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  1. First, you can't talk about being under/overpayed and then use the cap hit. For that you either use yearly cash flows (if you care about the money the owner pays in a given year) or per year average (that doesn't mean that you can argue who could get cut based on the cap you free up by cutting them). The way I see it. Wagner is a steal (5.5M/Y). An average guy who can start at RT can easily make 10M per year. If we take into account how Amos played in 2019 I believe he's being payed accordingly to that. And Kirksey averages 6.5M a year, which is about right I believe. Lowry is grossly overpayed. If we re-sign 2 or 3 out of Bakhtiari/King/Jones I feel like well cut Lowry, Turner and maybe Preston (that would free up 14.85M in cap space). I believe that, along with some type of restructure in AR's or Kenny's contracts would make enough space for us to pay them.
  2. Or Texans trading DeAndre Hopkins.
  3. JJ Watt should be our trade target. In week 8, when the Texans are with a 2-6 record, and he has a 7.75M cap hit for us (we are around 8.5-9M under the cap), we should send a 2nd and a 4th round for him. He seems to be quite unhappy with were the team is going. It's the perfect match. And our defense would be scary. Imagine a Clark-Gary-Smith-Smith-Watt front on 3rd downs.
  4. Lol. Even if a GM smoked all the crack in the world, he still wouldn't give a 3rd for Jamaal. Maybe we could get a 6th for him if we were lucky.
  5. They lost Griffen and Joseph. They added Pierce but opted out. Hunter is in IR and Ngakoue has been 2 weeks with the team. Their DL is in shambles. Last years 3 starting CBs, Alexander, Rhodes and Waynes, even if they were not very good, all gone. They are elite at the OBLB and S positions, but trash in the rest. In the offense, they did not upgrade their OL and lost Diggs, their best WR. Jefferson is good, but he's a rookie. They were tight with the cap, so they haven't been able to add any differential players except for Ngakoue. It was bound to happen, their contending window closed last year, since they won't be able to improve next year either.
  6. No, those are the FT number. However, I doubt we are tagging AJ 3 times, it-s a pretty good way to piss off a player and their teammates.
  7. Of course you can and you will. I intended to respond to those people who say that the cap doesn't exist. It exists, but it doesn't mean that a team totally collapses from one year to another. Teams will (almost) always be able to re-sign their top guys, but when the cap is tight you'll probably see it affecting the middle salary guys (4-10M), either by not being re-signed or by not getting those in FA. The Rams are a testament to that, since they have quite a few top-tier guys, but they also rely a ton in rookies and guys on minimum or close to minimum contracts.
  8. That's what pretty much every cap guru expects this year. Might not go down to 175M, but it will definetly go down. Even if the cap was 200M, the Rams would have 6M in cap space, and you'd still need to sign your rookies and PS guys.
  9. Next year the Rams have 8 players with an 8M+ cap hit, 2 players between 1.6 and 8M and 35 playing for change. Ramsey, Donald and Goff account for 85M of that cap hit, which is almost 50% of the estimated cap hit for 2021 (175M). The salary cap exists, and the Rams are a good example of that. P.S. Forgot to say, OTC has them with 18M over the cap. They'll have to restructure Goff's and Donald's deals.
  10. So the X axis tells you the percentage of successful run blocks from your team, whereas the Y axis indicates the progress you make for every run. There's a correlation between the two, and the straight line indicates the stimation of the success you should have according to the percentage of run blocks you perform well. Teams above the line perform better than expected, below the line they perform worse. Besides, the more to the right, the better your line run blocks. Panthers (in one game) are the best run blockers, whereas Texans are the ones who got the most success running the football. As you can imagine, with just one game played, the results will strongly depend on who you've played last weekend.
  11. Packers: Aaron Rodgers (05), Mason Crosby (07). Marcedes Lewis(18), Allen Lazard (18).
  12. He's the number 1 ER in the league right now.
  13. The Turner deal was designed so he can be cut after 2 years (he gets 2Y/17M year). He'll probably get cut after this year and one the cheap guys will replace him. Veldheer is 33 and before last year, when he played the entire season in 2018 (and 2019) he was pretty average. It's quite normal to think that if he played all 16 games he wouldn't have played like he did with us for 35 snaps last year.
  14. Yep, you need to take it with someone else to make sense.
  15. There's 2 different options, Edge and Elite. Elite has everything and costs 200/year. I took a promo with another 3 guys with 40% off, so we are paying 30 dollars a year each.
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