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  1. I played in a sim league once. I did well, but man, 2K is hella unrealistic.
  2. Man, I hope the Mavs can flip Powell for an expiring contract.
  3. Lonzo Ball's shooting stats had me do a double take. I guess LaMelo's bro ain't so bad either.
  4. Garrett Temple would be a good rental for some teams. I think Ariza and George Hill would be too. Somebody I know wants Raul Neto on the Mavs.
  5. Agreed. I hope it happens, but I think the Mavs want Lavine.
  6. Rockets would prolly do it, yeah.
  7. I'd take Drummond on the Mavs. Just don't let him run anything on offense. Luka must have the ball at all times.
  8. I know a lot of Rockets fans hate him, lol.
  9. What's stupid about the rule? Not that I disagree, just that I want to hear why.
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