contested catches and at manipulating his body on off body throws. Twitchy with home run speed, can take your top off or work underneath. Struggled at times with consistency and concentration on bringing ball in, brings his head up / eyes around before ball is secured. Only a effort blocker in run game, will not move NFL caliber D-backs up-field on run plays. (Also considered: Damon Arnette [CB-Ohio State],Jeff Gladney [CB-TCU], Shenault Jr. [WR-Colorado], Kenneth Murray [MLB-Oklahoma], Denzil Mims [WR-Baylor]) #62: Julian Okwara School: Notre Dame Position: OLB Class: Junior Height: 6'4'' Weight: 252 Outstanding get off with ability to convert speed to power and stress a tackle and collapse the pocket. Excels at hand technique in close quarter combat. Needs work on power moves as his success has been limited to rip, swim, bend, and body angle / surface reduction moves. Struggles to set edge, more of a penetration run stopper at this point. I expect this pick to be packaged to move up to either secure Okwara, Damon Arnette [CB-Ohio State] if he drops, or one of the top RB's with Aaron Jones in need of a new contract next year. (Also considered: Any RB's that fall [Dobbins, Akers, Taylor, or Swift] ,Cole Kmet [TE-Notre Dame], Van Jefferson [WR-Florida], Brycen Hopkins [TE-Purdue], Damon Arnette [CB-Ohio State]) #94: Alohi Gilman School: Notre Dame Position: S / Dime MLB Class: Senior Height: 5'11'' Weight: 202 Physical and stout with great tackle contact, plays like a "heat seeking missile." Experience playing in second level and near line of scrimmage. Rapid processor of information usually puts him near the football on every play. Excellent zone coverage reps near line of scrimmage, wasn't asked to drop deep or play man. If Pettine can play to his strengths, versatility and tackling, he should be able to carve out a 3rd down role on this team. Special Team MONSTER! (Also considered: Jake Fromm [QB-Georgia], Tyler Johnson [WR-Minnesota], Sewo Olonilua [RB-TCU], Mohamed Barry [LB-Nebraska]) #136: Albert Okwuegbunam School: Missouri Position: TE Class: RS Junior Height: 6'5'' Weight: 255 May have to move up from 4th round, but with 2021 compensatory pick projections I don't see wasted draft capital being spend to get Okwuegbunam. Has outstanding size, straight line speed, and catch radius. Doesn't block to his ability but not a result of his size. His game consists of stretching the seam and other deep routes, and short area play actions blocking leak outs. Injury history may cause him to fall. Great TE2 prospect with the ideal mentor (Lewis) to bring his game to the next level. (Also considered: James Morgan [QB-FIU], Lynn Bowden [WR-Kentucky], AJ Dillon [RB-Boston College]) #175: Bravvion Roy School: Baylor Position: DL Class: Senior Height: 6'1'' Weight: 320 Thick and powerful frame that eats up blockers in the run game and frees MLB's to flow to the ball. Gets skinny and slips through gaps as perpetrator when turned loose. Has great juice off the ball that catches OL sleeping. Efficient hand fighting allows him to keep OL of his fram and stay clean in the phone booth. Great athlete for his size. Downside is that his arms are short and his pad level is high for a 6'1'' DL. (Also considered: Colby Parkinson [TE-Stanford], Quintez Cephus [WR-Wisconsin], Davion Taylor [MLB-Colorado]) #192: Francis Bernard School: Utah Position: LB Class: Senior Height: 6'1'' Weight: 230 Has the athleticism to stay with RB's in man coverage or walk out to slot and cover for a short period of time. Former running who's mental understanding of run games puts him in great position to fill and find ball carrier in the hole. Excels at tracking down plays from the backside. Lacks ideal size but has shown flashes of pass rush ability both inside and out. Character concerns from freshman year at BYU will cause him to fall in draft (underage DUI). #208: A.J. Green School: Oklahoma State Position: CB Class: Senior Height: 6'1'' Weight: 199 Great reps and experience in both zone and man coverage. Excels at press man, with great hip, acceleration, and change of direction skills. Lacks ideal strength at the position so can lose bump coverage against bigger WR's. Seen as an ankle bitter tackler against WR's and RB's. Will be acceptable to pass interference calls as he can be grabby