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  1. GDT Semèn De: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    Ok, had a little time to reflect. Positives The defense was boss, they gave up 13 points (8 go on tyrod), ogunjobi (my personal pick for a breakout season) leads the team in sacks, he and Garret are on pace for 40 sacks!!!! And they only have scratched the surface, Just wait till ogbah gets back. Ward will be a star, yes Thomas had 50+ catches today, but didn't hit 100 yards. The TD against ward was just like brown last week, he didn't get beat it was just a perfect pass from a hall of famer to an all pro. And it's only Denzel's 2nd career game. Bottom line, if this game was played a year from now we win by 2+ TDs, even with Zane kicking, because Baker won't leave all those points on the field ala tyrod........ The wins will come
  2. April, may, June, July August and now September, it's been long enough. Sam darnold is not a Brown, and he probably never will be. But this sounds like kids at the sandbox that just got their favorite toy taken from them. And I was in the darnold camp, but it's time to let it go, seriously let it go. Sam for baker, Denzel, Avery, Myles a 3 #1s and a 50% stake ownership of the browns and pilot house/flying J. Maybe it was meant to be hyperbole or a joke, but it comes off as drivel. Seriously move on...... Sam had an awesome game against Detroit, and Baker hasn't thrown a pass, we honestly won't know who the better qb is for at least five years (maybe longer) Sam was real strong, and I hope he keeps it up, the just are a long suffering fan base like us. The reality is we've seen guys get hot early and then flame out, same with the opposite. Just let it go....... Let's focus on us. Instead of dividing
  3. Would you rather...

    Option C A franchise qb
  4. GDT Week 1 - Steelers visit the Browns

    I don't wish what we went through last year on any fanbase, but if rodgers injury is serious could 0-16 happen consecutive years? #kizercurse
  5. GDT Week 1 - Steelers visit the Browns

    And now just threw a pick six to Mack, now packers fans understand our grief.
  6. GDT Week 1 - Steelers visit the Browns

    Off topic: Arron roders got hurt. Deshone kizer promptly takes the packers to a TD drive......... Actually it was a red zone to
  7. Khalil Mack

    "the other teams qb must go down, and he must go down hard" - Al Davis If we get the opportunity to add Mack with Garrett for a 1st and a little more you absolutely do it.
  8. Genard Avery's Pass Rush Stats

    Do not move him to de, he's not heavy enough to be an every down de. Giving up 50 lbs in the run game would lead to him being worn down and possibly injured. keep him fresh, Use him the way the Bengals used Carl Lawson (around 40% of the snaps). Avery, Myles, Ogbah and ogunjobi as a NASCAR package could be brutal!!
  9. Preseason week 3: The haul vs. Wentz

    I would tend to agree, but I'm going with the thought that both ward and peppers will be pro bowlers. If they aren't then I 100% agree with you.
  10. Preseason week 3: The haul vs. Wentz

    I voted for the haul, but it was really For the trade. The trade down was the proper Move. If Baker turns out to be really good qb then the trade will be good because we got a few starters in that group
  11. Corey Coleman traded to the bills

    Unless he's just dogging it in camp I don't understand this move
  12. Jarvis Landry ranked #52 in top 100 countdown

    Why is our only pro bowler from last year not getting any love here? Joe was in his first year as MLB (remember we played a 3-4 his rookie year). Now he's going into his 3rd season (2nd at his current position) there are 0 reasons to think he'll decline, add in what "should be" a vastly improved secondary. Instead I see opinions on here that our starting to lbs will be Collins, Kendricks and kirksey???? Dude made the pro bowl and now he won't be starting? #noloveforschobert
  13. D line preview

    I agree with your assessment of schobert, but I can make the same argument with kirksey. Neither guy makes splash plays. As far as Burgess and Kendricks being undersized LBS, I totally agree, but that only strengthens my point. The point of a "NASCAR" package is using speed and athleticism to beat the oline.
  14. I don't want Baker being the face of the city until he's been starting for a while, I hope Myles can be that face of the city until Baker actually plays. How about two faces?
  15. D line preview

    I like your front four, I just don't see any of our lbs taking pass rush/passing down snaps from Collins (when healthy). Is see a nickel package will Collins and schobert(dude made the pb as a sophomore, but he seems looked over on this forum for some reason). Also I don't see Collins lining up as a de, Collins is an up the middle type Blitzer. If any lb would lineup at De in a sub package that would be Kendricks imo or Burgess(if he makes the 53)