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  1. This team looks good so far. Let's hope it translates to the regular season now.
  2. https://cbabreakdown.com/salary-cap-exceptions Just providing a link to back you up on it. I know you're right, but just want to help others find the info themselves.
  3. Love it. Should have happened earlier, but I'm glad it's happening now.
  4. For most teams the answer will be no because they're over the cap. Since the Mavs are over the cap, any incoming salary would have to fully fit under the full value of the TPE. Now, I think they could use the TPE on someone like Jeremy Lamb, Kyle Anderson, or Montrezl Harrell, hold them for a little while and then and then flip them for Ross or Thad Young in a separate trade. So maybe they should target Lamb, Harrell, or SlowMo.
  5. neither guy fits under the TPE the Mavs have.
  6. Who should the Mavs target with their $10.6 million TPE?
  7. Who should the Mavs target with their $10.6 million TPE?
  8. Also, @NYRaider do you not like the fit of Bullock, Sterling Brown, Moses Brown, and Frank Ntilikina? I think they all make sense. The Mavs needed to upgrade their role players and get some 3D guys and some youth + athleticism this offseason.
  9. @NYRaider, honestly, it's too early to tell how Nico is doing though tbh. New GMs can make some SERIOUSLY bad moves, while others come in and make a splash. He was somewhere in the middle and because of that, we'll have to wait and reevaluate in a year or two. Prolly both tbh.
  10. Pretty much. I mean, Cuban has to sign-off on all deals, and he knows the CBA really well. So, if the Mavs work wonders with this model again, he definitely needs to get some of the credit, because that's what he did with the Mavs the first time around. Turned a bunch of bums and rookies into guys like Nowitzki, Nash, Juwan Howard, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Dampier, Tyson Chandler, Jamison, Antoine Walker, etc..
  11. Maybe someone like that hits the market this season though. We don't know who that will be just yet because a lot of that depends on team performance.
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