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  1. They've shown they can run the ball relatively well if they commit to it this season. I think play action will be big for them Sunday.
  2. Bills not giving off good vibes after the game. Something you don't want considering they have to travel to see their dad now.
  3. Haha. I seem to recall behavior like this from him after a loss to the Patriots back around 2017. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.
  4. Depends on who my quarterback is. Brady, Manning, Brees? Give me Kupp. Mahomes, Allen, Favre, Elway, etc? Give me Hill.
  5. I honestly don't know if we ever see Lawrence reach his potential. Any team other than the Jaguars, Jets, and maybe Lions and I think he is a stud.
  6. Are the teams full health? Or how they were when they lost? Because if full health, give me the 2015 Patriots. The next two are the 2014 Packers and 2018 Saints imo. Not sure which one gets #2 and which gets #3.
  7. Ah yes, the non-Gronk sample size which mainly includes 2013 and 2019. Go look at the WR and TE from those years.
  8. Look at what the Rams did in that 3 year stretch with Warner turning the ball over 63 times in 43 games. And I get the GSOT 3 core weapons + the GOAT who rarely turns the ball over + Marvin Harrison?
  9. The whistle thing is definitely real because I started hearing it and a fastball almost always seemed to follow. The people I was watching the game with also asked who was whistling before the Sox pitchers would throw. Are they actually cheating with it like the trash cans? Who knows.
  10. 1998 Vikings 2000 Rams 2007 Patriots 2016 Falcons 2018 Chiefs 2000 Rams were the most explosive of that 1999-2001 run. QB: Mahomes RB: McCaffery WRs: Hill/Adams/Brown TE: Kelce
  11. I wonder if the thumb was an issue tonight. Seemed to call a lot of short stuff.
  12. Yep. I think Starr is the most underrated ever. Staubach is right there too. .746 winning %, 2 Super Bowl wins, 4 appearances, and his adjusted stats are ridiculous.
  13. Just rest this dude until the playoffs, good lord. I said they were overusing him in the first three games. His regular season targets should primarily be in the red zone.
  14. Definitely Jeff George. I don't have the GIF but there's a throw to Moss that is probably the most insane display of arm strength I've seen in a game.
  15. Two pages in and we don't have that one person hyping him up like he's still 2013 Josh Gordon? I'm disappointed.
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