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  1. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    That's fair. So in the absence of a rule, is punishment for tanking a viable option?
  2. In my dynasty fantasy football league, someone made a trade for Julio Jones. Here's how the deal looked. Team A Receives: Allen Hurns (1000 yards + 10 TD season) First Round Pick (Carson Wentz or Hunter Henry) Second Round Pick (Keanu Neal) Team B Receives: Julio Jones (1800+ Yards, 8 TDs) We use PPR scoring, but TEs get a premium of 1.5 per catch. However, prior to the beginning of the season, Team A told many owners that this was his last year. Team A trade rookie Todd Gurley to the commish for Reuben Randle (coming off a 71 catch, 3 TD, 900+ yard season) and a First Round Pick (Commish finished in the top 6 of the league that year, so it was at best the 11th overall pick in the draft). Furthermore, Team A told Team B that if Team B beat him in their matchup, then he would trade Julio to Team B. Team B did in fact win, and this win eliminated Team A from playoff contention. The commish likely did not know of this though. Additionally, prior to the deal, Team A told the commissioner's brother (Team C) that Team A was going to trade Julio to Team B to make the competition tougher for Team C. The commish did know about this, but Team B did not. Regardless, Team A and Team B had been in trade talks for Julio for quite a while. Team B was trying to deal away Danny Amendola instead of Allen Hurns, and was trying to get Greg Hardy included in the deal. Obviously, neither of these happened. Team A offered Team B the deal, and Team B accepted. The commissioner has to process all trades though to make them final. Prior to processing, the commissioner asked for the remainder of Team B's dues (dues are $120, so the league runs on a two-installment plan, where you pay the first $60 prior to the year, and then the final $60 at a date tba later). Team B paid this remainder at this time and not later because he and Team A had just reached a deal for Julio. Team B also thought that if he didn't pay dues at this time, then the deal for sure wouldn't go through. Finally, the league does not vote on trades. The commissioner has also never nixed a deal before (if he has, then it's not well known at all). With all of this in mind, should the commissioner nix the deal that Team B made for Julio Jones? Why or Why not?
  3. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    As a follow-up question, I'd like to inquire as to whether you think anti-tanking rules are necessary? Some people are of the opinion that if it is not in the rules, and has not been addressed by the league, then it should be fair game. But some are also of the opinion that it is so obvious not to tank, that it shouldn't even have to be a rule. What's your opinion?
  4. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    I'd take Marshall on the Cowboys.
  5. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    Yeah, I'd like those coaches on my team, but sometimes it's tough to make those decisions. Hindsight is always 20/20 too, so sometimes the weak signings just get highlighted because of truly terrible they were.
  6. Should The Commish Punish This Behavior In A Dynasty League?

    13-0, wow. Didn't expect that tbh.
  7. Montana on Brady's longevity

    That's fair.
  8. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    That's fair. I think tanking happens from a front office perspective though. They sign relatively weak players, forcing the coaches to play them. But then of course, you have a team like the Browns who are keeping their coach, despite losing a ton of games with him. Maybe there's an agreement under the table or something that the coach keeps his job, so long as the team loses, gets good draft picks, and then makes savvy signings in free agency. That's speculation, but I feel like that just might happen. Signing weak players is one thing, but I wonder if franchises intentionally sign less competent coaches to improve their odds of tanking. Or maybe just restrict the playbook a lot, and justify it by saying "we need to simplify and get these things right, then we can innovate." Again, that's just speculation, but I wouldn't put it past a front office trying to place some pressure on the coaching staff that way. In the NBA, the Mavs were clearly tanking this year. But Rick Carlisle's job is safe, so all the more reason to tank. He can quickly turn the ship around that way. But again, I think tanking is more of a front-office thing. Just signing weak players, maybe weak personnel too, and eventually making changes once they get a good core.
  9. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    Do you feel like tanking happens in the NFL?
  10. Thoughts on ILB Deone Bucannon?

    Jatavis would be a good get for a lot of teams, but I don't think he covers well.
  11. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    That's a good analysis, but things do change for some teams after a few weeks, injuries, suspensions, etc.. So sometimes people are no longer playing for a championship, they are just playing for a better draft spot next year. I really like how you are focusing on it being ethical though. I posted something similar on reddit and it went down a totally different path then I thought it would.
  12. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    You could also say that it's not guaranteed that the tanking team will lose. Sometimes crazy stuff happens. I had Asiata go off for 3 TDs and guys like Paea, Ryan Mundy, and Mark Sanchez all had decent performances too.
  13. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    You could make the argument that if it's a money league, then someone is paying to tank. If it's not against the rules, has never been addressed by the league, and other signs would indicate that it is OK, then you could argue that someone is entitled to do what he wants with his money.
  14. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    Ah, interesting. I've never seen that happen in the leagues I have been in, but maybe it has happened behind closed doors and such.
  15. Montana on Brady's longevity

    He's got a good point, but it comes off a certain way that doesn't make him look too good.