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  1. Sixers, Joel Embiid Agreed to 5 year, $148M Extension

    For sure. $148 million is still A LOT of money.
  2. lol it's a shooter's league now though tbh. I'm just banking on potential. If DSJ doesn't step up his game this season, then I'll probably switch to Murray.
  3. I thought I would create one of these. This isn't for memes, but instead infographics that include player and/or team: Comparisons Rankings Statistics History Awards Honors Distinctions Achievements Trivia You all know that I am always looking for fresh ideas with this forum, and I felt that this was one of the better ideas I've seen used elsewhere.
  4. 49ers Sign Alfred Morris

    Good pickup for the 49ers, but he's not what he used to be, that's for sure.
  5. Yeah, I'm just taking Lonzo because of all-around play, but the NBA is now a shooter's league.
  6. I figured I would get this comp going too since Lonzo also struggled his rookie year.
  7. Who Would You Rather Have Going Forward: Jamal Murray or Lonzo Ball?
  8. Yeah, if he improves again, then it won't even be a contest.
  9. Yeah, I like his efficiency for sure. I'm expecting DSJ to step it up with (hopefully) less pressure on him this year. And (hopefully) less pressure on him the year after that.
  10. It's a really tough choice between the two because I LOVE that Murray can shoot, but I like that DSJ is more athletic, the better playmaker, and maybe even the better ball handler. They were both born in 97, but DSJ is slightly younger, but more importantly, DSJ has more room to improve due to him having only played one year. He got more burn as a starter his rookie year than Murray did, so I like that as well. I just feel like there is more potential with DSJ. But I can't sleep on Murray at all. I really like him and this was pretty close despite all of the stuff I just said.
  11. Who Would You Rather Have Going Forward: Jamal Murray or Dennis Smith Jr.?