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  1. Also, @NYRaider do you not like the fit of Bullock, Sterling Brown, Moses Brown, and Frank Ntilikina? I think they all make sense. The Mavs needed to upgrade their role players and get some 3D guys and some youth + athleticism this offseason.
  2. @NYRaider, honestly, it's too early to tell how Nico is doing though tbh. New GMs can make some SERIOUSLY bad moves, while others come in and make a splash. He was somewhere in the middle and because of that, we'll have to wait and reevaluate in a year or two. Prolly both tbh.
  3. Pretty much. I mean, Cuban has to sign-off on all deals, and he knows the CBA really well. So, if the Mavs work wonders with this model again, he definitely needs to get some of the credit, because that's what he did with the Mavs the first time around. Turned a bunch of bums and rookies into guys like Nowitzki, Nash, Juwan Howard, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Dampier, Tyson Chandler, Jamison, Antoine Walker, etc..
  4. Maybe someone like that hits the market this season though. We don't know who that will be just yet because a lot of that depends on team performance.
  5. Bullock was an over-the-cap MLE signing. He was the Mavs' target there all along.
  6. Sometimes that's all it takes man. Conley, Clarkson, and Bojan all happened in 19-20, and that year the Jazz finished 6th in the West. They finished 1st next year with continuity. Mavs improved on paper, and you can't rule them out of making trades during the regular season either, especially now that they got some more draft picks they can trade.
  7. @NYRaider You never know tbh. Suns and Jazz became contenders real quick. Nuggets got there fairly quickly too. But Mavs gotta embrace their new normal now. They won't have cap space, so gotta focus on trades to strengthen the team. They seemed to be focused on trades that had cap savings included.
  8. @NYRaider For sure, but a lot of times, teams try to beef up before they actually deal their star player. The Mavs could beef up by including KP in some trades.
  9. Ay, yo, @NYRaider, we can talk about the Mavs here. The other thread is about Lauri, so I feel bad about hijacking it, lol.
  10. Oh and let's not forget how the Mavs turned garbage into KP and THJ. They sent the Knicks, DSJ, DAJ, Wes Matthews, and 2 first round picks for KP, THJ, Lee, and Burke. The Mavs have a history of making those kinds of deals. They've gotten guys like Kidd, Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler, Jamison, Stackhouse, Antoine Walker, Dampier, Haywood, Juwan Howard, Van Exel, LaFrentz, and Devin Harris through trades. That's a good track record tbh. And they technically got Dirk, Luka, and Nash through trades too.
  11. We'll see. KP's more likely to be traded than Luka. No doubt about that.
  12. We don't know how much tax Cuban is willing to pay though. His main source of income now are his investments, as he sold off Broadcast.com decades ago. That puts him in a unique spot, as the team is his main source of valuation, and his other investments/ventures are what drive his income/liquidity....at least on a yearly basis. The budget might be stiffer than other teams, but honestly, we don't really know. I don't think he's willing to pay too much in tax. The team wanted Lowry, but they operated as an over-the-cap team, which is why they targeted Bullock and Sterling Brown very quickl
  13. That too, but Mavs don't have cap space for the foreseeable future now, thanks to the Luka extension and THJ deal. Plus they gotta re-sign Brunson to a new contract, so it'll have to be through trades, the MLE, the draft, and other exceptions (BAE, vet min, etc.). Bullock, Sterling Brown, Moses Brown, and Ntilikina were savvy gets, but they don't move the needle a whole lot. Need to make trades. Maybe they can use the TPE on someone halfway decent. I thought it was most interesting that they opted to keep the ball in Luka's hands though. Not that it's a bad idea, just that, the tea
  14. Possible trades, I guess. That and he can still do work with the MLE, draft, etc.. But Cuban has final approval on all moves, so the GM position doesn't really matter too much. Donnie Nelson would make suggestions to Cuban, and they'd get turned down. But sometimes Cuban was on board with them. So there's some flexibility, but we all know Cuban runs the front office. Nico Harrison is there because of changing of the guard was needed, he's well-liked, has done well in the business world, has formed valuable connections with current players, has potential as a GM, and the Mavs are committed to d
  15. That'd be cool, but I doubt it happens. I think Mavs should just build with the MLE, draft, and then through trades. Maybe they can get a guy like Robert Covington with the MLE, and they need to develop guys like Josh Green and Tyrell Terry.
  16. Yeah, it's possible. Mavs would probably have to re-sign Brunson and then trade him in return. Probably throw in someone like Dwight Powell too.
  17. Mavs won't have cap space though, so it'd have to be a sign and trade.
  18. GREAT News!!! https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/mavericks/2021/09/23/dallas-mavericks-have-parted-ways-with-haralabos-voulgaris/
  19. GREAT News!!! https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/mavericks/2021/09/23/dallas-mavericks-have-parted-ways-with-haralabos-voulgaris/
  20. Stars made the Stanley Cup Finals last season. Rangers are a hot mess though. I'm a Cowboys fan, but I won't ever truly believe in them until Jerry is gone, one way or the other. That team needs a more progressive-minded front office.
  21. Mavs should stay away. They should stay FAR AWAY from Ben Simmons. The whole offseason was about keeping the ball in Luka's hands and surrounding him with shooters, defensive players, and lob catchers. Ben Simmons would bring the defense, but I don't want him taking the ball out of Luka's hand, especially not if he isn't a high volume scorer or floor-spacing shooter.
  22. Especially now that the Mavs picked up Frank Ntilikina. If the Mavs make this trade... http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yhr65bq6 Then they'd have Dragic and two open roster spots. They also have a $10.9 million TPE, which could be used on 1-2 players. I'm not sure who they should target with that, but that will present itself as the year progresses. Guys like Montrezl Harrell and Jeremy Lamb are trade targets due to their situations or rumors that have already made some headlines. I'd take either guy, with a preference for Montrezl because he can get some boards and brin
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