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  1. Is Klay Thompson A Better Pure Shooter Than Ray Allen?
  2. FF NBA Top 50 Players In The League: Who Is #24 Overall?

    Need more votes please
  3. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    Jrue, Luka, then Dray
  4. 1. Lakers2. Celtics 3. Spurs 4. Bulls 5. Warriors 6. Pistons 25. Cavs 26. Kings/Royals 27. Pelicans 28. Timberwolves29. Hornets/Bobcats30. Clippers
  5. Kawhi Leonard's ALL TIME STATUS??

    This is why they need a Playoffs MVP award. Kawhi could get that and Finals MVP this year. And let's say they blow a 3-1 lead, I'd still give him Playoffs MVP, and maybe just give Finals MVP to Curry or Klay or something like that. That way you can still give Regular Season MVP to Giannis, award Kawhi for his great year, and then, if you want to, you can give a consolation prize to someone on the Finals loser.
  6. Kawhi Leonard's ALL TIME STATUS??

    Jeremy Freaking Lin!
  7. Who Was The Most Underrated NBA Player This Season?

    Eric Bledsoe is another good pick I guess.
  8. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    Thanks for pointing out the tab to me though. I normally just ignore those, lol.
  9. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    Vucevic is my boy and LeBron kinda had a rough year. But yeah, I got you, and to be fair, A LOT of stats will misplace people like that. I guess I'm underrating the defense the Mavericks had, because Kleber, Powell, DFS, Courtney Lee, Devin Harris, those are some solid defensive players off the bench. Just wish the team had another scorer to pair with Luka during the 2nd half of last season. Barnes was kinda meh, Wes wasn't very good, and DSJ was overrated. Then they all got traded and a player like Brunson had to step up. Well, I'm also probably overrating the offense of the Suns because I'd take guys like Ayton, Oubre, TJ Warren, or Jamal Crawford, lol. Both teams were pretty trashy though. Let's hope they perform better next season.
  10. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    So I understand that part of +/- but there's an OnCourt +/- and Net +/-, but I don't see an OffCourt +/-. Like, where can I find the 109.8 and 109.3 for when Luka is off the court? Also, there is Real Plus-Minus which suggests Luka is better than Booker, but I need to read up on that stat as well, because I don't know where they're getting some of the numbers. http://www.espn.com/nba/statistics/rpm/_/position/5
  11. What Do You Consider Defense?

    What Do You Consider Defense?
  12. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    Jamal Crawford can at least score though. DFS, Kleber, Ryan Broekhoff, and co. aren't going to do that for the Mavs. I'll have to read up on those advanced +/- numbers. Because for a team that loses more often than they win, you'd think the +/- would be negative, which means that Luka's +/- may have been higher than most other Mavs. I'll have to spend some time looking into that though. But using those same play-by-play numbers, Devin Booker's on court +/- was over twice as worse as Luka's. Devin's was -7.4 and Luka's was -3.4. But again, for a team like the Suns, who won like half as many games as the Mavs, that's most probably expected. And blowouts can really skew those numbers. Again, I'll have to read up on them, cross-check against 82games.com, and look at each individual player's +/- numbers too.
  13. Were Pops And The Spurs Holding Kawhi Back?

    That's why I'm kind of in the "Not Really" category. They developed him, but a lot of other guys they have developed over the years go to other teams and fall apart (see DeJuan Blair, Gary Neal, Tiago Splitter, etc.). The fact that he hasn't fallen apart tells me that, while they helped him develop, he also really is THAT good of a player. To a certain extent they wanted him to submit to team ball more than the hero ball he is currently playing, and I actually like that mantra. However, seeing what he has done all season long for the Raptors vs. what he did for the Spurs, I think yes, he was ultimately held back a little. So on one end, they helped him develop, and jolt-started his career, but on the other end, he had to make sacrifices like Duncan, Manu, Tony, and others all did while they were with the organization.
  14. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    Jrue is better on defense for sure, but I'd like to see Jrue try to operate as a team's #1 nowadays. But that's not necessarily the best test/standard to employ here, because if we are going to look at successful #1s, then might as well go with LaMarcus Aldridge or DeMar DeRozan at this spot instead. Heck, maybe even Dipo.
  15. Who Is Better, Luka, Jrue, or Draymond?

    Top 5 Minute Getters For The Mavs This Past Season 1. Luka 2. Dorian-Finney Smith 3. Dwight Powell 4. Jalen Brunson 5. Harrison Barnes That's abysmal right there. Aside from Luka and MAYBE Harrison Barnes (he's worse than people think), those guys are all probably best-suite for the bench.