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  1. JuJu is not worth what he's gonna cost. If we are getting a WR I want Curtis Samuel.
  2. 12% of full capacity, not half full, and a few teams have already allowed fans.
  3. Of course it does. The less you do it the less their game plan is going to be prepared for them.
  4. People care way too much about the weather. Packers have been eliminated in January in Lambeau multiple times in recent years, even by Cali teams. Weather is not such a big factor as some pretend it to be. It will still be a double-digit win for the Packers.
  5. He's been sending Savage a couple times every game lately, and Kirksey has blitzed as well.
  6. If GB doesn't turn the ball over I don't see them losing this game.
  7. Aaron Rodgers Josh Allen Patrick Mahomes Ryan Tannehill Aaron Donald
  8. Nah, nowadays if only the ACL is torn, they are usually back in 8-9.
  9. The question should be what Rodgers' trade value is (or will be in 1/2 years). Love is not going anywhere.
  10. We'll agree to disagree. I can see the cap going down only to 190, but there's a reason why they pushed for the cap to go as low as 165M and then settled for 175M. Cap gurus like guys from OTC or Spotrac are expecting a lower cap as well.
  11. It's the one thing it's never going to happen as the cap hit equates his salary (1-year deal). If you want to keep a player in 2021 you extend him 3-5 years, but you'll never tag him when the cap is going to be so tight.
  12. I want to think that you guys say that the cap is going to stay flat because it makes your mocks easier to do and not because you actually believe it. No chance it's going to happen.
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