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  1. You are right, I don't know why I saw it flipped.
  2. Check it again, it's 26.5M prorated bonus, 19.1 P5 and 0.5 workout bonus. You could convert 18.5M to a signing bonus, add 4 void years and lower it's cap hit down to 31.3M. That's as low as you can get (you free 15M aprox.).
  3. No you can't. Of those 46M that count against the cap 27.M are prorated bonus that have already been paid and are going against the cap no matter what. You only have 19M o P5 salary you haven't paid yet.
  4. Forgot about Cobb, that would give us a bit more space. Still think you have to rework his deal if Rodgers stays.
  5. Let's look at the numbers if we go all-in: Currently 33.8M over the cap if we add the rollover. Probably expend 2M more with PS movements. 35.8M Reworking Rodgers deal-> from 19.2M to 5M extra cap hit if you add void years-> down to 21.6M Cutting Z->-15.7M-> down to 5.9; Restructuring Clark->-10M-> -4.1M Restructuring Bakhtiari->-9M-> -13.1M Cutting Preston->-12.5M->-25.6M Extending Adams->+10M->-15.6M Signing draft picks+PS->+6.5M->-9.1M Space for in-season movement->+4M->-5.1M Jaire extensi
  6. Yeah, and of those 20M that we owe him we could probably only have 5M hit in our 2022 cap. We can make space if we cut the Smiths, cut Cobb (this would piss him by the way). We could probably somehow cave and give Adams a 4Y/110M deal where he only has a 10M cap hit. We would then also not be able to resign any other reciever. Our TE would be Dafney, Lewis and Deguara. Our WR2 would be Tavon Austin 2.0. Malik Taylor would be our Z. No Campbell for us and Jean-Charles oir starting slot cb. Garvin ER2 and Galeai ER3. We would probably win the division cos' the other teams suck right now, but tha
  7. The thing with Rodgers is that it could make sense if we could keep the entire band together. We can't so it does not. We have Adams, MVS, Lazard, Tonyan, Patrick, King (yeah lol), Campbell, Sullivan, Bojorquez as FA. We need to make deals for Alexander and Jenkins. Are you bringing Rodgers if that means not resigning Adams, MVS and Tonyan? It makes no sense. He's not taking a vet min deal and kicking the money is not a good idea if you are not a clear contender. Love is starting next year.
  8. Oh yeah we can. And we should. Makes no sense finantially to keep him. He's playing well, but not great and he's 38.
  9. Give him a deal with those 42M earned in the first 2 years and then cut him after 2 years if needed.
  10. We don't play dime anymore under Barry and we've shown a bear front a couple times this season.
  11. When your run blocking is subpar and your pass block is one of the best in the league that percentage is better understood. Once we get our entire OL back we will run more.
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