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  1. Who's your new Packers Headcoach?

    Brady retires after this season and we get Uncle Bill for his final years in the NFL.
  2. House should be cut tomorrow. Can't cover without holding.
  3. Rookie Watch

    James is not on the list because it's a CB list, not a DB one.
  4. Your life Username: VK Age: 29 State you were born in: Basque Country, Spain State you live in now: Basque Country, Spain Something unique about you: First place to visit in the US was Wisconsin Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 2005 What made you become a fan: I met Favre in a Golf Club in 2005 when I was 16, since then I'm a fan. Favorite current Packers: Bakhtiari, HHCD All-time favorite Packers: Favre, Nelson Favorite moment in team history: Dez's no catch (the only friend I got who watches NFL is a Cowboy fan) Your interests Other favorite teams: Athletic Club Bilbao, Brewers, Bucks Hobbies outside of football: Jazz and Noise Music Favorite movie: Freddy Got Fingered Favorite TV Show: Leftovers Favorite band: **** and Shine