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  1. Does anyone else love Ihmir Smith-Marsette in the 4th? He has returner abilities, can be used in jet/orbit motions and is pretty decent route runner.
  2. 6 of them in my family, including my brother. Yeah, they are similar to engineers in that regard.
  3. O believe me I completely understand what you mean, I have to work with them every day. 😁
  4. Engineers are not the dumbest, but they tend to think much higher of themselves than other groups. And yes, this comes from an assistant professor who teaches calculus and algebra to future engineers.
  5. OK, not ideal, but enough to play tackle.
  6. Radunz has 32" arms, no? That's a bit too short for me.
  7. I mean, you can't blame the FO for not wanting to extend a guy who has 3 years left in his contract.
  8. Bateman is the perfect fit for any team.
  9. This is the first time I feel like this, but my dream scenario is Bateman in the first round. We do not have WRs in 2022 and we need some leverage to deal with Davante's extension. Then DB in round 2 (even a S to have Savage playing close to the LoS would be great).
  10. Toney would be out of my list. He's not the type of guy you draft in the 1st round. My most wanted are: Farley (if he falls) JOK Bateman Newsome Barmore Samuel Jr. Little Jenkins Nixon
  11. Asante Samuel Jr. can do in GB what Darious Williams did in Rams. I believe he's one of the best scheme fits for us.
  12. For me it's Pitts or trade down. It's really hard to obtain a top talent a TE, and if you want a tackle you'll probably find a really good one at 37. No Chase for me, as obtaining quality WRs it's not a difficult thing and they already have an average corps.
  13. Big no to Rousseau, he tested quite poorly.
  14. Personally I'd go Pitts or trade down.
  15. Cincy needs to strengthen the IOL, the OTs aren't their biggest problem.
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