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  1. Do You Use The Zone Usage Coaching Slider?If so, then what percentage do you put it at?What do you think is the best number to put it at for SIM league where all games will be SIMULATED and NOT played?
  2. What's The Best Base Playbook For Simulated Games Inside of 2K20? I won't be picking specific plays, just changing the playbook under the coaching sliders menu. Right now I have the Trail Blazes since Terry Stotts is my coach. I want to run pick and roll plays, as well as "get shooters open" plays, which tend to be mid-range and 3P plays.
  3. @beekay414, do you know about this one?
  4. Ah, OK. If you can get a screenshot, then that would be greatly appreciated. No worries if not though. Also, is there a way to turn off the luxury tax and other cap rules? Is there a way to turn off the hard cap?
  5. Why Do Players Keep Increasing In Overall In MyLeague when Team Chemistry, Player Progression, and Player Regression are all Off? For the sim league I'm in, we turned team chemistry, player progression, and player regression all off, but players keep improving throughout the course of the season. Do any of you know why this is happening? Is it because of a player's potential? Do system boosts, coach boosts, and team morale play a factor? Also, if we want to keep players at their base 2K ratings, then what sliders should we edit to accomplish that?
  6. How Do I Turn Morale Effects Off In MyLeague? I ask because I'm in a sim league with some friends, and we want to turn morale off so that nobody benefits from good team morale, and nobody is punished for bad morale. We just want morale to have no effect on the simulation, so that it can run off of the base ratings only (or as much as possible).
  7. I voted Yes so he can join Team Luka, but honestly, no, they shouldn't.
  8. In 2K20, I know you can get coach boosts in MyTeam, but what about MyLeague? Would I get a +4 boost from Terry Stotts in 2K20's MyLeague?
  9. I tied for the best record in the league. I thought about picking up Jaren Jackson Jr. for shooting/shot blocking, but someone with a higher priority got him before I did, so I wound up with Phil Chenier. We're in the playoffs now and I gotta play against the top 3 point shooting team in the league. I'm gonna make sure my defensive focus is "limit perimeter shots."
  10. Let's assume my #1-3 scorers under the "Sim Points of Emphasis" tab are as follows: 1. Andre Iguodala 2. Ray Allen 3. Steph Curry So now let's assume I start a CPU vs. CPU game. Do the #1-3 settings mean in the halfcourt, Iggy will handle the ball more often than Ray and Curry will?
  11. In terms of the Sim Points Of Emphasis, What's the difference between "No Preference" & "Neutral?" Let's take Offensive Focus for example. If I choose "No Preference" then what happens? What would happen if I choose "Neutral?" If it helps, the other options available under Offensive Focus are "Play Through Star," "Get Shooters Open," "Pick and Roll Offense," "Get To The Basket," and "Feed The Post." Also, there are "Neutral" and "No Preference" options for Defensive Focus, so what's the difference between the two there? If it helps, the other options available under Defensive Focus are "Limit Perimeter Shots" and "Protect The Paint."
  12. Do Sim Points Of Emphasis Affect Streamed CPU vs. CPU Games?So let's say my SPOE are as follows.#1: Kawhi Leonard#2: Jerry West#3: Dave CowensPick And Roll OffensePatient OffenseCrash Offensive GlassLimit Perimeter ShotsPlay Physical DefenseCrash Defensive GlassDoes this mean that when my team is controlled by CPU in a CPU vs. CPU game, Kawhi Leonard will get more touches than Jerry West, and my team will actually run PnR plays?Stated another way, do my SPOE actually affect/dictate the way my team would behave in a CPU vs. CPU game?I ask because I'm in a league where we have all drafted and changed our SPOEs and whatnot, and now games are starting to be streamed. So I'm curious to know if my team will run PnR sets, crash the bards, and limit perimeter shots, or if those settings only change the results of a straight sim where no CPU vs. CPU games are played/streamed.Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Giannis + Middleton for KP, THJ, Dwight Powell, Delon, Kleber, DFS, Brunson, Cash, Prospects Selected This Year, 1st Round Pick, Pick Swaps, 2nd Round Picks, and anything else to make the financials work. Mavs should then be able to get some players on the cheap who'd be willing to join Luka + Giannis for some championship runs. LFG!!!
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