with ball in the air, despite being in the right position to make the play. #209: John Runyan School: Michigan Position: OT Class: Senior Height: 6'5'' Weight: 321 Premier pass blocking tackle. Natural in pass sets. Shows smooth and natural mirror technique and stout when making initial contact. Usually wins because of hand placement and leverage. Lacks lower body strength even for a college tackle which takes away run blocking prowess. The weight room will determine whether Runyan can be a viable starter in 3-4 years or a career backup. Lacks strength and tenacity to move inside to G. #236: Reggie Corbin School: Illinois Position: RB Class: RS Senior Height: 5'10'' Weight: 200 RB version of Lynn Bowden. Top tier quickness with above average long speed. Human joystick. One of top home run hitters in the entire 2020 RB / WR class. However, you do not want Corbin blocking for your QB, especially if his name is Aaron Rodgers. Lacks experience as a pass catcher, which should be mitigated with LaFleur's screen game. #242: John Penisini School: Utah Position: NT Class: Senior Height: 6'2'' Weight: 333 Impossible to move of line of scrimmage. Demonstrates great technique: low leverage, powerful first step, hand usage to stack and shed, and strong upper body strength. Plug and play 2 down run stopper. Lacks foot speed and stride length to be pass rusher. Lacks ideal length to be tackle for loss monster. Will free LB's to ball but is just a step off from constant TFL's.
  5. Bucky Mock Draft #1

    Let go: - Jimmy Graham - Lane Taylor *Gives packers about $32 Million to play with. Take $8-9 for rookies and year end roll over and we have somewhere between $21-22 to play with. Bring Back: - Jared Veldheer ($3 million) - Tyler Ervin ($1.5 million) - All EFRA's (Lazard, Lancaster, Tonyan, etc... 18.3 million) Free Agents: - Cory Littleton, Joe Sherbert, Dante Fowler Jr., or Bud Dupree. (This pick will directly impact our path to the draft. If its Fowler Jr. or Dupree, we could still target Queen or Murray in the first. However, if we target LB's in free agency, I'd think we take a deeper look at the WR and CB draft prospects with our #1. ($11-13 million, - Javon Hargrove, Shelby Harris, Michael Brockers, Michael Pierce. Get a veteran DL that can run stuff, free LBs, or collapse a pocket. ($8-10 million) - Veteran TE: Walker,Lewis, etc..... Draft: #30: Zack Baun, EDGE Versatile edge defender with high football IQ. Has the quickness, burst, and hand technique to win in pass rush. Football IQ and play processing puts him in position to fill gaps against run. Could play ILB next to a quality coverage LB. Add Baun to current OLBs, and a year 2 jump from Gary, and our pass rush has depth and upside. (Also considered Jeff Gladney [CB-TCU], Shenault Jr. [WR-Colorado], Kenneth Murray [MLB-Oklahoa], Denzil Mims [WR-Baylor]) #62: Austin Jackson, OT Athletic big man that comes off the ball hard during run plays. When technique is right he's dominate. Good at getting to second level in run downs, and great in short set anchors in quick passing game. Needs to improve balance in deep drop, and has shown some struggles against great bend defenders. (Also considered: Cole Kmet [TE-Notre Dame], Van Jefferson [WR-Florida], Brycen Hopkins [TE-Purdue], Damon Arnette [CB-Ohio State]) #94: Brycen Hopkins, TE Fluid route runner from pro style offense, with advanced route tree. Ball tracking skills above average, and great contested catch grabs throughout college career. Gives great effort in blocking situations and run after catch opportunities. Lacks ideal strength and struggles with low throws. Consistently beat zone defenses but fails to create separation against coverage specialists in man to man. (Also considered: Jake Fromm [QB-Georgia], Tyler Johnson [WR-Minnesota], Sewo Olonilua [RB-TCU], Mohamed Barry [LB-Nebraska]) #136: Chase Claypool, Outside WR Height, Weight, Speed WR. Doesn't get bumped off run and wins contested catches. Deceptiveness in route running ability, and is a great mismatch from the slot. Needs work on separating from CB and hand fighting at LOS. Gives big target area for press coverage CBs at LOS, because of lack of separation quickness and release technique. (Also considered: James Morgan [QB-FIU], Collin Johnson [WR-Texas], AJ Dillon [RB-Boston College]) #175: