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  1. I wonder if Brunson will be viewed as a starter on the trade market now that Kidd has him in this team's hot starting lineup.
  2. He was having a good game before that too. He intentionally bumped the punt returner as he ran out of bounds though, but the returner was able to reciprocate the favor.
  3. Dirk's jersey retirement was fun and great to see. It also looks like Luka's back in a little better shape now too.
  4. Mavs should try to get Seth Curry back and hope the 76ers will throw in Simmons too.
  5. Back at .500, but probably not for long. JKidd really needs to fix things. Carlisle was much better.
  6. You gotta love his heart and leadership.
  7. Yeah, that's true. I think PPFD makes more sense, but the biggest problem is that you can't really get that number at first blush from sites like Yahoo or ESPN.
  8. At least it hasn't gotten to the point where it's the Cowboys vs. Themselves. But maybe it'll get there soon.
  9. Is Points Per First Down Better Than Points Per Reception? I ask because first downs are more important than standard receptions. And if someone gets a reception for negative yardage, then they still wind up with positive points. Plus, there are check-down receptions which don't require as much skill as big play first downs or first downs made in double coverage. Also, first downs can apply to important/ pivotal rushing plays, so you can award a rush-heavy RB (like Jordan Howard) some extra points for getting that first down. I was thinking something like this 0.25 PPR 0.25 PP
  10. Agreed. I'd rather the Mavs go after Kevin Love than Ben Simmons. But I do think the Mavs would empower Ben to shoot some more 3s since he wouldn't be a primary ballhandler/playmaker next to Luka. It's something to consider, but pass. Mavs should get a tough rebounding big instead, and ideally, more 3 point shooters on the wing. Oh, and they need another ISO player, but those are hard to come by.
  11. I would have liked him more with Carlisle than Kidd tbh, but I like what Kidd is doing with empowering other players on the roster not named Luka. That just has to happen if this team wants to take the next step. Well that and they gotta get another legit starter. KP, THJ, Powell, and DFS is not going to cut it. Need to make multiple trades, no doubt.
  12. Mavs should trade Willie Cauley-Stein and Trey Burke since they're not getting minutes.
  13. I think they want a first round pick in any deal for him.
  14. That'd be a good landing spot for him. I kinda want the Mavs to make a push for him though tbh.
  15. Looks like he might be out for the entire season. If that's the case, then I hope he can come back next season.
  16. Cuban kept guys around for too long. But Kleber and DFS would be in the rotation of a playoff team. Same with Brunson and Bullock. I think they should start Moses Brown though, and especially so if KP is out. If KP's out, then start Moses and Kleber as your bigs and put Luka, THJ, and DFS out there on the perimeter. Then bring JB, Sterling Brown, Bullock, and Powell as the subs. Give Boban some playing time in the 3rd if the team is down at the half.
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