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  1. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Maybe we got 2013 Peyton Manning part deux?!? We are gonna ride him to 2 SB appearances. He’s gonna pad his hall of fame resume as a bronco and ride off into the sunset for us to then try it again with Wentz after philly gives up on him after another injury.
  2. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I guess another one was Jacobs. I know who he is but hadn’t seen anyone put him that high. I think he had him at 6. Is he close to Barkley, gurley?
  3. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Anyone see Daniel jeremiah’s Top 50 on nfl today? I’m not the most versed in college game but I usually know the top guys for the draft. He had dudes I haven’t heard of in the top 20. I thought Iowa’s TE was universally regarded as the best TE prospect and he agreed, except it was different one than Fant. More pertaining to this thread he had Haskins at 15 with lock and jones right by each other in the 20s.
  4. Cba and work stoppage

    Not sure if everyone read Schefters tweet about the new coach hires and how they indicated an upcoming stoppage. With that in mind, who’s in to tank for two seasons, let the stoppage play out and hopefully be really good when play starts back up? Players that are in the primes of their career are going to lose a season of peak performance making youth even more of a premium than it is already. Trade von, Harris, sanders and stock up on picks.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Would Andy dalton cheap be a good move?
  6. 2019 draft/QB position league wide

    Is Jameis Winston worth a try or do we just draft someone?
  7. 2019 draft/QB position league wide

    He signed with the Oakland a’s for like $7 mil so don’t think he is gonna do football. They let him play one more year as part of the signing.
  8. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

    Damnit. Note to self, read the thread before posting so you aren’t beating a dead horse. Sorry.
  9. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

    Surprised Kelly didn’t get in in this one. Maybe next one. ?
  10. Random Thoughts

    Whats our record if we sign cousins?
  11. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    24-20 Denver broncos. Battle of the unbeatens vs Kc next week.
  12. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    I agree. Thought you guys told me he was looking real good in the preseason.
  13. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    Good memory. Yeah 2011 vs raiders
  14. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    Interesting fact: Broncos are 17-1 in last 18 home openers. trivia: what year and against who did we lose?
  15. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN