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  1. Bullock scored 2 for the Kings, but then redeemed himself with a quick 5 for the Mavs. He got an assist and rebond in the process too. Almost got a 2ndary assist too if Sterling Brown had just knocked down the open 3. I'll take it.
  2. Cowboys haven't been playing him too much outside of STs, but I wanted to see more of him out there. I just hope he comes back stronger next season and gets those defensive snaps.
  3. I like the idea of the Mavs trading for Eric Gordon and Danuel House too.
  4. I hope the Mavs trade for Montrezl Harrell
  5. Granted, I was able to pick up Latavius Murray, who's prolly a better play.
  6. It seems highly dependent on the teams and refs involved. I haven't seen the Cowboys "get away" with a big hit in a while. But they've also migrated away from drafting guys that can deliver big hits. Instead, they just draft guys that give up a bunch of yards and touchdowns.
  7. Kyrie for Simmons makes more sense. Wall for Simmons would be OK.
  8. True. I don't think he'd be a good fit with a lot of rosters out there tbh. Like, I don't want him on the Mavs at all.
  9. Yeah, I'm all for player safety, but it seems like nowadays, if someone makes a big hit, then the refs are just gonna automatically throw the flag. 😕
  10. He hits hard for sure, and sometimes it's clean and sometimes it's not. I didn't really follow him much when he was with the Falcons, but I found him to be aggressive for sure. Sometimes dirty too, yes. His track record speaks for itself, so I don't disagree with you. But yeah, that recent hit he had where he was flagged for unnecessary roughness wasn't actually a penalty. He hit the pads, not the helmet. I miss big hits like that. They're part of the reason I fell in love with football so many decades ago. Man how times have changed.
  11. I wonder if you guys get Ben Simmons. The 76ers should dial you up about John Wall tbh.
  12. This team looks good so far. Let's hope it translates to the regular season now.
  13. https://cbabreakdown.com/salary-cap-exceptions Just providing a link to back you up on it. I know you're right, but just want to help others find the info themselves.
  14. Love it. Should have happened earlier, but I'm glad it's happening now.
  15. For most teams the answer will be no because they're over the cap. Since the Mavs are over the cap, any incoming salary would have to fully fit under the full value of the TPE. Now, I think they could use the TPE on someone like Jeremy Lamb, Kyle Anderson, or Montrezl Harrell, hold them for a little while and then and then flip them for Ross or Thad Young in a separate trade. So maybe they should target Lamb, Harrell, or SlowMo.
  16. neither guy fits under the TPE the Mavs have.
  17. Who should the Mavs target with their $10.6 million TPE?
  18. Who should the Mavs target with their $10.6 million TPE?
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