Lynn Bowden, SLOT WR Madden dream player! Do it all offensive playmaker, asked to play RB, WR, and QB at Kentucky. One of the funnest guys to watch, as he darts through defensive creases on naturally strung together moves. He won't outrun defensive backs for giant gains because of straight line speed, but it is hard to catch him with broken ankles. Favorite prospect for slot duty. Sacrifices body and is tough in run blocking and YAC situations. Must grab player to bring some electricity to this offense. (Also considered: Colby Parkinson [TE-Stanford], Quintez Cephus [WR-Wisconsin], Davion Taylor) #192: Davion Taylor, ILB Brings excellent athleticism to MLB position. Excellent closing speed in blitzes, and sufficient in passing game. Excellent chase ability from backside to run down plays. When declared he gets to the football quickly, needs help diagnosing plays. Great Special Team ability and athleticism. (Also considered: see below) #208: Benito Jones, NT BIG DUDE. Every bit 320+ with quickness and natural leverage. Very good feet to beat interior blocks. Will never be a perpetrator on passing downs but can free MLBs on early down against the run. Lacks arm length which will hurt his stock and ability to combat blocks with counter punches. #209: Mike Panasiuk, DE / IDL NFL ready size and technique for DE or IDL. Excels as a heads up defender, rarely caught out of position. Lacks push to be NFL pocket collapser, instead thrives on reading QB reaction to rush (clean up duty) #236: Reggie Corbin, RB RB version of Lynn Bowden. Top tier quickness with above average long speed. Human joystick. One of top home run hitters in the entire 2020 RB / WR class. However, you do not want Corbin blocking for your QB, especially if his name is Aaron Rodgers. Lacks experience as a pass catcher, which should be mitigated with LaFleur's screen game. #242: Gage Cervenka, IOL Extremely powerful and impressive in anchoring, moving bodies, and hitting devastating blocks on the move. Extremely raw as he was a NT / IDL for Clemson prior to this year. Great gadget player to throw on practice squad.
  6. Am I crazy in still wanting Nick Nelson, CB Wisconsin. He’s grabby but was one of the best players I’ve seen at Camp Randell in that secondary.
  7. The brown have drafted plenty of Brian Brohms over the years. The draft is my favorite time of the year because ball watchers become scouts. However the scout look at 1-2 sites the a few bloggers give their subjective analysis. I wish more fans trusted their elective officials. Our GM is killing it. My R code has been spot on, and I’ll publish my code after the draft. I’ve been a round off on my the forum draft contest but, I’d bet it will land near the top. Luck still usually wins out
  8. I like how you YouTube watchers think you can predict prospects better then paid NFL scouts/analysts. “Trust the process” or people smarter then you. Your not Football talented.... run a simple analytical regression. KNN, logit, association rules!! You probably have no idea what I’m taking about. History repeats itself, you just can’t see it with your subjective reasoning. I bet half you GB hating posters get your nails pedicured, while your look at walterfootballcamps prospects to get your draft knowledge. You can flip my burgers and dig my ditches, but you’ll always suck at projecting draft picks. Love for all the real scouts, I just analyze the data. But you are the real hero’s. If it looks like a chicken, smells like a chicken, it’s probably Brian Brohm. Oh wait he’s to busy sleeping with St. Norbert freshman.... then playing QB
  9. Great draft so far. There is more then enough talent left that GB should nap a starter round 2. Players I want: Connor Williams: Bulaga replacement Austin Corbett/Will Hernandez: Starting G Jackson / Oliver: Boundry CB Landry/Hubbard/Carter/Key/Nwosu: OLB depth Sutton/Kirk/Chalk/Miller/Gallup: WR depth Goebert/Gesicki/Guice/Jones: nice offensive toys thats 20 prospects I’d love in 2nd. All you cry babies think losing a 3rd for a first is not remarkable value, your crazy. Ask Cleveland how their Texans 1st served them. On a side not, I’d love to see Bryant sign a 1 year deal with GB today, because I’m on a packer high. And I’d be just as happy to cut his a$$ like Bennett mid season, god that felt good.
