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  1. There were reports that Pat Freiermuth was going to opt out, but with the B1G starting up again, he'll play this year.
  2. Many virus illnesses carry the risk of heart, brain and lung issues, including the common flu. So it's not some brand new side effect that doctors have to figure out.
  3. FBS college football can't afford to move to the spring. Too many smaller sports at those schools relying on football revenue. Plus the concept of spring ball is still a " bird in hand is worth two in the bush" situation.
  4. I assume you mean draft stock? I don't think it's likely, but it would be some cruel irony.
  5. Probably could have used a bit more game tape since he's just now coming into his own, but he's probably already at his draft ceiling due to position
  6. My point being most guys that leave early yet go undrafted were probably done with being a college student anyway for one reason or another.
  7. How many undrafted players *want* to come back to school. I'm guessing not many.
  8. Schedules might be altered/shortened, but there will be a fall football season.
  9. It's all moot anyway. There will be a full college football season this fall. They may be empty stadiums, but there will be games.
  10. I'm sure plenty of virtual pro days were held.
  11. Penn State is postponing all of its spring football activities, including the March 17 pro day.
  12. Too much pressure to cancel anything and everything.
  13. Michigan canceled its pro day
  14. I just can't imagine his hand size is a surprise to GMs
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