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  1. @Leaderit was this comment with the petty insult, but I see how it's also just a friendly ribbing. I'm not mad or anything, and nobody has committed an infraction against the rules, but let's just focus on basketball now and not each other.
  2. I need you, @Kip Smithers, and @Leaderto all calm down, please. Someone just escalated this issue to me and I don't disagree with them. Let's stray away from petty insults and name-calling, please. Personally, I'm OK with trolling, but only if it's free of name-calling and petty insults. So let's keep it fun and friendly, please.
  3. @NYRaideryou actually have a point about the Mavs this offseason. They could keep the powder dry and make a splash next offseason, but that also risks them losing THJ and falling down the Western Conference standings. Brunson will be a RFA next offseason, so his extension/new deal will also hinder their flexibility a bit. Personally, I'd just make the moves this offseason, and then use the draft and/or make trades to build up the team. If they're over the cap, then they can still use the MLE on guys who should provide them with some depth. That's a good plan tbh.
  4. For sure, but I don't have LeBron in my top 3 now either. But most of all, Dallas needs to get Luka the right kind of help. KP is aite, but he misses a lot of games and they wouldn't let him cut or roll. After that, they have guys like THJ, Brunson, DFS, and Kleber. That's not a very good 6 man rotation at all. Need to get Luka someone else, and that just might happen this offseason.
  5. Next summer is when the Mavs have to give Luka and Brunson extensions, so it's really all about this offseason. MIL just won a championship with B-tier free agents, and DAL did that before. TOR built the same way, but with good development, coaching, and trades. Pistons were built that way when they won in 2004 too. Suns made the finals this year and they were built that way, and the Hawks made the ECF by building this way too. It's more than possible to win a title with B-tier free agents. The Mavs have their bona fide superstar, so that helps a lot, and maybe they can pu
  6. They gotta give Luka and Brunson extensions though, that's the thing. The Mavs will likely play the trade market, which is how they built up their first championship team.
  7. What do you all think of the JKidd and Nico Harrison hirings?
  8. Luka outside of the top 5 is fine, but I got him ahead of LeBron now. But we'll see if Bron bounces back.
  9. Giannis #1 right now for sure. Luka's prolly top 5, but he needs some help. Losing Curry sucked, but if they can sign a decent FA this year, then it'll be worth it. However, I think they should have traded Dwight Powell for cap space instead.
  10. If the Mavs keep KP, then who should be their top target in free agency this year? I'd love Kawhi, but I think he'd lead them on and stay in LA. That's why I think they should target either DeRozan or Lowry. Maybe even a guy like Norman Powell tbh.
  11. True. He was fine on that rookie scale contract.
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