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  1. You made some good points, but our d hasn't given up more than 21, and that was without ogbah, probably more like 17-17 heading In to ot
  2. We held Brees and the saints to 18 points(regulation) and the jets to 17 points, and that was without ogbah. Ogbah, ogunjobi and Myles will combine for 4+ sacks on Sunday
  3. Could not disagree more about what you said about being able to pick up skill positions players off the street, do you not remember how dreadfully awful our wr core was last year, kizer was terrible, but his wrs did nothing to help him, how many drops did Louis, Britt, and Coleman have?
  4. U are absolutely right, cowherd is a "click bait" guy, but to be fair to cowherd he's a California guy, so darnold for him makes sense, After beating Alabama and Oregon how many of us banged the table for cardale Jones??? And let's face it, if you already have your guy Baker gives you enough reasons to dislike him, cowherd does nitpick though. Geez dude grabbed his crotch, planted a flag, got arrested and tackled by the police, all easy targets, but Colin chose didn't celebrate with teammates, not because it was right,but it's a bigger clickbait story, cowherd is an a$$ but he's smart, Baker is a team guy, his teammates Oklahoma and Cleveland obviously love the guy....... So the cowherd comments again fuel Mayfield. Advantage baker
  5. I really really really hope this is the turning point for this franchise, I've had my hopes clubbed like a baby seal for thirty years. I will never like some fans say I'm done with this team, but please football God's make this the turning point. 27-17 good guys
  6. Can any of you guys remember a qb that had an attitude like Baker? He's Not a cookie cutter qb
  7. 1 trade for Earl Thomas 2, I still believe ogbah can ball opposite Myles, so I'll say draft a stud LT
  8. @LETSGOBROWNIES my bad, you did mention ogunjobi (although not by name ;) )
  9. Oh don't get my wrong, other than Coleman I thought sashi did an amazing job, he got a raw deal, he set everything up for the 2018 draft and wasn't allowed to use it. Oh and you forgot to mention ogunjobi who I think over time will go down as his best pick(Garrett was a no brainier, Larry went 3rd round)
  10. Myles Garret yes, Baker I couldn't disagree more, Sam was the safe play, Allen was the high upside guy. A few days before the draft Baker was a top 10-15 pick. Dorsey saw the "it factor". Taking a 6 footer #1 takes some big balls, the only other 6 footer taken #1 could run a 4.3 and had a rocket arm
  11. Totally agree, mahomes, kelce, hill and hunt... All Dorsey guys, but that d needs help.
  12. He traded for and then gave a huge contract to a freaking slot receiver? Dude drafted a 6' two time walk on qb #1 overall when there were much better qb prospects available He passed on Bradley Chubb for a tiny buckeye corner, absolutely ridiculous!!!! He takes a guard at the top of the 2nd round when we need a tackle. This is where I was at in April, this guy is a moron!!!!! I'm sorry John, I was wrong. 3 weeks in Jarvis looks like a stud, Denzel has forced three turnovers in as many games, Baker has only played a half but sure looks like a franchise qb. But on top of all that, benching Mayfield was an "organization decision" so I'll take that meaning it was Dorsey. Here is why it was perfect. You take this two time walk on underdog, he's the freaking #1 pick he's no longer the underdog, so how do you keep that chip on his shoulder??? He's told you are the back up, there is no qb competition, in fact....... You aren't even given one rep with the #1s... He once again the underdog with a chip on his shoulder...... brilliant I was wrong John, this team has GM
  13. Ok, had a little time to reflect. Positives The defense was boss, they gave up 13 points (8 go on tyrod), ogunjobi (my personal pick for a breakout season) leads the team in sacks, he and Garret are on pace for 40 sacks!!!! And they only have scratched the surface, Just wait till ogbah gets back. Ward will be a star, yes Thomas had 50+ catches today, but didn't hit 100 yards. The TD against ward was just like brown last week, he didn't get beat it was just a perfect pass from a hall of famer to an all pro. And it's only Denzel's 2nd career game. Bottom line, if this game was played a year from now we win by 2+ TDs, even with Zane kicking, because Baker won't leave all those points on the field ala tyrod........ The wins will come
  14. April, may, June, July August and now September, it's been long enough. Sam darnold is not a Brown, and he probably never will be. But this sounds like kids at the sandbox that just got their favorite toy taken from them. And I was in the darnold camp, but it's time to let it go, seriously let it go. Sam for baker, Denzel, Avery, Myles a 3 #1s and a 50% stake ownership of the browns and pilot house/flying J. Maybe it was meant to be hyperbole or a joke, but it comes off as drivel. Seriously move on...... Sam had an awesome game against Detroit, and Baker hasn't thrown a pass, we honestly won't know who the better qb is for at least five years (maybe longer) Sam was real strong, and I hope he keeps it up, the just are a long suffering fan base like us. The reality is we've seen guys get hot early and then flame out, same with the opposite. Just let it go....... Let's focus on us. Instead of dividing
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