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  1. Obviously it's gonna be a factor. But personally I don't see the benefit of having a very large income if you cannot enjoy it as much as other or if a large chunk of your population is screwed if they get sick. Once you get to certain amount of wealth I feel like time and freedom are more valuable than being able to buy fancier things than what you have. And yes, we work much less than you guys (specially in Northern Europe, where they work the least). My contract says I gotta work for 35 hours each week and I get around 45 days a year of fully-paid vacation. Obviously not everyone is that luc
  2. The problem here is that Adams wants more than the 27.25M per year that Nuk got in that wierd extension. I guess they are willing to go up to somewhere around 4Y/100M, but Davante will ask for at least 10M more.
  3. Packers in 1996 were the number 1 team in DVOA in offense, defense and special team. I don't know if anyone else has done it again.
  4. I mean, it's always the same person spamming with his tweets. Pretty ******* obvious, isn't it?
  5. It's against the rules of this forum to insult posters.
  6. Guaranteeing his contract is a really easy thing to do for GB. It's not going to affect his trade value. Giving him new money is the problem.
  7. Make a doodle or whatever works best. It's too much hustle otherwise.
  8. The void years are not a mistake, they are a consecuence of the pandemic. There was no way of being under the cap without adding them (unless you were thinking about cutting pretty much everyone from the team).
  9. It leaves you with a QB capable of winning 7-9 games on his first year playing professional football. That's far more valuable than ending with 4-5 wins. What you say is valid when you know the worth of your QB and he isn't on his rookie contract.
  10. At one point we had Woodson, Collins, Shields, Peprah, Burnett, Collins, Williams, Bishop, Barnett, Hawk, Pickett, Raji, Matthews. That secondary was as talented as it gets.
  11. This is why I wanted Bateman in the 1st.
  12. Stafford needs to win two rings to get in.
  13. Of couse I don't know what's gonna happen, it's a figure of speech. But it surely looks like something like that can happen. There is no way we are getting 3 firsts and 2 seconds or something equivalent to that. On the other hand, when comparing this possible deal to Stafford's, take into account that Stafford didn't take a public stance against the team, which will decrease Rodgers' value.
  14. Having nowadays Pete Carroll as a Top 10 coach makes no sense.
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