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  1. Your life Username: VK Age: 29 State you were born in: Basque Country, Spain State you live in now: Basque Country, Spain Something unique about you: First place to visit in the US was Wisconsin Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 2005 What made you become a fan: I met Favre in a Golf Club in 2005 when I was 16, since then I'm a fan. Favorite current Packers: Bakhtiari, HHCD All-time favorite Packers: Favre, Nelson Favorite moment in team history: Dez's no catch (the only friend I got who watches NFL is a Cowboy fan) Your interests Other favorite teams: Athletic Club Bilbao, Brewers, Bucks Hobbies outside of football: Jazz and Noise Music Favorite movie: Freddy Got Fingered Favorite TV Show: Leftovers Favorite band: **** and Shine