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  1. He would have been a good fit on the Cowboys. They've always liked the big possession receivers. Not sure how I like him on the Jaguars. Bortles is terrible, but they could use him for sure.
  2. Same. My fantasy football team lost because I benched my favorite Cowboy of all-time. Gonna start Witten over Eifert next week fasho.
  3. Interesting. I'd like to see mediocre teams jump up more, that'd be cool. Another idea would be to have the 14 lottery teams play each other in a consolation bracket, and the winner gets the #1 pick. Although I'm not a fan of this, as teams that are truly terrible will be terrible for a long long time.
  4. Law School can be fun, but So.Much.Reading.
  5. Simmons strikes me more as a FS than a SS, but we'll see what happens.
  6. Yeah, getting something is a nice win. Getting Ward is, obviously, the bigger win though.
  7. Stay safe out there everyone. Harvey's done some damage around my neck of the woods. Let's hope Irma isn't that bad.
  8. Yeah, nice heads up play by the Bucs to get Ward and quickly flip Wilcox. JJ could have gone for more, but they probably lost leverage by signing Ward and drafting Evans. Plus Wilcox, who I am a fan of, does struggle at times. A 5th round pick straight up would have been nice, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  9. Good move for both teams considering the circumstances. I'd give the edge to the Steelers though, but hey, at least the Bucs got something.
  10. Good player, but I guess his heart isn't with the game. Makes me wonder how good he'd be if he was 100% in it.
  11. I'd be willing to try though. Hopefully it's really good. They don't have meat in any of their pastas, except for one I think.
  12. It's Taco City. If Austin were to get a pro sports franchise, the mascot would be a taco. No joke.
  13. I hear Patrizi's is where to go for Italian.
  14. What do you all think of him now? I've heard that the Dolphins might use him at DT sometimes this year. I've always been a big fan of his, and that was before all of the mermaids and dinosaur stuff
  15. looks like he can catch. So just gotta focus on not fumbling and learning how to pass protect. Those are usually issues for young RBs.
  16. RBs on offense and LBs on defense. At least that's what I think. DL take time to develop, and young DBs tend to have a rollercoaster-like rookie season. LBs can be rock solid though.
  17. Austin, TX. Starting law school down there.
  18. Movin' to a new town soon. Getting nervous.
  19. What do you all think of him? Will he make the team? If so, what are the chances he earns the No. 2 RB duties?
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