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  1. Who are the biggest winners and losers of the NBA offseason so far?
  2. depends on how many beers you've had already tho tbh.
  3. I loved that episode. Anyway, new thread is up now.
  4. But I thought it was a novel or an instruction manual or something?
  5. no no no, it's the personal computer basketball pit. We playing 2K! Esports baby!
  6. That'd be cool, but I don't know if the Mavs can put together a reasonable package for both. However, I do think the Mavs could trade Powell and Redick (S&T) for KLove, which is a reasonable package that could help both teams. Mavs get a stretch big with playoff & championship experience, while the Cavs get cap relief this year and next. But it's not a deal that puts the Mavs over the top or anything, of course.
  7. So he opted out of $42 million next year for this deal? I think he should have opted in and asked for an extension.
  8. Mavs should trade for Kevin Love tbh.
  9. Mavs have $14 million under the cap because they operated as an over the cap team and gave Bullock the non-taxpayer MLE. They gave Sterling Brown the BAE, and they used about $16 million to re-sign THJ.
  10. Whelp, I hope the Mavs can get Goran Dragic now instead. They did a good job of signing guys to affordable deals, like THJ, Boban, Bullock, and Sterling Brown. Also brought back WCS on an affordable deal and Moses Brown is currently on one himself.
  11. That's what I figured. Cap space is good to have.
  12. I wonder who/what the Mavs are getting in return.
  13. Delon keeps getting passed around. I hope he finds a good landing spot soon.
  14. Yeah, that's fair. TT and Collins play different styles for sure.
  15. Solid for both teams I guess. Hawks get someone in the event John Collins leaves.
  16. lol I was posting in the wrong thread, @NYRaider. Oh well.
  17. Honestly, I'd even be fine with trading away the scraps on the roster for someone like Kemba Walker. JRich, Dwight Powell, WCS, Burke, Josh Green, Tyrell Terry, and Tyler Bey for Kemba. That's a good get for OKC, and the Mavs get rid of some contracts, open up some roster spaces, and keep their cap space. But we'll see what happens.
  18. I think so, but it depends on what happens with JRich and THJ. The Mavs want to keep THJ, so if they do, then they gotta keep his cap hold, which limits their space. And yeah, Jarrett Allen would be cool, but I doubt that happens. Same with Collins. Lowry and Siakam are more realistic if you ask me. Maybe Mavs can make that happen, but we'll see.
  19. If Josh Richardson opts in, then I hope the Mavs make a sign and trade involving him, Dwight Powell, Burke, WCS, and the team's rookies/prospects. DeRozan or Lowry would be cool.
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