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  1. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    Equanimeous St. Brown is having a 900 yd 6 TD season. Book it.
  2. 2020 Needs and Free Agent List

    If he stays healthy I'd offer him a 2y/22 million contract with a 5 million signing bonus.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    If Risner is not there I'd be happy with a slight trade down and pick Blake Cashman and Dawson Know today.
  4. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I'm just happy that our GM is drafting DL and no OG, WR or TE with a premium pick.
  5. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Ice is for ******* and guys that do not know how to drink properly.
  6. Cadmus TMI Mock Draft

    Don't you guys think that Cashman is a Day 2 pick? From the few things I've seen I'd be pumped to have him in round 4, but I feel like he'll be picked in the end of round 2 or beginning of round 3.
  7. 7 Rounds of Heaven With 1st Round Write-ups

    That'd be a great draft for the Packers.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Yeah, let's move our best defender out of his position because he gets sacks in order to draft the guy who isn't gonna get us any.
  9. You should probably divide it by the total number of players on the field (not the same with 1 QB and 3 WR for example). Great work BTW, zorionak.
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    If by any chance JJ Arcega-Whiteside slips to the 3rd-4th round I wouldn't mind picking him (gives us a different type of WR we do not have right now). Otherwise I don't want any WRs in the first four rounds. And unless Hockenson/Fant slip to 44 I don't want any TE till 75.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    That reverse jynx **** ain't gonna work.
  12. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    He's a FS. If he's got a weakness it's his tackling (or lack of thereof).
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Not in a million years.