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  1. How To Fix The Rockets Thread

    Yep, I figured I'd make a thread about this. How would you go about fixing the Rockets? Post your ideas below.
  2. What Would You Trade For Dwight Powell?

    I asked something similar to this on the Mavs Reddit and Mavs fans are extremely hesitant to trade Powell. Some point to his elite rolling ability, coupled with his efficient rebounding, decent length + athleticism, and OK floor spacing ability. His contract is around $9,361,000 this year, so not that pricey at all tbh. My thinking is that the Mavs could trade him away for an expiring contract like Ariza and save themselves like $10 million against the cap next year. That's $10 million extra they could use in the highly lauded 2019 free agency class. So what would you give up for Powell?
  3. Might actually win that way though.
  4. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    I gotcha. Thanks. I should have kept the wording consistent. I changed it up in the poll to make it shorter.
  5. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    lol no worries. I've been there.
  6. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    We voted on whether to have a trade deadline or not, and it came out with a No. Maybe we can revisit again in the offseason.
  7. So in my redraft league I have clinched the #1 spot and playoffs start in week 15 (4 team playoffs). I play the #5 team this week and can let him into playoffs if he wins and the #4 team loses. So would it be wrong for me to bench all of my players to make sure the #5 team wins? If it helps, the league doesn't have any rules against such a tactic. Please let me know what you think.
  8. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    @Incarcerated_Scarface & @UKChief, why no?
  9. List the top 10 NBA Players of 2005-2006?

  10. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    Yeah, I think it's shady too. I don't think I'll go down that road. As for nixing, that's how we have it set up this year because we were just concerned with getting a league set up. I think next year I'll have a trade committee or just send stuff to a league-wide vote. We can actually send it to a league-wide vote now if I nix, then the 2 teams both appeal, and 1 of the 14 other owners (myself included) "seconds" the appeal. Then it is just a simple majority vote to push it through. If it's a tie vote, then ionno how to resolve it. Now that I have gotten feedback on this site and others, I think a .500 vote should just mean I process the trade.
  11. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    No trade deadline in this league.
  12. List the top 10 NBA Players of 2005-2006?

    In no particular order, Dirk, Wade, Kobe, LeBron, Duncan, Nash, Garnett, TMac, Shaq, Billups. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005–06_NBA_season https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_NBA_All-Star_Game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All-NBA_Team
  13. So I am the commish in a dynasty league and two teams have agreed to a trade. Personally, I don't think the trade is that even (I'll refrain from giving the exact deal because I know people in my league are on here too), so I want to nix it.But one of the teams has only paid half his dues for the season, and the date for submitting dues for this upcoming season was like 6 weeks ago.If I nix the deal now, I think I may not receive payment at all, which would deprive many people of their proper payouts. I've played in a few leagues where that has happened, and it is always so aggravating. So would it be fair game for me to ask the owner to pay the remaining half now, and then never actually process the trade?
  14. Julio Jones Trade Question (Dynasty League)

    lol had a similar deal to this one go through and now I realize that the answer is kinda clearly "No, he should not have nixed."
  15. OJ Howard to IR

    bummer. I got Cam Brate in one league though.