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  1. Apparently his tag is going to be 20.1M
  2. It's called leverage in case they wanna trade you to a place where you don't wanna go. He will want to pick his new team if he doesn't stay on GB and the threat of retirement is his best card to play.
  3. Mods, is there a way to get rid of the FAH1223 Spam? It's also **** content.
  4. So according to Ken Ingalls we need to make around 71M in order to have enough space for picks, PS and have some in-season money without signing anyone except for ERFAs: The space we can make with cuts/trades/restructures: Cut/trade: -Rodgers: -19.95 -Z Smith: -15.28 -Cobb: -6.86 -Crosby: -2.40 -Lewis: -2.45 Restructure: -Bakhtiari: -8.19 -Clark: -9.54 -Jones: -2.88 That's 67.55M of cap space created. Then you can: -Cut Preston Smith: 12.5M -Extend Preston Smith: 6M aprox -Extend Jaire: 7M aprox
  5. It's useful for the team as well, since that money can/will be used for PS and in-season signings (but 99% of fans don't really care about that and tend to ignore it).
  6. Garvin has more sacks than Lawson this year. He has the same as Krys Barnes, TJ Slaton and Tipa Galeai.
  7. https://eu.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2022/01/19/green-bay-packers-release-defensive-lineman-kingsley-keke/6580822001/
  8. He got into a fight with Kenny, right?
  9. Reggie was doing OK, but nothing really special, particularly his last couple years.
  10. Not anymore, they changed it last year I believe.
  11. My bet is they make him passing game coordinator so that him and Stenavich are at the same level (like Shanny did with Lafleur and McDaniel).
  12. Unless you are looking for an offensive minded HC, which is what you might be looking for if you have a QB like Lawrence/Fields.
  13. He's not an average safety. He got injured mid-season (he was playing pretty well at that moment) and hasn't played that well since. If he's not the fastest and most explosive safety in the league he's close. You are an idiot if you don't keep him. Oh and if Amos is extended there is no ******* way his 2023 cap hit is around 10M unless he's the highest paid safety in the league.
  14. Seeing what Tampa/SF did to us this last 2 years is Jenkins by a wide margin.
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