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  1. He and John Wall have been aite together.
  2. Max Kellerman thinks so too, but it will take the rookies some time to improve and learn their ideal roles and such, but I like it for the future. Luka, KP, Brunson, Josh Green, Tyrell Terry, and Tyler Bey. That's a good young core right there, plus Hinton might turn into something too. But I think someone will get traded. I think it'll be Dwight Powell and maybe even James Johnson due to his expiring contract. The Mavs should target someone like Blake Griffin or Kevin Love or something if they can, but I think they believe they can land Giannis in free agency.
  3. I like it for them, but I do think that Ibaka fits the Clippers better right now. Makes me wonder if the Clippers will try to get Danny Green to reunite him with Kawhi as well. Marc Gasol could have been useful for the Clippers too. Lakers heavy favorites to repeat. This just isn't fair anymore.
  4. Good draft and decent offseason. I really wanted Ibaka though. Montrezl would have been cool too
  5. Yeah, Mavericks gotta be winners for sure. TWolves did well too.
  6. Prolly right about that. Thunder free up some cap space with the move too, which means they might be able to re-sign Danilo, but we'll see about that. The Thunder value picks and their budget. This trade nets them both of those things. That's a W in their book.
  7. Cowboys should look into it since every other OL is injured.
  8. lol, it happens. Cowboys don't even have a shot at #1 pick this year because of the Jets, lol.
  9. Yeah, but can he show up 30+ pounds overweight? That's the real question.
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