  10. Pick # 1 (A) Joshua Jackson, CB Iowa (B) Harold Landry, OLB Boston College (C) Roqoun Smith, ILB/OLB Georgia (D) Denzel Ward, CB Ohio State (E) Mike McGlinchney, OT Notre Dame Pick # 2 (A) Jaire Alexander, CB Louisville (B) Isaiah Oliver, CB Colorado (C) Isaiah Wynn, G/C/OT, Georgia (D) Carlton Davis, CB Aubordn (E) Duke Ejofer, DE Wake Forest Pick # 3 (A) Lorenzo Carter, OLB Georgia (B) Harrison Phillips, NT/DT Stanford (C) Darius Leondard, ILB/OLB South Carolina St (D) Frank Ragnow, G/C, Arkansas (E) Jerome Baker, ILB Ohio State Pick # 4 (A) Tim Settle, NT VT (B) Kevin Tolliver II, CB LSU (C) Oren Burks, ILB Vanderbelt (D) Uchenna Nwosu, OLB USC (E) B.J. Hill, NT NC State Pick # 5 (A) Breeland Speaks, DE Ole Miss (B) Mike Giseke, TE Penn State (C) Nick Nelson, CB Wisconsin (D) Auston Corbet, OT Nevade (E) Darice Fountain, WR Pick # 6 (A) Troy Fumagali, TE Wisconsin (B) Dalton Schultz, TE Stanford (C) Daurice Fountain, WR (D) Auston Corbet OT Nevada (E) Folorunso Fatukasi, 3-4 DE, Connecticut Pick # 7 (A) Dane Cruikshank, CB Arizona (B) Dimitri Flowers, FB Oklahoma (C) Folorunso Fatukasi, 3-4DE, Connecticut (D) Ade Aruna, OLB Tulane (E) Marquis Haynes, DE/OLB Ole Miss Pick # 8 (A) Chad Thomas, DE Miami (B) Ade Aruna, OLB Tulane (C) D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State (D) Justin Jackson, RB Northwestern (E) Jaleel Scott, WR New Mexico Pick # 9 (A) Shaquem Griffen, LB Central Florida (B) Christian LaCouture, DE LSU (C) Mile Love, OLB South Florida (D) Davontae Harris, CB Illinois State (E)Christian Campbell, CB Penn State Pick # 10 (A) Deon Yelder, TE Western Kentucky (B) Michael Dickson, P Texas (C) Johnny Townsend, P Florida (D) Avonte Maddox, CB Pitt (E) Michael Joseph, CB Dubuque Pick # 11 (A) J.K. Scott, P Alabama (B) Khalid Hill, FB Michigan (C) Allen Lazzard, WR Iowa State (D) Leon Jacobs, LB Wisconsin (E) Grant Haley, CB Penn State Pick # 12 (A) Brendon Mahon, OG Penn State (B) Riley Ferguson, QB Memphis (C) Chris Warren, FB Texas (D) Jerron Searles, OT Indiana PA (E) Tanner Lee, QB Nebraska