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    I'm down to participate , but I don't remember how all the rules and whatnot worked. If you all want me to actually run it, then I'll be honest, that's probably not going to happen.
  2. Rams release LB Clay Matthews

    Maybe Cowboys pick him up due to his connection with McCarthy.
  3. Cowboys sign DT Gerald McCoy (3 year deal)

    I had a feeling someone would say that, lol.
  4. Cowboys sign DT Gerald McCoy (3 year deal)

    Ricky Williams will provide the spirit and good vibes then?
  5. Cowboys sign DT Gerald McCoy (3 year deal)

    I'm hoping that Randy Gregory and David Irving are both reinstated so that they get two more starters back, and then they can draft a CB and perhaps bring Eric Berry and some other safeties in for workouts. Gregory and Irving would be nice additions to the hybrid defense, for sure. They need a slot WR, but they might be able to do that through the draft or low-key free agency. If there really is mutual interest between Dez and the Cowboys, then he might be able to play a WR/TE type, while guys like Amari and Gallup can spend some time in the slot. However, I'd like them to keep Tavon Austin on the cheap since he and Dak have some chemistry, and with a coach like McCarthy, they might actually use Tavon at RB, which is something Jason Garrett said he would do, but never actually did.
  6. NBA has suspended the season

    Is there a way the NBA can trade COVID19 to the Chinese Basketball Association, so that it can go back to where it came from?
  7. NBA has suspended the season

    China got revenge on the NBA after all.
  8. The Player Comparison Thread

    Time to get this thing going again. Let's post all comparisons in this thread. Feel free to compare across generations and even leagues. Heck, even genders/sexes if you want.
  9. Propose A Trade Thread

    Any chance we can trade the Coronavirus for the Swine Flu?
  10. I miss Broekhoff already.
  11. This team needs to be less hesitant when it comes to shooting mid-range Js
  12. Would you retain Byron Jones for $16m per?

    I'd like him back, yes. After all, it's not like I'm the one that will be paying him.
  13. NBA Top 100: Who Belongs and Who Doesn't?

    Do you want me to set up polls for who belongs and who doesn't? I can do that for you all, no problem.
  14. Who Has Better Handles, LeBron or Kobe?

    Agreed. That's why I've always said that Jordan is one of the best players off the dribble. Maybe he wasn't the flashiest, most creative, or innovative, but he was lethal.